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Go deep with the brilliance of Amy Taylor Alpers' cues. This intermediate to advanced workout is bound to take you places you never knew you could go. If you are a level 2/3 student this class must be experienced.
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Jun 29, 2012
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Hi everyone. I'm Amy Taylor Alpers from the Palati Center in Boulder, Colorado. And I have the honor and privilege today of teaching a relatively advanced intermediate, advanced reformer class to these two lovely women, Amy and Christy. And we will begin. Okay, so facing caddy corner across the arms, just take a big inhale and then just have a seat. Lie Down, toes apart, heels together, and we go. Inhale out and exhale in and hail out and exhale and very nice and stretch and on stretch. Good. Now we're at least start inhaling out. Exhale, you got it. Fill your lungs, squeeze your belly fill. Really stretch your rib cage and deep. Exhale. Two more. Out and in and out. Good. Exhale deep.

Pick your feet up on switch and bird on a perch out and in and out. And come right to your arches. So we'll come up a little bit higher. There you go. Out and then now, good as you guys go out, let your heels go down under the bar a little bit more and really curl your toes. Yeah, you got it right. So now because you have a lot of range, you just have to balance that. So it's not all heel or alto, but really powerful feet. So little more heel now. Little more. You got it. Nice. And as you're going also, instead of thinking of pressing your knees to the floor, think of reaching your hamstrings to your heels, right? So your hamstrings come a really long towards your feet and they act kind of like a support under your knee out.

And let's do one more inhale and exhale, deep squeeze. Pick the feet up and move to the heels. Um, stretch shit out and come back in. Good. Like you are really stretching a piece of taffy versus straightening and bending. So much. So your inhale pulls you out. Your x feel squeezes you in mass, right? You want to start feeling like your tissues starting to get a little bit hot and your body starting to absorb oxygen. That's right. So you use it up. Inhale, exhale. Really pull the toes back to your knees. Big stretch to the knees.

Good. Two more. Stretch your toes wide apart. Get a good, powerful foot going out and exhale and then pick the feet up back to the balls of the feet and stretch out. And you can do this either in a little place, v or parallel, and we'll stay out and we'll low or low or lower lift. Lift. Lift. Yes, exactly. So again, here's a perfect example of not pressing the knees down, but having a sense of the wrap that holds the knees up. Okay. And you feel that you're not so much even lowering your heel as you are curling your heel under the bar and then lifting the arch back up. Yeah. Right. So yeah. Beautiful.

So you're standing in your feet and not hanging in your leg. That's gorgeous. You got it. A couple more down, down, down, up, up, up, down, down. Last one and all the way up and bend the knees and come in. Good. I'm going to help with this foot bar because it's a little different. All right? And we're going into hundred cake your leg straight down. And the arms straight up. Good. Now again, right off the bat, less tension.

More lift. Okay, so you're not hyperextending in the ankle too much either. Big Inhale and exhale left into your curl. And when we go and three, four, five and out. Two, same feeling under the knees again, that beautiful and out. Nice. Now you could have a sense of just shrugging your shoulders up towards your ear slightly and then back. So you're pulling the strap into you as well as right leaning out on it, right? So you're not over right.

But the strap is actually holding you up a little bit. Yeah, there you go. Turn in just a little bit. And imagine that you're pointing this part of your foot more than this part. Yes. So that you're actually pointing, you can even flex your ankle tiny bit and point right in here. Yeah, yeah, right. Even your toes, right. Little less here. A little bit more right there. And then one big last breath. Big Inhale, deep exhale. Bend your knees, Bend your elbows. Good handles in one hand and come up to sitting and we'll drop down to two springs and I'd probably go red, red, right headrests down, arms straight up, leg straight down. Like footwork again are like hundreds, so your legs are down, your arms are up. I'm going to take big inhale. We're going to do overhead.

Press the strap down, curl over and up, and then exhale, roll back down. Reach through your hands, nice flat palms. Reach through your arms and legs down on. Inhale over and up, and exhale, roll back down. Roll, roll, roll reach. And we're going to do one more in this last time and we'll go into coordination at the end. Rollover and up. You're just a little bit cricket. We'll go this way. And then as you roll down, keep your straps.

Bend your knees to your nose, curl your chin to your chest, bend your elbows. Inhale, stretch out. Open, close. Exhale, deep squeeze. See if you can bring your knees all the way to your nose and inhale, stretch, open, close. Exhale all the way in. Squeeze them in, squeeze them and bring them in. Bring them in. One more. Inhale. Exhale all the way in. Deep, deep, deep, deep, beautiful handles in one hand. Come up to city, drop down to one spring, so red will be good. You got it. And we'll do some rowing so you can swing around.

Feed through the shoulder blocks. Nice. Maybe scoot back just some with Amy, so you're like, yeah, just four fingers from the back. All right, knuckles together. Palm facing out. You got it. We're going to inhale deep. Curl back. Pull the strap all the way up to go farther. Go farther. Go all the way down and pull this all the way up. Yeah, open your arms wide. Press back and curl up and over.

Link the fingers and stretch up high and then reach all the way around and rule back up again. Good. And let's not cross. Let's do the opposite. Have your legs parallel and press out against the shoulder blocks. Curl way back. Pull all the way back to your parallel to the floor and open the arms and exhale, lift up and curl. And then inhale, lift the arms and exhale. Circle all the way around. And one more time. Big Inhale, deep scoop. Pull Long.

Fill your lungs, pull it closer, even closer and yeah, out in the arms. Exhale. And as you go forward, tread, keep your belly button a little behind your pubic bone. So your note, just dive and then find those knees again. No hyperextension. That's the way. Lift up and around and throat. Beautiful. Next one. Arms perpendicular to the floor. You got it. Pull the belly back in and lean. Now look right at your feet.

Look down at your feet the whole time and go parallel to the floor again. Go all the way down, little bit narrower. And then in Haleigh of, sorry. Exhale up at that turn and curl. Inhale back. Lift the arms and XM again. Find those knees. Make sure you're not just locking and leaning on your kneecaps. Pull your belly in. Chin down. Look at your feet.

Curl a little bit more. Yes, an exhale. Lift yourself up. Gorgeous reach. Curl. Now begin to almost feel like you were doing tendon stretch or boomerang right here at the way and good. One more time. Big Inhale all the way down. Look at those feet and exhale and inhale. Deep swoop. Imagine you could lift those legs up and circle all the way around.

Nice handles. In one hand and turn and face the other direction. Sketches of back against your shoulder blocks. Leg Straight out in front. Good hooking. One thumb right at your side. Scenes, elbows, nice and narrow. Inhale, stretch out. Exhale down. Reach, arms and legs a little bit. Lift, fill the lungs, exhale and again, and exhale.

Good. Now feel it gets more breathing than an arm. Exercise. Fill the lungs and again, a little more time and in Hester, and exhale and inhale. Good. Now again, feel the knees. Fill the underneath. Hamstring lifting right. Flex the feet round over. Reach out, rural, up to sitting and stuff for a second. And then inhale lungs versus arms and round over and reach again. Watch your hyper extension. Yeah, and rise up. And inhale.

Imagine that your heels are a little lower than your knees. Yeah, one more time around. Over and reach. Even here. Me Feel that yet. So you're lifting here and not holding with your quads so much. And exhale. Nice. Cross the legs. Flip the handles, foams to the base of your neck.

Inhale up lungs. Exhale, inhale. Good. And even have a sense that maybe you're sitting on like a magic carpet. So you're suspended of in your seat as well. Yeah. So you're not just kind of resting, leaning on your legs while more time. Beginning heel, shoulder blades down, big lungs.

Open the arms out to the side on. Switch your legs and inhale big lungs. Exhale. That's right and deep squeeze in the belly. Inhale. Feel Your Swan for one sec and exhale. Nice and look your handles. Step off and we'll do swat.

We'll get the long box will be on two springs. Probably going to need a sticky for the front of your box so you don't slide it changed your springs already so you can get on. You can be on the frame or on the foot bar. Stretch on out. Get the box. Yeah, just on your upper thigh. Maybe a little bit more on the thigh. There you go. Yep. Right.

So you just kind of perched on the meat of the thigh and then arms round over the top of the box. Then your knees, just a little more. Good. Now find your feet, find your foot, work feet nice and lifted your abdominals lifted. Find that power behind your knees a little bit too. And then we go. Inhale, reach up arch all the way back, lift up, open the arms, and now straight out stretch long. And then lift and arch again all the way back. See each other, come all the way back and then stretch out and round over and bend. All right, and again, inhale it up, arch, all the way back. That's it.

And then just open the arms and pause for a moment and then reach way out. Keep the hands together and arch all the way back again. And then straight out on round over and bend. Let's just do one more big inhale. Go and open, stretch all the way forward, right. And then lift and really let yourself bed.

That's the way. Ah, and stretch. Well round over and bet fairness. Hands on the box. Step off, get rid of your sticky pad and drop down to one spring. Probably a red, no, keep your box. We'll do a post, ops and t. All right, so you're going to get on your belly. You've got it shoulders, just kinda a little bit, maybe on top of the edge of the box, maybe a little bit above it. If you're long, drop your handles off the edge and slide your fingers all the way up, right? And then let your head drop all the way down. All the way on. Inhale, pull down and arch up and back. Lift the chest and exhale down and release.

Beautiful. All the way. Drop your, yeah. Inhale, pull. Think of going a little more down this way and lift your shoulders. Yes, and exhale down all the way and let the head go. One more time. Inhale, pull low, pull forward, stretch your belly. Keep your chest a little low, your hands a little higher, even a little higher. Shoulders. Let me have this one. That's it.

And then back down again and thorough. Okay, good though. Now slide your hands down to the end of the leather or the rope over there. Good. And hold parallel to the floor. Shoulders relaxed down and we take a big inhale. Stretch. Open your chest. Big Inhale, shoulders high, eyes high, and exhale wide and down. And again, inhale up and feel that your opening collarbones around hands come high.

Exhale. Why wait and out? One more time. Inhale, big breath, huge breath transferred to exhaling your belly and let your arms fly. Why out and release nuts handles in one hand. Step off. You're going to add a spring. You could probably have green and you're going to get back on your back for backstroke. Okay, so tip of the tailbone off the front edge of the box. Yup. Pretty far down. Gut Curl.

And think all the way back to your coordination. Take your hands a little higher and then bring your carriage home all the way. So take your hands above. There you go. And then curl here. Okay, and relax and pull this all the way into you. Yeah. Okay, got it. All right. Everything goes up. Inhale up. Exhale wide. Inhale Stair. That's your inhale. And exhale, curl all the way back. Inhale up, exhale out.

Inhale, hold, hold an extra gonna. Watch your hyper extensions again. Right? Inhale, don't lock the knee. Just lift the leg out and inhale, stay and exhale, come back and let's reverse it. Now. Inhale down to your thighs. Exhale wide and up and curl under your hands. Ah, that's it. Inhale out wide. Bring the carriage home, lift everything up and curl under under.

Bring the knees in really close last time. Inhale, and then exhale and lift and curl deep. Deep under that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Handles in one hand. Teaser up. I'm going to have, because that box is high and we're going to take our spring down and we're going to swivel back and lie down. Good. Now again, you want to be as far down your box as you can be without falling off, right? But part of the reason you're not going to fall off, it's cause you're gonna pull that belly in so much. All right, so the legs will start down, but again, you guys a little less here, right? You can have straight legs, but not so much tension.

Use a little bit more hamstring underneath. All right, you curl chin to chest, you pull that strap it inhale feet, hands, everything. Eye Level and we'll lower the arms. Actually, I'll just curl back in a little bit more. You got it. Inhale and against softer knees. Softer ankles. Yeah. Points your feet. Yeah, that's the theme. Exactly. All the way up to eye-level on curl down. Feet and hands.

Eye level. Even when you can't see them. Take the arms down again. Hold these legs from underneath and release them. And again we come up. Inhale, Chin to chest. Everything rises simultaneously. Circle. Alright, good. Again, a little less tension in the knees and Shins. A little more lift from underneath, from the hand.

Hamstring last time up. Big Inhale and exhale. Deep Curl. Keep your fingers eye level. Yeah. And roll all the way through. And decks, hey are all right. One last time in Ald. Curl it up. We'll reverse our circles. Inhale and exhale. Just bend the knees a little bit more.

Curlier tail way under bend him even more. Yeah, and curl your tail. That's the one holding your God. Yeah, exactly. And then last time, inhale it up and exhale. Deep curl rule through the spine. Take the hands to the floor and exhale.

Nice handles in one hand and step up. All right, let's do horseback. All right. We stand our same springs. You're going to switch your handles behind you. One leg over the box. All right. We're going to do three sets of three circles. Okay, so we'll stay up for three circles and we'll say very much like, like teaser. Start with your legs as high as you can get them, and again, flex your feet to start again. Hold from hamstring curl, curl way back in and lift the leg under yas. There you go. In hail circle around and around and around.

Stay up and now flex and sit. Okay, go ahead. Think, yeah, so we'll start flexible point during the circles, flex to set. Pull the upper abs back in. Not just just the belly, low belly, but the whole upper abs. Try to keep your feet high. Points your toes, drop your head way back in. Right as if this is under you. Thinking back maybe to your rowing and how I was saying, you ought to be able to lift those legs. You got head good.

Let your head come down. Just even a little bit more. And then sit was that two sets. One more and we go and inhale it up. Point your toes, Tuck your tail, way under. Pull it. There you go. Circle around. Head down, ribs in ribs in gimme your feet. Give me those feet. Yeah, last time your up, head down, ribs in and that and flags. Beautiful handles in one hand. Steph, off Hook your handles.

We'll take your box away and we'll go into the long stretch series. So you're going to take a pad, put it on your headrest and you'll put your head rest up one spring. Ideally. So you should go on a green cause that's nice and heavy. And then if that's enough, that's good. All right, so we're going to go left hand, right foot, other hand, other foot, five times, thumbs with fingers. Inhale out and exhale and good. Bring your hands a little narrower, right under your shoulders. You are, you are pretty good. Now Flex your ankles and come back in.

Walk your toes forward enough so that your shoulders over your hands, but your ankles are flex and watch your toes forward. Just walk them forward. Yeah. Right. So that you could stand on the sole of your foot. Moray. Inhale it out and exhale. Good. Now I want you think of that rowing where we reached the arm. Four hour and come back out and last time, don't pike up at all. Reach the arms, keep your heels float flexed.

Ankles down a little bit more. Yes. Lower your knees. Add a spring, probably a blue and we'll go into the up stretch, bounce, stretch, and we go and hail the other one and inhale it out and exhale it and good again. That's good. Stay for one second. You guys pull your chest through your arms. Maybe soften your elbows and pull your elbows back a little bit. Flex your feet like crazy. Get your ankles way deep. Okay. Get a little shorter. Yeah, and pull your chest through and lift your belly without getting tall.

There we go. Inhale. Push through those feet and exhale. Stay low. Now stay low and arch, not your shoulders. Just as beautiful. Inhale, push through your heels even more. Eyes up, chest up, chest up, chest up. Inhale. Good. Now, the only thing is you don't get to lean on your hips. Exhale, you gotta lift, right? Flex your feet more good. And pull your chest through. Yes. Nice. Okay. And up into up stretch.

Curl your tin to your chest and lift your hips. Inhale, push the carriage out and keep the head down and come in with the head down, right. Inhale, beautiful curl, heels down. Go all the way out and down. You got it, go for it. And then just come and keep that head. So ears between the elbows is kind of one of those rules in Pilati. Right? So you stay up here, push down, keep your curl in.

Come in, come in, come in. All right, now we're going to do the Combo curl. Push all the way down. Come in, lift and arch. And then push out, Chin down, curl up and lift their hips and inhale and push out. Going to hold what? Less with thighs? More with belly look up. Yeah. And then lift. You got to keep that lifted. Good. And then push out and around.

Curl your chin to your chest and lower your heels. So for you as you come in, let's do one more. So you're going to go out and as you come in, you're going to art beautiful. And as you go out, you're going to curl, lift the ribs and come all the way in and lower your heels. Elephant. Okay, so now both you watch your hypertension again, right? That's part of the reason that we're having a little trouble finding our abdominals. Okay, so ears between the elbows, ribs up like your horseback.

Have a sense that your tail is down into the soles of your feet and we go. Exhale in. Exhale in. That's right. Exhale in. Exhale in. Exhale in, a little less tension in the legs, in the elbows, in the neck. You got it. And more breathing. Exhale. Exhale. Beautiful. Exhale. Nice. And bring the Keratome. Rise up onto the half-point.

Scooch back and take your right leg up to the ceiling. Three times. Reach out, exhale, come in, keep the head down. See if you can keep that curl. Exhale in, exhale, and we're gonna switch feet, other leg and exhale in, right the head. Go. Keep. Beautiful. You got it. I lift, we're going to go flat foot and switch legs and exhale again, that of that curl in your upper body where your ears are between your elbows switch and last set three times in. Go Watch the hyper sension curl, the lower spine instead of just thinking hip flection. Beautiful. And then let's step down and we'll turn around and we'll do long backstretch.

Okay, so far hand, far foot, other hand, other foot, three times. Watch again. You're hyper extension, right? So we go down, push out, lift up, come back in. Good. Keep your eyes up. That's right in your chest, out, shoulders, way back. See if you can push from your tricep, push from your triceps and reverse it and push back through the whole solar girdle ride. So you really feel your pull straps and t here a little bit more, right?

And you're holding the legs up with the hamstring, not just the quad and you step off. Beautiful. Okay. Stomach massage. All right, so you bring your, your pad, very close. Three or four springs, again, springs very a lot. So the grouts are quite heavy ideally for, but we understand sometimes three. And then here we have color choices. So come on in, come on in, come on. In those apart heels together, right.

Really feel all the way, let's say from your shoulder blades all the way around to that lift behind your knee up. Right? So you have that sense of this is really lifting. You're not sitting on this sustain for one second and lift your heels a little bit. Lift him up. Yeah. Right. And hold this way up. And when you straighten, don't hyper extend you go. Inhale, straighten lower lift. Exhale, lift the back of the knee up. Inhale lower and lift the back of the knee up. Yes. So you have to curl back and exhale.

Yes. Inhale, lower lift. Exhale. Yeah. And kind of let that spring help you come home. Right. Inhale hole and up this way. Yeah. And one more time. Inhale, fill the lungs. Lower lift. Exhale, squeeze. Nice low. Drop a spring and we'll take the arms back.

Chest, way out. Maybe even scoot your hips a little more forward cause we tend to move back a little bit. Keep coming. Keep coming. One more. Alright. Big Pole. Absentee chest again. Right. Wrap those shoulders back. Pull the chest and lungs. Way Forward. Lift the back of the knees. Yeah, and we go in. Hail out. Lower lift. Lift the knees. Inhale lower. Exhale, lift them and let that tail. Yeah, come under and push the air out of you, right? You lift the legs? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lower left.

Exhale and last time. Inhale, lower lift. Exhale. So now we're going to add some arm weights. Okay. Just for the last two, we're going to do four out men. Take them up just a little bit higher. Keep the lifted of the back knee and we go. Inhale out. Exhale, lift the whole thing. Beautiful. Inhale out. Exhale, lift.

Almost a good. Take your feet right off the bar. Inhale. Exhale. Lift them way up. Way Up. Way Up. You got it. Inhale, exhale. Good. Now we'll go right. Inhale, twist, exhale. Good. And make sure you don't swing right. You just twist open and exhale, come back and lift the knees. Last one in here. Exhale, lift the knees way up. Oh, last time in here. Exhale. Lift him up way up. Way Up. Way Up and step off.

Nice. You can put your weights down. [inaudible] all right. And we're going to do um, [inaudible] tendons short spine, second 10 and stretch. Ready 10 and stretch. Sorry, I knew there was a little gap in my brain there. Yeah. 10 inch stretch. So yeah, you can kind of pull your pad just a little bit over the front. Alright. Hand, foot, hand, foot parallel or pious V. I like it with a lot of ankle flection, but no hanging. Right? So you can almost Burt on a purchase a little bit around the edge and no hyperextension okay, so you're holding the whole thing here and you have to keep your hips in front of and above your hands and you curl your hips around. No. Hyperextension and come back up. Inhale, curl. Good. See if you can go farther. Flex your ankles, support your knees and pull your belly in. Yes, go ahead. One more time. Flex your ankles. Yeah, curl. Think horseback. Flex your ankles. Really look at your feet. Yeah.

Now stay here for one second. Flex your ankles more, more, more, more. Bend your knees and inch. Okay, now lift your hips up here. Here, here, here. Hello here. Step off. Now, short spine. Wasn't he being nice when he puts shorts by in here right now? Okay, so foot bar down two springs. You got it. All right, you got a head rest down.

Good. You loop your handles here. The straps are a little different, so Christie's going to do, do what she has to do. All right. Now if you can, you don't push out at all. You bring your care home, you curl your hips over and you put your feet in. You actually lift your hips. Don't pull your carriage at all. All right? And you come into your starting position. All right, so now let that spring counter release. Yeah, little little bird on a perch kind of feeling in your feet. Heels together. Okay. Inhale out. Exhale, lift and curl. Way Up and over. You got it. Beautiful.

Inhale, lift and exhale. Roll it down. Roll it down, roll it down, and bend your knees and inhale out. Good. Now, right here again, no hyperextension even in the ankle so you can feel like you'll have a little bit of a point through your heel and your toes, right? Yeah. So you've got the whole thing and you can really point, just not so much here and always support right in here. Big Inhale, deep squeeze of the abdominals. Pick the whole thing up, up, up, up, up. Big Inhale. And then exhale. Lift this around and roll. So here's that knee lift again. Go ahead and roll your sternum down.

The feel like everything is coming around this way. Okay. And then open your little back. Leave your feet the, keep this up a little bit and pull your belly down. Beautiful. And Ben, Julie's okay. Last time. We're going to stay at the top. We'll do high frog. Okay, so inhale, exhale. Up we go. Beautiful. Really Nice lift. Bend your knees and inhale. Stretch out on a diagonal. Yeah, we're going to go out this way a little bit.

Good. Now think of your pole straps and t shoulders right now. Lift up through the back of these knees and bend your knees, but keep your lift, lift up through the back. Pull strap, shoulders go. No, we want you to come. So we're up here. Go ahead and bend, right. We're going to come out this way. Lift this up. Get these out and this up higher. You got it. So you're in that diagonal a little bit higher. Right here. Yeah, I lift right in there. And Bend your knees and stay lifted. Yes. And then progress through that back line. Exactly. Lift.

Bend your knees, roam all the way in. Curl your tail. Rural your spine down. That's it. That's a Christie rural curl curl. Yeah, go that way. And then Benjamin, he's very nice you guys. Okay, let's step off. We're going to try the head stance. One fraught headstand. They're easy to do. They really aren't. Go ahead and step off.

You can put your foot bar up. You're gonna put your headrest up. You're gonna put a pat on your head. Rest. It's two springs. Okay, so you're going to step on like this. Okay. So you're going to take hold of your handle, your other hand, or you gonna put your head really kind of more on carriage than even on the headrest. And you're going to put your right foot up here, toes apart, and you can go plus these v or hip with parallel. Okay? You keep your curl.

That's what you need to maybe have your head a little lower than you think the other way. That's right. Okay. Press strong with your forearms and help lift yourself. It's really just up stretch. Curl your tail towards your heels, prs out. Push the carriage out, pushing, push, push. And then that's okay.

I think for now and then come back up right way up. Push out. You go, go, go Christie. That's it. You can get as low as you want. You guys are had too high. Oh, your head's too far. Yeah. Take your head higher on your headdress. I got you to low gut and then Verad find a good reps and no leaning over your head. Take this weight over here. There we go. Okay. Stay on your feet. Stay on your feet. That better. And then last time, yeah, your head might still be just a little low.

You can take it towards the head rest for yeah, there you go. Okay. But use your forums a lot so it's really not just how, but you look like you've totally got it. You can even go farther, farther, farther and go down. And then you come all the way up and that's enough of that. And we'll step right to the floor if he can and stuff off. You got it. You just have to play until you figure out where your head to go. Except for the Brett. Yeah, you got the right hairdo. Alright, so enough of that. Let's do semi-circle. Okay. So you're going to put your peg in really close and you're going to have, she's going to add some extra hand weights in her tracks so that we can even pull your that metal piece forward. Yeah, so that, cause I like this one done really, really small.

Like the old equipment was so short. Two Springs. You got it. All right. So, and we're going to demonstrate both. So she's going to go barred down and Christy is going to go bar up. We'll go through each way. Slide yourself out and over. You got it? That's it. [inaudible] all right. Lift up as high as you can. Bring your care to home as much as you can.

Keep coming home as you start to roll down, but hind your throat behind your heart, behind your stomach, deep into the kidneys, all the way down into the springs. Push out but not very far and curl. Way Up and go way up. Keep going up. Keep going up. Keep going up. Keep going up and lift yourself home. Good little. Yeah, you got it. Keep coming home. As you start to roll down, keep coming in. Keep coming in.

Yes. Yeah, keep coming. You got it. Pull the belly button deep and then down and around. Push out and curl up. Yeah. Beautiful. Stand on your feet strong and lift the back of those knees here and come back in. Let's actually reverse now. Okay. Even feel the back of the knee right here. Deep Curl.

Pull your sternum deep. Yes, around the edge. Come on in and up and over. Keep coming home. Keep coming home. Keep coming home. You got it last time you guys inhale it out, push strong. Exhale deep curl roll through. Pull the belly button down and in.

Come on home, lift up and out. Come all the way and take a little moment. You can reach around and take hold of your ankles, flex your ankles a little bit and lift the back of your hamstring up instead. And think how we're about to do chest expansion, thighs stretch, and then take hold of your shoulder blocks. Slide back on and step off sticky. I know we used to use a towel in New York cause it'd be so sticky. Okay, so we're going to get rid of your pegs and your whatever's over there.

When they take our foot bar down, k, two sprains and you just get on kneeling facing your shoulder blocks and hook your feet. So you'll scoot back a little bit and take your handles. Let's just do two sets again. When you do this level and you work this hard, you can cut reps a little bit like that. All right, so you have a couple choices. You can hold your handles like this or you can hold the leather. Let's have you hold the leather. She'll hold it. Go ahead and hold your handles that way. Okay, so you're going to pull back in.

Hannah, think of your post ops and Ti. Pull back, chest out, look, look, center and release. Good. And now all the same, right? It's shoulders back. Fill the chest. Really huge with your inhale. Very nice look, look at exhale. One more set. Fill the lungs. Joe would say capacious chest. Fill the capacity, stretch the capacity. And exhale. You got a one more time.

Feel those back of those thighs. Forward into this. Yeah. Very nice ladies. Excellent. Alright. Handles in one hand at us. We've got a cramp. Added a spring. So you'll go to three. I would add your green. This can even be done according to Corolla. Could be done on for spring.

So higher versus lighter. Now screwed up to your shoulder blocks on this one and then you will go ahead and take high up your straps. Yet you got it. Chin down. Look right at your thumbs, pull your belly in on. Inhale, lean back, yes and exhale, left everything up again. And inhale, pull the belly up. Deep Up, lift, lift of getting longer rather than lower and lift the arms a little to lift you back up. And think right there too again that you're going to use just that little bit of the wrap of the thigh. If you want to arch this time you go all way down. Deep lift, lengthen your spine across your feet and then you can arch into the springs if you like. Chest, shoulders back a little more. Yeah, Chin to chest and lift your legs and hips and everything.

Beautiful. Nice, nice, nice, nice. All right, let's just take our handles in one hand and turn and face front. And we will do some arm circles. So you're going to drop down to one spring. Yeah. And it can be, you know, pretty heavy spring, but yeah, probably green might be a little much. Yeah. Feed powerfully up against your shoulder blocks. Again, power through the back of that hamstring right up through the belly. Right. Big Inhale.

So you should be like a huge warm sponge right now. Your body just steaming all the way through to the bones, right? And all your tissue just unbelievably filled with oxygen. Let's reverse big lungs. Exhale, think of it mostly just the lung stretch. It's a huge lung stretch. Flex your feet, push your heels back, pressure, hamstrings forward. Lift up through last time, really big push through the back of the feet, through the back of the legs and come back down. Very nice. Excellent.

Okay, go ahead and hook your handles and step off. Let's do, let's do snake. Okay, so again, this can be done with bar, upper bar down. You guys are welcome to do it either way. Um, and it's a one spring exercise. So again, you might want to go heavy one spring, so maybe that green. All right, you can go either way if you want to go up or down. Okay, I'm with you. Okay. Okay, so she's going down to, all right, so we're going to go far hand to the shoulder block, other foot and then other hand and other foot. You got it. Deep Curl. Find that curl. Think back to the rowing and how we had that lift through here so we weren't hyper extending and hips go down to the heels. Ribs come up. Here's your headstand again. Really eyes up, chest out. Pull the belly in, Chin to chest, curl up through those upper abs all the way in, tail down and under. One more time. Beautiful. There you go.

Push long stretch your belly. Outstripped your belly out. Beautiful Curl. Lift the belly up like a jellyfish up inside you. Yes. Very nice. And step off. Yeah, and the other side. Nice. Ah, yes. All right, so hand, foot, hand, foot and an option for if you're smaller, your equipment's very big as to just go on that board. Curl, Chin to chest, heel down if he can. Yep. And we go. Inhale. You guys are nice and square, which is great, right? So you're trying to keep your hips quite level to the carriage.

Stretch your belly out. Don't hang it. Just stretch it. Curl Chin to chest. Lift those ribs up and head stance. Right here is your head. Stand right up and inhale. One more time. Deep Curl. Stretch away on a stretch your belly. Stretch your saw, stretch the front of your spine, push through your feet and exhale deep curl curl first ribs up and in and stepped out. Very, very nice. All right, let's do corkscrew. So you're going to add one spring and you're going to have a seat and lie down. That should be good. Head rest down.

Okay. Okay. We're going to jack knife over and up, like overhead a little bit, right? Holding onto the back of your Yap. You can go shoulder blocks. You can go to the wood or the metal. Yeah. All right. And you're going to jack knife over and up and we'll just do again a set of two, right? So we're way up as high as you can up into a candle stand.

Now think we're going to go to the right. Think of twisting your lungs. Yeah, bring your feet out the window. Beautiful. That's the way down we go. And then around and all the way over and up. Yeah, to the left. Twist your lungs, twist your ribs, twist your waist and around. Nice. One more set. Twist with that left rib over and reach those feet tui first and last time. And who is the whole thing? Twist it. Reach your feet more. Beautiful.

Whoops. Ah, no. It's about to happen. And then just stay here for one control balance. So one foot over the head, the other one lifts, lifts, lifts, lifts, split the legs apart. And so itch and split the legs apart and bring both feet up and rolled down. And Benji is good. Now let's do mermaid. Okay. So you're gonna come up to sitting. Let's both go a left hand on the foot bar, foot car. We'll be up to springs and you're going to, so this one is so that like Mermaid Mermaid versus kind of like that, sort of like, I think some people call it a Cleopatra.

You're going to stack your knees together. You're going to bring the bottom knee all the way to the shoulder blocks, right? Left hand. Just a little front of halfway. Yeah, just a little bit in front gut. Okay. And you're gonna take your right arm up to your ear. You're going to kick that underneath leg out ribs in a little bit and get really long push push, especially the bottom one. Keep the ribs in. Yeah.

All right. As you come up, you're going to curl your bottom ribs. You can stay facing front. You're going to curl your bottom ribs towards your hand. That's it. And then you can take the shoulder block and lift this other hand and the side bend. Yeah, this one is, that's why I wanted to do it for sure. There's lots of variations on this exercise and then hand back down.

This is definitely kind of the original light. All right, so bottom hip goes down and under. You get a big stretch. Good Push. Now, especially with the bottom leg, keep the ribs in right as you come up. Keep pushing out with the bottom leg a little bit. Right? So you don't compress. Take the other arm. Now even as you go to the left, push with the left leg a little bit. Yeah, and just let shoulders relax. Get a big, big side stretch and then got, and then just flip to the other side and we'll go the other way. It's a very yummy stretch, but you have to get this hot right. You know, as you have to work with enough speed so you get this deep heat to be able to make it feel as Yummy as a cam. Yeah. So, so you have to be careful with your right, your, your, you're supporting shoulder a little bit.

So make sure that's down and under ribs are in push with your underneath shin. Really Push, push with it. Yes. Stretch out your spine. Feel like your spine is the spring, right and are so long in here. Keep your length as you come in. You still keep a little bit of a push through this side, so you will really side bend. Okay.

And then you do take that arm up and ours is hard if you're getting it right, it's probably hard push with your bottom sin a little bit so that you're kind of, you're making sure you're going around as opposed to just leaning. And then one more time. And now sir, wretched up, push with your bottom. Shin. Push, push, push, push, push. And again, you just have to, you always be careful cause the ribs like to pop and then you come back up. Keeping that underneath legs, stretching for it. Trying to almost keep your top hip pretty perpendicular.

Right? So the bend is in the side of the spine. Yeah. Yeah, because otherwise we will just offset this a little bit and then just lean on it and we get a little compression that way. So you feel like you're kind of taking a slinky and bending it around something and no compression anywhere. Beautiful. All right, you guys step off. Let's do short box. Great. So now stepping off, we're going to go get our boxes for short box two springs. Your headrest is already down, right? So I'm not on this classical equipment. You go over this shoulder blocks and Christie's going to do a slightly modified version with her equipment.

We have our short box, Paul just put it right under our legs so it's there when we need it and scoot back. So you're going gonna you'll be back. Yeah. And you're going to do just four fingers from the back edge, right? Good. And do we have two different links here? Are these exactly the same? So you're already on. Gosh Darn. Yeah, there we go. Nice. Alright. Foley, your arms curling your spine and then roll back deep curl and curl back up again. Nice. Good. Come a little narrow words. Scoot back just slightly. Yeah.

Good. Right. And then think always up, right? So as you go, you're thinking, I'm going so tall. Look how tall I am and then I'm getting even taller. Yeah, relax your shoulders a little bit. Let's just do one more time. Deep Curl. Pull the belly in. Lift and lengthen and exhale into the arch if you want.

And Curl back up. Nice. And take your pole and reach up above your head. Very, very high. Now lift and lengthen and three times. Inhale back and exhale, calm back up. Good little low gaze. Like look down at your toes the whole time in Hail, breathe, lungs, lung funds. Exhale, deep squeeze. Now, one more time. Inhale, big breath. Fill the lungs.

Less shoulders, more lungs. Exhale deep squeeze. Good. We'll just do one side bend each way cause we did our mermaid. So inhale over to the side and exhale. Come back up and inhale and yeah, once again, just up and tall. Feel that mermaid right here. Hank. Come back together. Nice. All right, let's do one plane twist and then we'll do one twist on him.

Okay, so feed, stay parallel, hip width, twist to the right. Deep Curl. Even though you stay long and lean back. Inhale, deep curl. A more curl. Yes. Exhale, come back up. Good. Beautiful twist to the other direction. Big Inhale. Fill your lungs like a parachute. Feel and float. Exhale, come back out. Nice ladies. Feet together. Okay. This time we'll twist up on hip. You'll do what you can on that box.

Twist to the right up and way out and reach really long. Exhale, come back up. Nice and last time to the left. Twist and then lift and reach out long again. Stretch your belly out. Think how long your belly is and lengthen your belly to come back up.

Yes. All right. Put your head, your box bar down underneath. Get back again a little bit. Let's put your right knee to your chest for tree. Okay. You're going to hook your arm underneath here. Now feel that hamstring lift again like we did in our short spire. Stomach massage, right when you inhale, straighten up and you exhale down. Good. So what I like again, a little less here. Little more curl.

So we have our lift and we're going to go this way. Inhale and Exhale, right? So you're lifting this up and exhale and let's do one more like that. She's enjoying that. Good. And the only thing is your curl, but you're not hanging, right? So you have, this has lift and this and we stay in flexing point. Keep Lifting Square and narrow the pelvis. Yeah, right.

This hand could come here and you can really find your lift. Yes. Beautiful. Stay pointed this time. Walk your hands to your ankle. Curl the top of your head, right? So your elbows will be high, but shoulders relaxed. A little bit deep curve all the way up into here and walked down. We're just going to do one beautiful tree all the way down.

Big Arch and Chin to chest. Hands come first, then chin to chest. Curlin way up. Lift your elbows high. Yeah. Narrow and bring your pelvis together. Lift your belly way up. Lift your hamstrings. Way Up this and bend your knee and other leg.

Beautiful. Can I see you sit back in your stomach? Massage curl. Right. So the leg is perpendicular and you have that hamstring lift as much as you, as you inhale, you straight and you lift that hamstring up and down. You have equal lift. This is narrow and this is up. Yeah, so there's always that sense. A little less tension in the ankle. And then this lift as well even though, right? So again, we could be a little more here. That's it.

And then we're going to flex on point. Let the shoulders soften. You know we start to shake. That's good. That's mean where somewhere new. Relax down a little bit and think of lifting your hamstring up. Like curling it all the way from here. Curling your sacrum under a little more.

There you go. Beautiful. Stay up. Walk your hands to your ankles, elbows, high head, very low. Relax your shoulders a little bit again. Always take a little moment to narrow and curl and lift and round and walk your hands down. Good. And don't hang off hamstrings or quad. Support your body with your abdominals. Arch your spine. Good arms. Come back first. Chin to chest, curl in, lift the hamstring up. Don't harden and keep lifting it hands all the way up ahead all the way down.

Again, don't pull in your hamstring. Just lift it. Curl under a little bit more and let it lift. Yes. And Ben. Beautiful. Yeah, so you're not yanking on it. Don't strain it. Don't Yank on it. Feed it right. And feed this at the same time. That was beautiful. Go ahead and step off. Okay, let's do long spine.

So now we're going to do long spine. I'm going to help over here so we save a little time to springs. Head rest is down. Foot bars down. We've got it. Perfect. Exactly. You can loop it through both the leather and the handle or you can loop the handle over the leather. And then just loop it in there. Just need to make sure the handle is not going to bang in the face.

Go ahead and lie down. Typically too. We always have the metal on the outside. All right. And then you're going to put your feet right up and in. Beautiful, straight legs up. Nice. And then a Colby holding the carrot. Chaum bring your carriage all the way home. There we go. We're going to just rise up to the top. All right.

And we'll start at the top. She'll check. Um, chest expansion, pull strap, chest, right. Really nice and open. Shoulders back, elbows down. Risks down. You're gonna open at the top. You're going to reach the feet as you roll the spine down and you start pulling your carriage. You got it. You come as low as you can. Come on, keep on coming down. There we go. Bring your feet together. And then you try and lift the whole thing as once we come. Beautiful up all the way. Good. And again, you're just going to be aware of that hamstring lifting again, right?

You got it right. So you're pulling with the leg versus leaning on your hamstrings and then you bring the whole thing and you lift your pelvis or your spine. Pick it up. Yeah, bring it over. Let's reverse now. So come all the way home. This one's a little trickier. That aisle all the way home park. So now we're going to go down legs together, reach a long spa, open lift, curl, and bring it all the way home and reach for it. Press those shoulders back. Stretch out long. You got it. Stretch your spine.

Think I'm on your spine. Should be. Yes, it's called long spine and we rise all the way up and we come all the way home and then we dropped one foot down and then the other foot down and you roll off and come to standing. Great. You're going to put your headrest up in your foot bar up and we'll do knee stretches. You got it? We're gonna do eight down, eight round, eight arched and then knees off eight and eight and eight. Okay, so you're going to kneel. All right. Now again, you know there's variations on the theme of this exercise. I like it nice and low. So I'd like you to get a little lower and then don't over stretch, just round and sit lower. You got it. Ears between the elbows, right?

Here's that sort of headstand feeling. Again, not to shorter though. We go, inhale and exhale in and exhale in and exhale in, right? Relax your shoulders. Bring the carriage all the way home almost from your upper abs, from your upper abs. Exhale and last time. And then you arch and you keep going and exhale and see if you can get a little lower and a little lower and out here, right? So you keep that pusher, your elbows even get even a little bit lower. Chest out, way out. Exhale.

Right now we round lift, bring your shoulders over the spring loaded bar lifts your, you can move your toes forward a couple inches so you have that ankle flection again, right? And then we go exhale and come in. Good. Stay forward in space and bring the whole thing forward from your upper abs again. Right from here. You got it. Go. That's it. All the way from here. All the way from here. All the way from there last time. Yes. Beautiful. Lower step up. Have a seat in line. Actually have a seat at two springs and then lie down. We'll do some running.

All righty. Nice. Beautiful. All right. Parallel feet together. Take a big inhale and stretch out. There we go. So with chance, with chance, with chance switch, breathing in, breathing out. Good. Now Watch again. Your hyperextension, right? So you're holding your body here, moving the carriage here. You're not so much dropping your heel as you are curling your foot around the foot bar. Right?

So a little less kind of pressure into the Achilles tendon. Little more work of the arch of the foot. Yeah. Right. So you stay in the spring of the foot and you don't hang in the ligaments and tendons of anything. And then you're going to straighten your knees and bend your knees, put your feet on the corners of the bar, who lift your hips about three inches and take a big inhale. Inhale it out. Big Stretch and exhale. Come in. Good.

Now here's a place to work your wrap again. Okay, so take the knees wider. No talk at all. So come out at the right now. Go really wide. Nice, wider. Right now. Feel a little bit of that wrap so that by the time you get to straight there's this power. Beautiful. So you can't drop into that hyperextension and then you play out of that. Exactly. Inhale.

Exactly right. And you lift and wide and you can think how that's your Gondola, right? But it's also a lot of that play work you do on the chair that's so powerful that often doesn't get done as much as it could. And then roll down and step off. Nice. And let's do side splits and then we'll do front splits. Okay, so your foot bar comes down, technically one spring on the balanced body.

It could be a blue and a red. Sometimes people like a little more or could just be aggrieved. So one spring, a green, two springs, a blue and a red. All right, we don't need pads. You can use them if you, if you want, like you're, this is a little slippery or so you might like that. That's for totally for safety, right? So just right on the wood there. This has that nice coating so you're good. Okay. So step up onto just one. If you can step onto your carriage to feed onto the carriage first.

Good and screwed towards me. And then your foot to the out and come all the way back here. Yeah, come so that your other foot will go out to the shoulder block. Okay, so then you heel toe out to the soldier block. And if that's too wide, you stop. Before that, your arms are out to the side. All right, so now lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Right? Watch that support right there. Let your ankles totally curl around. As you go out.

Inhale and out. And you most bars, you want you to go, oh wait, you could go even bigger than that. And then you whoop it back up. Nice. And you really feel this nice, deep, deep, deep into those hips. Right? And as you come back in, think of lifting up through the hamstring line a little bit more so you don't go back into that Tuck, right? So we're coming all the way up. Big Inhale last time, all the way out. Go, go, go, go. Exhale up, up, right up through here. Heel toe, your foot back in. Very quietly. We step over to the carriage and if you can, we're just going to turn right around.

We can stay on the same corner since we're not doing any of the sort of more fancy things and then you heal toe back, arms out to the side, big lifted lungs. Inhale it out. You can have a sense a little bit. Exhale, come back in again. We have this nice supported wrap through here, how that feeling in the arms a little bit to ribs in lean forward slightly and exhale, bend your elbows just a little bit, right? Nice. You have this big inhale like that and you exhale squeezing back up. Beautiful. One more time.

It's the same feeling here to let this lift and feel that that width is your lung width also. And then come back up, right? And then just watch your heel toe in. All right? And then you add a spring so you can stepped your carriage. Put your foot bar up at a spring. So two springs now, and we'll do front splits.

See I blew a blue then. Yeah. So red, red is good or green blues. Good. And then if you needed a little heavier red green. All right, so that's kind of balanced body springs. All right, so you're facing your foot bar and let's put your right foot on the center of the foot bar right on the ball of the foot. Nice. Okay. Hands come down. He'll tell your back foot to a diagonal on the shoulder block. Yeah, you got it. Nice. And then a deep lunge, right? And you feel how long, and again, this beautiful support here. So you're not hanging in hyperextension, right? And you have that wrap that holds that knee and you inhale, straighten the legs, feel like you're splitting the legs apart. Right?

So it's not one leg or the other. It's both legs and you keep that split. Even as you bend your front knee. Good. And you can let the eyes come up, but keep the chest on the thighs like your tree. Feel how this is your tree, right? So you have this support of that front leg as well, and you come back in. All right? Think also that you're going to go, your sacred is gonna go under something, release into this knee a little bit more, right? Stretch through that. And then as you go out, go down here, down in a stop here and split the legs under this. Yes, you got it. And come all the way in. Deep in, deep in reaching, reaching, reaching. So you're never hanging, but you're going places you didn't know you could because you're so warm.

So you take advantage of that deep, deep heat to go. Places that you, you can't go when you're still a little bit cold. Right? All right, very nice. Let's parallel the back leg in and lower that knee and then heels up against your shoulder blocks again. Right now. Again, you're not leaning, but you are lengthening. You're pushing that knee down, you're pushing that heel back. You're pulling your belly way up and you're splitting your feet apart. Inhale, split those feet apart and stay holding. Keep your thigh and your chest. Yeah, and splits. But don't hang no hanging and gum back. Got No hanging plots and come back up. And it's not about straightening the front leg so much.

It's more about pushing the carriage open with the back foot. Inhale, push the back foot, push it, push it, push it, and then come back up. Exhale. All right, staying in. Take your left hand. Same up. And you're going to side bend. Big Stretch. Don't lean now. No leaning up. Up, up. Yeah. Yes. And come back to center. And then if you can you take both arms up and stretch. Push your heel back.

Pull your belly up and stretch over your hands down. Beautiful. Take this like down on a whole switch feet. Let's come back up to standing. Put your left foot front, right? Yeah. And then back we go. Deep, deep squat. Yes. So you're in these deep positions is very soft tissue at this point because even your bones feel that way, right? Deep, deep, deep, very elastic. You split yourself apart with no hanging. It's like you're growing, you're growing, you're growing in both legs equally.

And then you exhale and you come back deep in there, deep in there, just trying to square off as much as you can. Again, that tree feeling up into this knee, right? So you have that nice release all the way up into here and inhale it out, right? So you keep on finding down and under a little lighter right here and then down and under. Yeah. And then come back and yeah, and you keep your split. You keep your splitting, you keep your split. Alright, you parallel that back foot in, lower the knee, foot right up against the shoulder blocks. Okay, now does it just down stretch, right? One leg. So don't go so far that you're hanging it all. Don't worry about straightening things.

Just expand in alx band, push the carriage open, expand yourself like the spring. You in the spring are doing the same thing. And then exhale, let it bring you in and exhale you and let your hips come forward forward for one more time. Almost without moving. You move the carriage foot pushes. Yes. And You keep deepening stretchers. So I think stretch my sole as deep inside myself. Yeah, right. Yes. And then come back up. Beautiful.

All right. You're gonna take your right arm up the leg, the leg, you're kneeling on the hand you're kneeling on, right. Lift up and side bend over the front knee. Again, keep that little bit of curl and lift into the front knee and reaching back into the heel so you're not hanging out on your knee cap. Right. And then come to center. I live both arms up and now you're just a huge suspended net. You're just expanded out into the universe. Huge, huge, huge.

And you come back nice. And you step off and let's finish there ladies. That was beautiful. You're welcome. Great job.


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Beautiful class, amazing cues...what insight! Amy is a treasure; thank you for the chance to watch this master instructor practice her craft!
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I sooo wish I could of been one of you girls! What an amazing session!!!!
I'm still talking about this session! Amy and Rachel are very special teachers. I can't articulate it as well as I hope to yet, so for now, I'll just say that I am profoundly grateful for the experience of learning from both of them.
Thanks gang. To everyone who likes this, please remember our upcoming Summer Conference starting July 14. We hope this inspires you to come join us in beautiful Boulder, CO // mer_conference.html&h=aAQGvPz29
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This is the classical workout and teaching that TPC (Rachel and Amy) are known for. Amy's cues as always are precise, specific, filled with energy, dynamic, deep, and empowering. So nice to finally see this work come to PA.
// 2Fpledge%2F3504901-amy.alpers&h =eAQGh5pDsAQGEgZhrayoHs8VEj0QJchA28 dRGZxieVmEt1w

If you're watching this and like it, please go to the above link and vote for us. Thanks.
The link to the Summer conference and small business grant didn't seem to work Amy...
Folks should try these...

Summer Conference

Small business Grant
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This was one of the best sessions I've ever had the honor to experience! Amy's hand's on assistance was incredible, verbal cues spot on, she pushed us but leet us have fun too! I can't wait to do this workout in my studio over and over again! Kristi....wanna do this session again with me?!!
Courtney Miller
Thanks for the link to the conference! I'm looking at my schedule now to see if I can attend! Thanks for a great class Amy!
Amy H. I definitely want to do this class with you again... and again, and again! Call me!
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