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Treat your body to a fun, flowing class, while focusing on spinal mobility and hip and shoulder stabilization. Meredith features a fun variation on the pushup, breast stroke and lots of rotation. Enjoy!
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Feb 20, 2013
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Let's sit down on our maps. Okay. Okay. So I've been doing all these 30 minute classes cause people are wanting 30 minute classes and then I just get this request for a 45 minute class and hours. No good. 30 minutes is too short. 45 minutes. Here we go. You're ready. Holding onto the back sides of the legs, using the arms to lift the spine. Holding here. Breathe in.

As you fill your lungs with air, your body with air. I want you to feel as though it allows you to elevate up, pour it and breathe out and just support that feeling. And inhale, lifting the spine, pull up with your arms, use your arms and exhale and he in here and now feel the pelvis move out from underneath you. Tilting the tailbone backwards, but keep the shoulders right as they are. And inhale, we lift and exhale.

We peel backwards with the pelvis, just that pelvic movement and Hania Willis and exhale curling. Yeah, our last one, make it count. Inhale to lift for making it bigger. So we curl down. We get through that position. Now, finish or continue rolling down. Allow the arms to slide down the legs, but push into your legs with your arms. Pause when you arrive at your shoulder blades. Inhale, exhale. Either push into your legs with your arms or use your arms to help you as you are. Roll yourself up.

Find a rounded shape over the pelvis and now pull your spine up with your arms. And inhale and exhale. We curl drawing the abdominals backwards. I'll allow the arms to straighten and then push into the legs as the arms. Follow the legs coming down towards the floor in hand. And XLE, curl our way back up. Finding shoulders over hips and I let the spine be easy and let the arms assist one more like that. Xcel feel pelvis.

Then allow the arms to straighten. As we take that position further backwards, allow the arms to slide down the body. Inhale, we hold. Exhale, we curl ourselves back up. We lift all the way to tall, all the way to Tal. Now without any tension or or without any tension, let go. Open the arms out. Two sides. Lift a little taller through your spine. Inhale, take the outside hand and bring it across towards the front of the room. Exhale, roll down through your spine on that side of your body. Pause when you get to out brawl level any old, open your body out.

Exhale, cross the body. Inhale to hold, and exhale, roll all the way up that side, sitting tall in rotation and open. Inhale and exhale. I don't know the breath. Let's go. Move. Inhale, exhale, roll back. I've got it now. I think. Inhale, come across. Start excelling as you bring your arm across, lifting as you continue. Exhaling and now, oh bene and come across and round the spine. Push into your feet. Open to the side. Go across the opposite side and roll up that side in rotation.

Lifting tall and unwind. Last one, rotate across and reach. Pressing down into the feet on white, across and [inaudible] and center. And inhale and exhale rolling down. Now you, some of us may need to hold onto our legs. For this one, you'll decide either hold onto your legs or don't. We're gonna reach the arm closest to me out. Follow with your eyes and exhale, stucco home. Inhale, reach, open the side of the body. Think cidery and XL to come back.

Feel free to hold on. It might even make the movement better and Xcel to come back and in how we open out and Xcel chicken back. We're only going one more time. Inhale, we open up. Exhale, we come back in here. We Open. Exhale, we come back holding here. Stay right there. Slide your feet towards you. Touch your ankles with your hands and lie down all the way for a pelvic curl. Inhaling to prepare.

Press your arms down into the mat. As you then flatten your spine into the mat. Begin articulating the spine operates. Pause at the top, pressing up through the backsides of the legs and down through the backsides of the arms. Inhale, exhale. Feel the chest move first. Continue to press down and open through the collarbones. Rounding the spine down, undulating through the lower spine specifically, and then dropping the pelvis all the way to neutral. Inhale, press down through the arms as though they could perhaps assist you as you lift up. Can we find as much work in our shoulder extensors as we do in our hip extensors? I don't know. Let's find out and old and inhale and exhale. We roll.

Pressing up through the pelvis. Pause to breathe in. Start breathing out as you begin. Exhaling to come down. Rounding. Really focus on the curvature of the lower spine and inhale and exhale to roll out. This is it. This is it. We inhale at the top. Take the arms overhead. Exhale, peel the pelvis down. Feel the arms reaching oppositionally, but keep the shoulders going in the direction of the pelvis.

Now lift the body up, reaching up towards the knees, just over the tops of the knees. Lift the arms, lower the body down. Exhale, lift the pelvis. Keep the arms where they are. Press up nice and high. Exhale as you go down. Think about it like a, um, what's the word? Uh, conveyor belt. As the bottom of the spine begins to lower the top of the spine begins to reach forward and then we get up nice and high over the knees and allow the upper body to come down. We're going to do one more. Lift the pelvis up, hold it up, hold it up. And rounding down, rounding down, and the lifting the head and chest and hold there. Open the arms out to the sides. Keep them nice and why? Turn the palms up. Put the head down. Lift the leg closest to me.

Lift the other leg to meet it. Inhale, tilt the knees towards me. Anchoring with the opposite arm and shoulder. Exhale, we bring ourselves back through center. So here's an idea. Inhale as you go across, don't think of pushing back with your legs. Think of letting the legs be super easy and just using the center of the body to move. Inhale as you come across, and XL. Easy. Lay eggs, just using them as a natural weight.

As we take our body through center. Inhale across and exhale back and inhale across and exhale back. One more time. Inhale to go across Xcel. So come back, bring me arms across the body and up over the shoulders. Turn the palms to face forward. Inhale, exhale, curl the chest. Forward. Pause. They're reaching past your own phys. Try to measure where you are in terms of forearms to thighs and how tip the toes on the floor.

And now lift the knees back up and a reach over the top and come down. Lift the arms, head and chest as one unit. Then follow through with the arms lifting higher than allow the toaster reach down. They don't have to touch the floor, they just have to go where you can keep your spine stable, lift the knees, lifts the arms and now take the chest and arms down in one package. And again, arms had chest up, hold their lift a little higher and then follow through with the arms. Inhale toes down. Exhale, knees up. Inhale, arms in here. Keep the, keep the height, keep the hype and then keep trying to keep the hype as you take your arms back and XL arms. Had one unit, lift a little up and then follow through with the arms holding there. Take the outside like the furthest away leg and lower to the ground.

Take both arms around to the leg that you're turning to and use your arms to create first and more rotation. And then more flection and now we do that on the other side. We rotate. Give yourself a moment here. Create first more rotation and now more flection and now we're going to do that, but a little quicker. Here we go. It's a cross Anna Cross using the arms to assist you as you find that deep contraction through the obliques reaching across, reaching across, reaching across.

Now if you want to challenge this, you could bring your hands behind your head. You could bring your hands behind your head, but if you're losing the feeling that you've created, maybe it's not worth it. Maybe, maybe not. Find Center. Please hold center, lift the, reach the arms forward. Lift the arms up, take the body in the arms down. Take the arms, head and chest Baca. Reach past the thighs. Stretch the legs long. Now I want you in Yellen. Reach up and exhale to lower down and inhale to reach curling forward and exhale to go down. And any Hilton Curl.

Now you could use your arms here as well and down and curl. They're using like a hundred breath pattern along five counted. Exhale. And now hold the low position and bend your knees. Exhale and stretch your legs. And he and Benj, and he's like Sam, and stretch your legs, but curl the chest towards the thighs and bend your knees.

Exhale and stretch the legs. Inhale last two times. Ben, curl, flower, stretch and lengthen. Last one. Hold here. Put your feet down on the floor. Stretch. It's a little sticky, isn't it? Stretch the legs out. Stay lifted. And now from there we come up. Yes, we come up, we come through the secret, we lift the spine up, we bring the arms back forward. Push and imaginary solid with your arms. Now around the spine, back into the seat, curvature and roll down.

So I've just added it. A back extension. Take the arms overhead. Inhale, head, chest, arms, all in one piece. So curl the spine, find the rounded shape over the pelvis. Inhale, lift the body up, bring the arms out to your son, bring the arms forward. Start to round away from your arms and now bring your body down into the mat all the way, all the way. Arms, reach overhead and lift head, chest and curl it forward. Forward, forward, forward, forward and lift. We're going to one more time. We reach forward, we rolled down.

Let me pause and take the arms back. So just give yourself that moment of just being in spinal flection and then the hip flexes have to kick in just a little bit as we come up into that curve and then open up and hold here. Turn the palms to face out. Flex your feet. Inhale, feel that there's an inward pull like a vortex in your body, lifting you up. And now we twist towards the ocean. It's a double twist. Exhale, exhale, center and exhale access center. And with that vortex, that lifting vortex, be easy. Just swing and find center.

And when I say be easy and swing, it doesn't mean I want you to let go of your muscles, but sometimes by thinking about the ease, can we get better movement and rotate, rotate, center and rotate. Lifting Center and journey. Find Center last time on each side, make it count and center and turning. Hold Center. Take the outside arm across towards the front arm, round down that side of your body. We did this with bent knees. We do it with straight legs. Now Open yourself through center. Hold there, lift.

Curl up a little lower down a little. Bring the opposite arm across. Roll up that side of your spy sitting up tall. Open the arms out through center. You could also do it with Benny's and use your arms to help you bring the arm across. Round down that side of your spy. Good tucking the tailbone, tucking the tailbone. Come open through center. Do a little teeny lift. Go down across and and open. We're going to change it. Just a little. Come across, roll down.

Take the arms out to the side. Now roll up with your arms there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And lift the spine. Take the back arm to the front and we're going to do the same thing. We just have to go the other way. Round out. Rounding, rounding, opening out. Hold there, and here's where we create that flection. Creating flection, coming all the way up and take a stretch forward over your legs. Bend your knees, sliding your feet towards your body, reach around and take a hold of your shins or your ankles.

Hug your legs in as tightly as you can, as tightly as you know you can control. So we're all a little different, right? But work with your own body. Draw the knees in and now inhale, keeping the shape. Don't let the shape change at all. We just rock back and we rock. Just the shape it tips and it tips up.

I have like, who do you know the song? The tea, the tea kettle song. I'm a little teapot that's going through my mind right now and I don't know why. I don't know why I push into your legs with your hands one more time. Hold here. [inaudible] round back. So you're in deep flection. Take your hands to your knees, let go. Stretch the legs in the arms, bend the knees, bring the hands to the knees. Just three times. Reach out and around. Go the Hams and the knees coming and recheck and police the feet down on the floor. Opening the knees to the side. We stretch forward over the legs and then slide the legs out straight and separate them for a spine stretch.

Reaching forward. Inhale as you exhale, allow the head the chest to fold forward, drawing back on the rib cage and then begin to bring the body long, long towards the legs, long towards the legs in here. Think of leaving your arms out there in space, but bringing your shoulder blades with you as you stack your spine back up. All I'm asking for you to do is create a little, imagine Mary opposition. Lift the spine long and tall. Inhale, exhale. Take the head forward, drop back through the ribs. We reach out. Inhale and exhale and press the legs down into the ground and allow the spine to just stack right up over the palate. And again, inhale and exhale to reach forward. Last one. Inhale, pass. Excellency. Come on, let me make a change. We're going to start the same, so find your way down this time. Take the arms outside of the legs.

Now holding yourself here. Bend your elbows to your sides as though you're pulling on a band or pulling on something. Stretch your arms out behind you, lifting your back long. You even put your hands down and push off them. Yep. Reach the arms around to the front of you all the way up over ahead. Sit up tall and bring the arms down front. I don't know why I feel like I need to make fists. It makes sense to me, but you don't have to XL. As you reach forward going, going, going, going in your tip, Benny elbows. Pull an imaginary force, extend through the spine, push back with the arms, lifting the spine into extension. Good.

And then let the arm circle around reaching for the years. Take the spine even longer there and then sit up the arms come down. Let's do that two more times, a little bit quicker. Xcel to reach forward. Inhale as the elbows bend, we started extending through the base of the spine. The chest is being pulled forward.

You could push off the mat behind you and then reach around in a circle, lengthen the spine out and forwards. And then just ease. See on the way up, arms dropped down. Nice. Nice. One more. Exhale to reach forward. Inhale, bend, extend through this. Fine. Take the arms back and then cycling the arms around. Allow the reaching forward of the arms to make the spine longer and straighter and then sit up. Drop the arms in front and open them to the sides and we turned towards the ocean and we go for the saw.

We reach long through the spine and then reach the backhand back in the front. Arm forward. So there's again an oppositional force and come to center. Inhale as you rotate, exhale as Yuri Cha. Inhale as you bring it up and exhale to find center and turn on the spine and reach down and reach La and bring it home and try and reach and reach La and bring it home and to more rotation. We take it forward.

We will lengthen the body all the way back out and up and find center and rotate and bring the body forward and lengthen up and come back. Reach the arms forward, slide the lights together. Rolling down. We allow the knees to bend or we drag the heels back, perhaps rolling down, finding the bend in the knees, finding the lower back, be there, and then just 11 needs to float up towards the ceiling. Take the arms to the hands, to the knees for the double leg stretch. We take it out and we bring it here and the chest doesn't change.

And as the arms reach, get them close behind you. Nice and close like you're going to wrap your thumbs together. Reach good and Paul and our reach and Paul and our reach and pull. Last two to hit. Bring it home. One more time. Take up, bring it home both hands to the left knee, right leg out, straight reach out and and F and F and curling the chest high with each repetition and hands behind the head to go across and across. Heavy head rotation occurring at the weights.

And we go four and four and three. Small sets. Make it count too. Ooh, Ooh. Knees and bend them. Take the body down, lift the body up, lift the pelvis, lower the pelvis down. Take the body down, lift the body out from underneath the ribs, lift the pelvis, lower the pelvis, sta. Lower the body to this time as you lift, lift and rotate towards me. Hold that lift of the pelvis up. Straight up. Lower the pelvis down. D rotate. Go the other way. Lift the pelvis up, lower the pelvis down. Come to center and take your body to the map. Last one.

We're going the other way so we lift and rotate to the opposite direction. Lift the pelvis straight at the knees. Go straight up to the ceiling. We come down with the pelvis. Find Center, rotate the other way. Lift the pelvis, lower the pelvis, find center. Reach forward. Place the arms and head down.

Stretch the legs into the air and exhale for a rollover. We take it over, flexing through the seat, separating the fee. Keep the legs along the arms long as we just undulate back down through the spine. As the pelvis touches the toes, reach to a point we circled down and together and lift and our rollover and flex. Separate and long arms, long neck. Feel the arms and the head sliding in opposite directions. Circle to touch. Last one. Lift. Exhale over sweats. Separate. Roll down. Point the toes. Circle to touch. Bend your knees, curling your head to meet your thighs. Hadn't chest.

Find the backsides of the legs and just do a little spinal massage. Keep again the shape, consistent, rocking, making it a little bigger, a little bigger, a little bigger and all the way and cross turn towards me. Top leg over the bottom leg coming down on our four arm. Okay, for a little shoulder supported twist. So we lift the free arm. Good. So Helen on the knee is perfect.

You'll love it if you want to modify this. You just keep one leg straight and you push off your bottom leg. For those of you who want to come with both legs straight, we're going now, so we use the waist to lift us up in the air here. As you exhale, reach your arm under. Feel the shoulder blade or wrap around to connect with the rib cage that is going in that direction. Inhale as you head back to center and we're going to just do it again.

Exos will you reach through rich and reaching, reaching, reaching [inaudible]. Okay, one more time only exhaling as we reached through. Now as we open, bend your knees and come all the way down. Push yourself up. Slide the bottom leg out from underneath the talk lay. We're going to do the Mermaid Hal and try sitting on the mat on that raised mat behind you. It'll just give you more space.

Yeah, perfect. Perfect. Okay. Arms at your sides. Yeah, and that, that whatever works. We're going to go this direction, that direction, so you reach out in the direction of the arm that you were just supporting with. Put that hand down. Spiral the rib cage around so that the hands now match in the middle. Lengthen the spine out. Find a little bit of upper back extension, upper thoracic movement. Rerun through the lumbar spine, opening that free moving arm back out to your side. And now with control, we just float back up off the mat.

That supporting arm comes up and we take it over the top. Try just with both legs out straight, both legs out straight. Helen. See kind of like, just go. Just like here. You guys keep going. So Helen, come with me. Just both knees yet both legs and then just do spinal movement. That's it. That's it. That'll work. And then a little thoracic extension. So we lift the back, lift the chest forward and then round and unwind.

And then you push up off that arm. That's it. That'll work. And then all the way over. Yes, that's true. Let's do that one more time. I'm gonna move my legs back with you guys. And here we go. Last one. Find the hinge. Find the rotation, find the ease and the extension. Reground d, rotate.

Lift all the way up and over. And now come all the way back down onto that elbow. Keep the bottom knee bent. Take the top leg out straight. You can do this lying down to reach up out of the rib cage. Put your hand there. So don't let the ribcage sink onto your arm. Feel that strength there.

Lift the top leg, flex the foot, swing forward, swing back, swing forward, swing back. I love your socks. Can Be so bright, cheerful back. So feel how the body does adjust slightly as the center of gravity changes, isn't it? But there's not a marked backward and forward movement. There's just a slight shift. Last two, last one. We're gonna take the leg down behind us. We need to take that hand that you're holding onto yourself with and bring it around in front of you. So now we've got upper thoracic rotation, both hands on the mat. Take the leg in the air and reach up and back.

And now just a little gloop work. Use your arms to pull your spine out in forward. So we're in a spinal extension position and reaching up and back and up and back. Up and back. Last two, last time. Come back through the center. Help yourself up. Bend your knee and bring it into your body. Sit down into the hip.

Lift up through this spine. Try to equalize pressure on both sit bones. Both sit bound sounds so much nicer than both bullets. I was about to say both buts and just doesn't sound pretty, doesn't it? Okay. All right. Now let's just rotate the legs all the way around to the other side.

Starting with this support twist Toronto for got the top leg crossed over the bottom leg or the bottom knee bent. Be The bottom like that's gonna push you up. Good. And then the top arm comes up. You got it. And now here we go. That's a little bit more hip. And then up and here we reach under wrapping the ribcage up into the shoulder that's supporting you and unwind. So we have three of these that's really put our all into them going, going, going and unwind.

And one more reaching, going, going, going, going and unwind. And then we just bent and came down. Bring the bottom leg out from underneath the top light and sit up. So here's where the legs can just go straight in front of you. Perfect. Okay. And here we are. So we go towards the side. We were just supporting with out and comes down.

Find spinal rotation. Finding easy spinal extension, lifting through the center of the body. Find a easy spinal flection. So we were just mobilizing here, mobilizing the spine and they lift your body all the way up. Taking that supporting arm up overhead and stretching to the side and then feel the work through that side. The body as you left arms to your sides, reaching out, reaching the hand, finding the rotation, easy in the shoulder joints, lifting the spine, rounding the spine openly on defy gravity as you just pick yourself up off the mat to stretch to the opposite side. Good. And last time, reaching out, shifting over hand comes down, spine rotates spine extends through the base of the spine all the way through the crown of the head. Spine flexes lower spine specifically open and up. Finally, all the way over for the last time.

Okay, and then find your way back. [inaudible] and slide all the way down onto that elbow. He asked the elbow again and the bottom knee stays bent. We took our hand and wrapped it up under our rib cage. Just feeling that support there. Lift the top leg, swing forward. Point back.

So we work the leg in a range of motion that our flexibility, our hip flexibility will allow us to without a lot of shifting back and forth, forward and back, forward and back and feel the ribs drying inwards, up away from that arm last for reach back or lift up a little bit out of that shoulder, Hellen three and two. Sorry. Yeah, good. And last one. And now taking the leg back. Take that free arm around. Use both arms to help you turn your chest that way. And also pull the spine out and forward.

And now take the leg in the air and just push back a little up. But mostly back. You know, we just change where our work is concentrated. Keep the rotation, keep this support through the center of the body. Here's four, three, two and one. And then you let the les come all the way around. Sit your body up to meet it.

Just draw the knee right into the chest, allowing the hip to sit down. And if this feels easy for you, what could you think about? More extension, more even more knee in. We can always, uh, what do I want to say? It's up to us to challenge ourselves, right? It's your responsibility. I can't take your responsibilities for you. All right. All right, good bit. That's enough of that. But let's come onto our knees cause then we're going to do a little bit of armor cause some supported push ups. I've taught them to you before.

So we're going to work out a number of things. Arms for sure. Support through the center. Sure. But we're also going to do a little hip extension work. So let's take the right leg out and then take me arm slightly forward. So there just a little in front of you.

He now lift the right leg up so that it's level with your pelvis without rotating the hip up. Now we're going to go into a dip. As you bend your elbows towards the floor, list your leg into the air, push into the heels of the hands and allow the body to come back to the start position. I'm not coming all the way down to my elbows. I'm, I suppose you probably could. You could not, not just put weight in your arms. I think it's harder. So what I think Deb, what you want to do, Deb's question is as I'm going, am I going down to my elbows and I'm not. Instead of going to my elbows, I'm actually going forward. I'm pulling my energy forward and I'm lifting with my leg a lot. That's it. Good. And we'll do two more. So it's like a little shift forward leg up in the air, shift back.

Wait back over that back knee. Is that five already? Oh Man, I'm making a stew. 10 pushups. How horribly mean to me. Okay, let's switch. Do we need a break? Can we go straight to it? Okay, so the arms are a little bit in front of us for the very reason that we're going to be pulling ourselves forward over them. Left leg up in the air. We, Ben didn't lift the like, so there's spinal extension happening here and then push up and back hip extension, spinal extension, shoulder stabilization, little shifts forward. [inaudible] you lifting that? Like touching the ceiling with your leg and lift that I can touch this guy and I lost one. And Oh man. And Bend your knees, both knees on the Mat.

Adjust your hands so they are directly underneath you. Again, just a little cat stretching Vena. Inhale here. Gonna. Press the shins down into the mat to curl the pelvis under. Feel the shoulder blades drawing backwards to meet the front of the hip joint. Inhale as you come through neutral, continue the inhale as you lengthen up through the body, reaching up and forward through the sternum. Look just a little less Chin Deb, bring your chin down just slightly and then find neutral. That's better. And now we press the shins down to feel the motion of the pelvis.

The more you use your abs in them, the little you low. If you can't speak, just move. Come to neutral and through extension. So what I'm trying or was trying to communicate was this. Find neutral.

If you focus the flection in your lumbar spine and let it stay away from your thoracic spine as much as you can, you're more likely to get the stretch that you need in your lower back and in Hilton neutral. Now I'm, that's not to say, now let's take it into thoracic extension, spine forward, chest forward. So not to say that the uh, upper spine won't be affected. Let's do one more as the lower spine rounds, but we're just not going into our maximum arch there. And then link them and extend. I'm fine. Neutral. And from there, let's get off our risks for a little while.

Come down all the way onto the mat. Take the arms, your upper arms, just off the mat with your forums, just outside of the upper arms on the mat. Yup. And then forehead on the mat. And from there I want you to feel first that the legs are energized in so that the knees lift up at the pelvis, stays still and heavy. Then guide the elbows towards the hip joints, not lifting, just pulling in that direction and feel the spine.

Now go forward as the arms pull back. [inaudible] good. Debbie, you can lift a little higher, I think. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I want. And not take that forward. Oh, we're going to do it again and just feel that there's like a sliding track underneath your forums that pulls your shoulders down as the shoulders pull down the spine responds by effortlessly lifting up boards. Nice and then release and again, sliding that sliding action down through forums and hands and then lift the chest. Now support. Lift the arms, stretch the arms overhead.

Take your arms all the way out to your sides in a circular motion. Pinky fingers to thighs. Bend your elbows. Place your arms on the Mat and lower your spine down. We're going to do that twice more. Find the spinal extensors first. We get the, keep the elbows on the floor for now and then reach the arms up overhead. You don't have to lift any higher. You just have to support what you've got.

Circle the arms around. Feel the shoulders open for the elbows. Place the arms and lower the spine. One more shoulders down. First standing through the spine, then the arms just float off them and then he reached for it. But the legs were reached in the opposite direction. Take them all the way around to our sides. Bend.

I'm Stan [inaudible] in town. Just though how you're back to rest for a minute to settle and then place your hands one hand on top of the other. Place your forehead on your hands. Lift up through your abdominals without shifting the pelvis off the mat and then float the legs up into the air. Heels together, toes apart, long straight legs. And now we just beat the legs together. Think inner thighs. Touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch B, B.

Now if you want a little bit more extension, you could list your head and draw your armpits and forearms backwards. Or You could just keep your head where it is or you could lift your arms off the ground all the way like that. Hold here. Make a small circle with your heels. Circle and touch together. Circle in tight. So we're circling off five bones here. Yep. Just chill. Here's number one. And then we go the other way and the other way too. And number three of five last time, both legs down, spine, down, all the way.

Shift your pelvis back and forth like you're rocking in a canoe. Let it wiggle. And then bringing your forums next to you on the mat. Again, use your upper body to help you up. Coming up onto your knees, shift in with your knees, separating them, bringing the feet together, the knees apart, and then just sit your body down. Use your arms at first as your pelvis comes to your feet to push your pelvis backwards and then continue to slide the arms forward to slowly lower the spine down in between the thighs and then allow the arms and shoulders to relax. And just take a moment here and then start rolling up through your spine. [inaudible] supporting that as you live.

Be careful with your knees if you've got any stuff, but bring your arms behind you. It's behind you on the mat. Hmm, no, we're just going to lift the pelvis up off the feet. Let me just take a little thigh stretch. Who doesn't need a thigh stretch. And then sitting back down nice and easy, easier way out.

And then everyone all the way onto our knees, and I take the arms on. Now I want you to reach your arms forward, but draw the abdominals back. So you're creating a deep flection, like going over a of away. We're going over a crest of a wave and then allow the arms to just drop down towards the thighs. As you bring your body back up and inhale, let it be easy reaching and exhale, reaching the arms and the spine away from one another, curly, curly, curly, and then reaching. Yeah, and then he'll just arms this time and exhale, arms down and inhale, arms forward. And as the arms come down, release any tension you might have stored in your body.

Say you walk away with none. Good job. We're done.


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Can't wait for morning to try your new class! I think at 1am I'd do better to sleep. See ya soon. :)
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Great stretch and flow to increase my flexibility and strength as I get ready to hit the slopes in Sun Valley, ID. today. Every morning your programs supplement my conditioning and I am so grateful. My future requests: one 30-40 minute level 3 or 2/3 with the Magic circle and one with free weights all geared towards increasing bone density. See you back in Santa Barbara next week. Michelle
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The slightly slower pace (I'd have tagged it "deliberate") actually made many of the exercises that have become your recent favs (like supported push up)more difficult. I think it's fair to call this one the Waist Whittler.
Thanks Joni and Michelle! I love hearing from you. Michelle, I JUST taught a 30 minuted ring class so watch for it to come up soon and see you at home! Wishing I were there with you to shred up the slopes.
Michelle, per your request, I have also recently filmed a short class using hand weights. You wish is/was my command.
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Another 40 mins with Meredith, it's always a pleasure and afterwards, I am so thankful to you! Energy stored and off I go... Loved it.
Thanks Candace :)
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Awesome workout! Verbal cues are right on, easy to follow you :) I used hand weights in a few of the exercises. Loved the ab work. THAN YOU!
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Loved this class. THANK YOU.
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That was fabulous, and just what my back needed :) thank you!
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