Class #988

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Dr. Brent Anderson is back with his tips and techniques to maintain your healthy spine when working on the Reformer. Practice exercises like "the typewriter," knee circles and some wonderful exercises for thoracic mobility. In this class, Brent's student Kristi was just returning to movement after nearly a month of restricted breathing due to a bout with Pleurisy. With Brent's guidance Kristi moved and was moved in a way she hadn't been in some time. We hope you enjoy class too.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Block

About This Video


My name's Doctor Brent Anderson and it's good to be back with Pilates Anytime and to be with Christie and we're going to go through a reformer class, and particularly one for a healthy...


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Brent, you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Kristi, thank you for being real and honest. Loved this class, especially the mermaid variation.
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Kristi, thank you so much for sharing! I've been having this same problem since this past Christmas and as you said it's scary to move sometimes. I'm going to try this class myself with the help of my teacher!
Thank you very much Brent
Glad that you liked the class, it was great working with Kristi and I am sure that some of these problems are experienced by so many people. Remember our job is to teach and heal through movement. Again thank you for your feedback.
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Truly loved this video. Thank you both for demonstrating the true beauty and healing aspects of pilates. Brent you taught the body in front of you and Kristi you were honest and open to the movements and the feelings within.
I am so grateful to you both!!!
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If I was looking for my next mentor, Brent, I would be coming to Polestar. I am profoundly inspired by your teaching and with my changing relationship with my back challenges.
Aww man... now I'm gonna cry again! Thank you all for accepting and supporting the fact that Pilates has the ability to move us to our own next level. I thank you also for being so generous of spirit when witnessing the movement of another, in this case me, who felt to be in a vulnerable position. Brent... Thank you hardly seems to be enough. I trust you felt your gifts opening my airways as well as my being and will hope that serves you too.
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This is a beautiful, healing & heartwarming session. Thank you Brent and Kristi!
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Thank you Kristi and Brent who always brings a depth to the method , again so happy to be a teacher all the way down to Australia can't wait to come and see you all soon in the flesh.
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Love to learn and listen to Brent! Thank you!
The new camera angles were great!
Hope you are feeling better, Kristi. Could feel your emotion! Stay well!
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