Workshop #447

Back Care Essentials

1 hr 30 min - Workshop


Distinguished instructor Rael Isacowitz brings his enthusiasm and experience to you in this highly informative workshop on Back Care Essentials. If you have wondered how to proceed with your Pilates practice even when you have a history of back pain, this could be the workshop for you. Rael leads a discussion on the various components of a good back care program. Within this interactive session he will explore the anatomy associated with a back care program, strategies for effective care, and modifications to exercises on various pieces of apparatus that can be used for ourselves and our clients.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair

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May 18, 2011
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awesome as usual!!
Oh God...I could write a book about how Rael is great over and over again and it would have hundreds of pages to prove it!!! Loved it!
Thank you Rael for such an informative class! I enjoyed this so much and was inspired to continue to learn all I can on this subject since yes it seems almost every client I have suffers from some sort of back pain. And it was a firm reminder of some of the things I learned in my BASI training 4 years ago.
Your the best!!!
Another masterpiece! Very informative and always inspiring! Thank you Rael! and Thank You Kristi!!!!
It's really my pleasure Joanne, but really all we did was press record. The masterpiece part, well that is all Rael.
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gotta say, good job Meredith (that top spring must have hurt - in both pelv curl and pike sitting...) The Man knows how/when to challenge....!!
Let me know if you ever get the technology to be able to watch the learning center forums on iPod. I think it would be a great addition to what you offer.
You know it Joleen!! Can't wait to see you soon.
I absolutely love this It's so amazing to watch Rael and all the great teachers that you feature on this site. I loved watching Rael and listening to his philosophy on balance and the exercise examples. Excellent information for all teachers willing to learn and grow in this non static practice called Pilates
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Beautiful spinal movement. I really enjoyed the variations to simplify and yet challenge. Really helps to see the lines of movement. Excellent!
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