Creative Reformer Flow<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 1409

Creative Reformer Flow
Tom McCook
Class 1409

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Loved the flow and simplicity of transitions. Nice cues without too much talking. Thanks Tom
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Thank you all for your affirming comments and commitment to practice!
Thank you Pilates Anytime!
Oh wonderful Tom your cues are great but quite challenging in a clever way!!!!!
Thank you
Monica (uk)
Just a question isn't it more challenging and more core to not have long straps support legs doing the hundreds?
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Yes it's true it's more challenging to do the hundreds w/o support. Doing it with support is an option to focus on length, breathing, inner thigh connection with less pull on the hip flexors from the weight of the legs and achieving better upper body positioning. It's an easier option to help refine the exercise. Thanks for asking!
I have a question regarding doing the hundreds with long straps as was done in this class. Isn't it using less core to have legs fully supported with straps instead of tabletop or 45 degrees. Thank you. I really liked the class
Hi B,
Yes it's true that it's an easier version with the feet in the straps. It an option to work on better positioning in the upper body, spinal length in flexion, inner thigh activation without the weight of the legs challenging the hip flexors.
Just an option to offer a different experience and refine position.

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Tom, when ever I feel irritated teaching, I think of your voice and try to remain calm and companionate. It brings me back to why I want to be a teacher and helps me become more effective for my students. Thanks for being an example of a fabulous teacher.
I really enjoyed this class. The pace and explanations are perfect.
Like the chest expansion in 90/90
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