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Pilates for Men

Pilates is for everyone! These classes, designed for the needs of men, help you build strength, flexibility, and mental focus so that you can continue to do other activities that you enjoy.


Playlist 1 - Getting Started

These classes are perfect to get you started with your Pilates practice. They will help you understand the fundamentals you need as the classes progress.

Playlist 2 - Mat Workouts

This is a great set of classes you can do anywhere at any time. Take the concepts you learned in Playlist 1 and apply them to these more challenging classes.

Playlist 3 - Find Release

Flexibility is just as important as strength and this playlist will ensure that you get the most out of your stretch.

Playlist 4 - Reformer Workouts

These classes will challenge your entire body, balance, and endurance. This is a great opportunity to take what you have learned on the Mat and apply it to the Reformer.

Playlist 5 - Cross Training Workouts

Whether you are an athlete or you enjoy other forms of exercise, these workouts will keep your body in alignment so you can avoid injuries during your other activities.

Playlist 6 - Mindful Practices

This playlist includes tutorials and classes designed to help you find a better connection to your mind and body.

Playlist 7 - Strengthening and Conditioning

Join Chris Robinson in his new series that will improve your confidence, increase your strength, and teach you how to control your body.