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Begin Pilates

Beginning Your Practice

Alan Herdman, who worked intensively with Carola Trier and Bob Fitzgerald, who were trained by Joseph Pilates himself, shows you how to begin your Pilates practice with simplicity so you can feel great in the work.

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I really liked Alan Herdman's progression. He approaches Pilates in a slightly different way and it was interesting to do the exercises with him. Overall, a very good progression. Recommend highly. Wendy in Colorado
Great progression for people with some experience in Pilates - you get to work on the Basics in new ways, challenging your existing neural pathways as well, and advance through the challenges expertly built in by Alan. I did the first two classes in one day, particularly enjoying Alan's insightful cueing, and just now when I finished the last class I was actually very proud of myself because that one was quite... phew! Thank you Alan! :)

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