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16 min
What is Tensegrity?
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12 min
Pilates is a Tensegrity Structure
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12 min
Definitions of Common Terms
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16 min
Feeling the Tensegrity Structure of Your Body
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14 min
Tensegrity in the Hundred
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13 min
The Roll Up
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17 min
Spine Stretch, Saw, and Single Leg Stretch
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13 min
Single Leg Kick
(2 min preview)
11 min
Footwork on the Reformer
(2 min preview)
11 min
Suspension vs. Stabilization and Articulation
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13 min
Short Spine Stretch
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Workshop 1615: Defy Gravity

2 hr 30 min
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Reformer, Mat
Join Amy Taylor Alpers and discover how to teach the idea of suspension versus stabilization. Utilizing Pilates Mat and Reformer exercises you will explore ways of reconnecting to the innate tensegrity in your body. Finding the tensegrity in your body will help you create an internal shower which makes you healthier and stronger.


- Learn the meaning of tensegrity and how it applies to your body and Pilates

- Learn ways to move that put the tensegrity back in your body

- Learn words and cues that will help facilitate tensegrity with your clients

Print out Amy's handout for a list of terms and diagrams used in this workshop.
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May 23, 2014
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Comments on this Video

3 people like this. Like 
Thanks for making this available Amy! It makes seeing you in a couple months that much more exciting!
3 years ago

2 people like this. Like 
Great workshop Amy. You and Rachael are an inspiration to me, just as you were in 2007 when I went through the Pilates Center training program. You are both brilliant teachers. Thank you.
3 years ago

2 people like this. Like 
Thanks you guys. Miss you both. Come to our Summer Conf. If you can. It's going to be awesome!
3 years ago

This workshop was amazingly helpful! Thank you for explaining the concept of tensegrity in a way that makes sense and is so very applicable to teaching Pilates as it was originally created. I have attended workshops about fascia research before, but really hadn't quite figured out how to communicate this concept and until very recently had no idea how it completely changes our ideas on how the body should move. Many thanks!
1 mo ago

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