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Refining Pilates

30 min - Workshop


Refining Pilates: Attaining Agile and Graceful Movement

It is often thought that gracefulness is inborn; you either have it or you don’t, or it is only the domain of dancers. But grace and agility, and the deeper strength they create, can be achieved by anyone! In this workshop, Ruth Alpert will define and explore the elements that produce graceful movement in Pilates exercises.


- Discern the difference between strength and tension

- Discover more freedom and agility in your own body

- Develop your ability to see with accuracy

- Feel flow and grace in Pilates exercises on equipment and Mat work

What You'll Need: Cadillac, Moon Box

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May 29, 2015
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Hi, I'm Ruth Alpert and I'm going to talk about what, what we're doing here today. The basis of this is about gracefulness. And I want to tell you a story of why I got interested in it. It wasn't long...

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Really appreciate your compassion and sensitivity to your students question about being graceful. This is such an important and interesting topic. I am also a larger and grace challenged woman and when my teacher said I was a "good mover" I became like DeNiro in Taxi Driver. "You talkin' to me?" It meant a lot and is one of the reasons I love this work so much. Thank you, Ruth. Love your classes and workshops.
Thank you Angela. Your comments move me, stir my heart. I bow to your teacher!
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Thank you Ruth, an observer described Pilates clients as "Butterflies". It is an honor to receive such a comment. I thank The Method for allowing us to give the gift of "grace" through thoughtful movement.
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Ruth, I always learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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Very interesting. So refreshing to watch a workshop where corrections are required -you learn so much more! Thank you
Thanks Janie!
Diane - was feeling a bit awkward about correcting on camera so your feedback is really good to hear!
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Hi Ruth-thank you for a great tutorial- yes, I agree with the above comment: I like seeing corrections as well, because I can better understand the intention of the exercise and why that particular alignment is necessary to get the most out of the movement. As a new teacher, it's invaluable information. I'm constantly learning, even while I'm teaching (My favorite saying is "you never learn anything by doing it right")
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This was fantastic, Ruth. I'm not sure I agree that some Pilates exercises may not involve and require the grace you so skillfully described--I think each does, and you touched on a powerful element of movement!
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Thoughtful workshop yet again. I love the idea of using a class to focus on being graceful.
Thanks Sabrina and Vanessa. Your feedback is lovely to hear!
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