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Get Your Motor Runnin'

45 min - Tutorial


Having assessed possible roadblocks to efficient running in the Running Free Mat class and assessing possible roadblocks at the foot/ankle in the Staying Grounded dialogue, we move up the kinetic chain to the pelvis. Here, we’ll explore tools to address the 3 non-negotiables and elastic recoil of efficient movement to "Get Your (Powerful) Motor Runnin’!"
What You'll Need: Yoga Block, Small Tennis Ball, Reformer Box

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Oct 14, 2016
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Hi, I'm Miriam Kane. Thank you for joining me. As we continue our dialogue regarding running free and the tools that are needed to do so today we're going to be addressing the pelvis a...

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Thank you very much! A lot of information! Great!
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another absolutely fantastic video. i love this series so much! thank you thank you thank you. every runner would benefit greatly from this series.
So happy to hear you're finding this valuable, Jessica! Thanks for the feedback!
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Myriam, this was great! Thanks so much for this information.
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Thank you for this series! I didn't think I needed it because I'm not a runner, but am finding it helpful with plantar fasciitis.

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