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Now that we’ve traveled the path of assessing the 3 non-negotiable of efficient running within a Running Free Mat Class format with Myriam Kane and addressed them in dialogues regarding the ankle/foot couples, pelvis and spine, we will explore cadence, release work, shoes, homework, hydration, elastic recoil, and more tools to assist in the magic of running, after all, we do get to fly!
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Oct 28, 2016
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Hi, I'm Miriam Kane and I am so glad that you're joining me for the final video of our running free dialogue. We've been discussing how we are designed to run well and without any inju...

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I can´t believe it….no comments?
Wow, this Tutorial is not only for runners!
I love your spirit and your energy! Thank you for the tips and informations, great idea with the metronome!
I'm so glad you're finding this helpful, Ira...healthy movement is joy! :)
Every time I re- watched this video, every time i get closer, i love it
i love this one, too! what a great quick course full of simple, refreshing reminders on how to move and care for our bodies, minds and spirits - and to be appreciative for all we can do! thank you myriam!
Great tips and info ! Thank you
The metronome is fantastic, thank you very much, great information
Happy to hear it was helpful, Anne!
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Only had 20 minutes today, so caught the back end of this playlist. Great stuff, will definitely make time for the others. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge!
Glad you found it helpful, Vanisha...the new mat class just came out today!

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