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3D Core Principles

2 hr 10 min - Workshop


There is a lot of information about the core that is getting us stuck in our movements. In this workshop with Lesley Powell, she talks about Pilates and embodied anatomy so that you can have a different understanding of the space within the body and the coordination of the body. By looking at the core as three dimensional, you will be able to understand how the body was designed to move.


- Look at the design of the bones and how they influence the coordination of the muscles

- Learn how to keep the length in the psoas so you can keep a neutral position of the pelvis in movement

- Learn how to use the transversus abdominis, multifidus, and obliques to help keep better alignment of your spine and ribs during movement

- Apply the 3D core principles to movement on the Mat and Reformer

What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat, Overball, Fitness Ball, Theraband

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Nov 24, 2017
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Um, I'm Leslie Powell and I'm from a movement of foot. And I first started my career as a dancer and I went to the Labon Institute of movement studies and through the Lebaron In...

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A very interesting workshop thankyou Lesley and one I think I'll come back to many times. I have been practising Pilates for around 6 yrs and at 49yrs qualified this year to teach (I teach in Higher Education in the 'main job')! Very interested in the Psoas and mind/body connection as having suffered from anxiety + sacroiliac pain for many years my osteopath soon taught me where my psoas is (and boy was it tight)!! Trying to instil the mind/body connection and address anxiety with my clients too. Loving your art also!! As a creative myself I can see these drawings on my studio wall (when I have a studio that is)!! With best wishes from the UK. Sarah
Me again:) I thought the cues around pelvic tilt and the clock were really useful in terms of focusing on the spine, and also the 'eye' on the spine in rotation. Have you any advice for cueing during 'chest lift' as I find that with my beginner clients this is one particular area they use their shoulders and take tension into their neck? Also a question about cueing 'shoulders down'. I'm aware of the need to avoid flaring ribs etc but I do tell clients to bring shoulder blades 'back and down' in shoulder rolls etc. Is this best avoided? Thanks so much and enjoy your weekendxx
The cue of shoulders of pulling down could be flaring the ribs. The Scapula needs to move depending where the arm is in space. Locking the Scapula too forcefully has affects on the core and the arms. The 3D core should be primary with the Arms as a reflection of the spine. Thanks so much for your comments
Thanks so much Lesley:)
You are welcome. thanks for watching!

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