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Gait Patterning

75 min - Workshop


How can we improve gait? In this workshop, Madeline Black offers functional movement patterns that will allow you and your clients to move more efficiently while walking. She starts with a breakdown of what is happening during gait and then goes into an assessment with two different bodies so you observe their patterns. After the assessment, she teaches a basic movement class to help facilitate better movement then she does a reassessment with both bodies to see if they improved.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block (2)

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Oct 06, 2018
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Today we're going to explore human gate movement patterning. So functional movement and how we can help improve people's gait. So why is that important? Well, there are many rea...

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I can't believe my luck today, Madeline thank you for coming back to P/A with the gait patterning workshop and class.
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Thank you Madeline, this is so interesting and helpful. It is fascinating to feel such a difference in each side, and really valuable to have a way of working on myself and also improve my understanding, so that I can help others. I really appreciate you sharing all this knowledge. :)
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sooo interesting and helpful! Thanx
Lots to take in here but very useful thanks, Sarah from the UK
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Fantastic Madeline thank you. Reinforcing what I learnt from. Your gait pattern lecture
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Thank you
It feels really good on the spine and would for sure suits a lot of us
Great information
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Plenty of food for thought. Thank you! Hope this is the start of another series
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Very informative and exactly what I needed. Thank you.
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