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In this discussion, you will learn about the MELT Method® from the creator, Sue Hitzmann. She shares what inspired her as well as how we can use it to be healthy, active, and pain-free. She explains the 4Rs of MELT and how they can rehydrate our connective tissue so that our nervous system will function more efficiently.
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Apr 06, 2019
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Well, thanks everybody for being here. I'm Sue Hitzmann, I'm the creator of the MELT Method, and MELT, in it of itself, is a simple self-care technique to help people get out and stay out of chronic p...


What a gift you have given Pilates Anytime Sue. Thank you!
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So appreciative of PA bringing top people in the fasciae field to us. This is such important work to use in our Pilates practice and teaching. Can’t wait to watch and learn from the upcoming class using MELT.
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Really interesting! Anxious to see the class.
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Looking forward to the classes. I have used both the melt method and Tune Up yoga balls with much success in helping with RA stiffness. Looking forward to learning more.
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Looking forward to a class
She clearly knows her stuff; I look forward to the class...will it be posted soon?
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Fantastic information! Can't wait till the class is posted.
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More from Sue Hitzmann please!
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THANK YOU! Ive been wanting to learn more about this for a very long time. Valuable information
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This is absolutely phenomenal. I look forward to watching the classes once they are posted too.
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