Class #3741

MELT for Your Feet

20 min - Class


You will increase the efficiency in your body with this quick MELT class by Sue Hitzmann. She teaches a basic treatment you can use for your feet daily that will create a fluid-flow exchange in your connective tissue. She starts with a basic assessment of your autopilot to see how you are functioning and then moves on to simple movements that will release stuck stress and rehydrate your fascia.

Note: Sue recommends using MELT Treatment Balls for this class.
What You'll Need: MELT Treatment Balls (2)


Just like any MELT mat, we're gonna start with a basic assessment and what I want you to assess is your autopilot to see if it's functioning efficiently or if some stress is causing some interference ...


I'm a new Melt Method Hand and Foot Instructor and my students love this part of their class!
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Great stuff...I've followed and appreciated your work for many moons...great to see you on PA!
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Wonderful to see you here.... 
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Love your MELT presentation, Sue...just what my facia needs.  Hope to work with you again soon.  Thank you PA for including MELT.
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I just wish she would speak a little slower because it's a lot of information to take in such speed.   I enjoyed the class. Thank you.
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W O W! that FAST PACED lecture stimulated my brain as much as the balls did my feet. What fun
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I loved the class. thank you. with my eyes closed I felt a strange sensation that my knees were turning in, and I was weight bearing more on my right heel. After the workout my knees felt more aligned and I felt an equal weightbearing on each leg!
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Would be good if we could get the balls, etc in Australia.  I tried via the link yesterday but it would not let me put an Australian state in the delivery address.
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Thank you for sharing! I have pain on my left knee. The pain has decreased after the lesson. I will do more. ❤️
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