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If you are new to Pilates, it is helpful to start with a self-assessment to understand where you are with some of the fundamental skills. In this quick tutorial, Amy Havens gives you tools to check your flexibility, spinal mobility, strength, and posture. By noticing where you are when you start and checking in regularly, you will be able to monitor your progress as you advance in your practice.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions. We want to help you be successful in your practice!
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May 29, 2019
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Hi everyone. I'm here to take you through an assessment. We think it's important that you start off with this self assessment of your skill level and just some certain fundamental skills as you start ...


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A helpful tool to help assess new participants. Thank you 🙏Always love your classes and workshops.
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Back to the basis !  The idea of taking notes and to reassess  where we are regularly is excellent.  Thank you !  
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Thank you Amy. It will be useful in assessing new clients as well and their progression.
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Simple and very effective tool Thank you!
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I agree with all comments. This is very helpful and useful!! Thank you very much!! :)
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We instructors do this all the time with each client but a great idea to get the client to have a journal and to log their progress.  To help them become more mindful of their personal journey into Pilates.  As always love your tutorials Amy x
Important points to remember! Taking notes is a must for me!
Thank you Amy Havens . it was really useful. I have a question regarding sitting position. I have one client who has very long liver in lower body and he can not sit on his sit-bone without supporter to take him higher. Do you think with Pilates he will able to sit without supporter in future?
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Thank you all so much for leaving comments here.  To all you beginners here -- great, keep up the assessment and noting your progress!  For those of you teachers who are seeing this --- yes, take these kinds of notes with your clients also and make it a project that you do together.  It's fun and important and it gives you a chance to see where you are at the beginning and where you both get to go together!
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Thank you Amy Havens !
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