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Welcome to Lesson 3! Today Niedra addresses taking care of yourself. Do you actually practice what you preach? She invites you to design your ideal day so you can begin to take the steps toward manifesting your vision.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome back. I want to congratulate you on all the work you've done so far. You're becoming more aligned with the truths that are foundational to who you are. And this will really help you as you progress further today. We're going to start to address taking care of yourself. Do you actually practice what you preach because you have some truths now you do believe certain things and do you actually apply them to yourself because you know something, you are very important. In fact, you are the most important key ingredient in this life you're living.

So we're going to look at all of this and as we progress and go deeper here, I want to introduce an invisible thread that really, um, influences everything about life. I like to call it the gap. This place where you're looking at something in the horizon, something you want to achieve, something you believe in, something you are aspiring to and where you are. Now, this is exactly how life unfolds between you desire, which is the gap. And the thing on the other side, a very simply, I can wake up in the morning and go, I want a cup of coffee. So here I am, I am without coffee. There is a drink over there and then I go for it. Um, you can desire to take a trip to Italy or you can see a course you want to do or address in the mall that you want to buy. There's always this distance between you desire and manifestation. Now this can become a place of great discomfort and uneasiness because maybe you don't know how to get it or achieve it, or you're uncomfortable because you want something.

But it's unreal for you that it will happen where you see somebody else who's got it and you are triggered to feel uncomfortable because you see it in someone else. So you need to be very aware of this gap. It will always be there in life is always unfolding, always moving on. And you want to be able to have a very, very healthy relationship with it because we're never fully on target. And on course when they sent the rocket to the moon, do you know how often it was on target? 3% of the time.

So this means that 97% of the time this rocket going to the moon was off target, realign off target, realign off target, realign off target, realign. That's life. We are more off target than on target. But knowing where you want to land is the secret because then you can bring yourself back and bring yourself back and you also know where north is so you where you're going. So this is a really, really important awareness to cultivate within yourself. We are always calibrate towards something. We're always bringing ourselves towards something. And believe me, marketers know this very, very well.

Much of everything out there or the promotion, all the ads, all the God knows what that you are surrounded with is looking to trigger this gap and make you feel that if you have curly hair, you really need straight here. He knew order to be a happy, pretty desirable person. It's ridiculous, but it's true. It's like what? You don't have, who you are not. You need this in order to achieve that and that is exploited in the world of marketing, but it's a natural phenomenon of life. As a teacher you're going to face a lot of stresses, a lot of challenges and a lot of different situations in your journey towards becoming a flourishing and thriving teacher and as you proceed you want to make yourself the center of this growth. And this journey I've observed in many teachers that as they step into teaching, as they step into working more and more, they become the last person on the list to actually receive, take classes trained.

Remember that you started this journey because you loved it, it made a difference to you. You felt great and then you turned around and wanted to share this with others and suddenly you're not receiving anymore. And there is a secret formula that's very important you have to receive in order to give. And this needs to be re really emphasized in our lives and I have to add that if you are a woman, your DNA is not exactly designed with that as a top motivation genetically and anatomically and hormonally. We are rigged support life. We we can bear children, we are designed to take care of everybody else and make sure that everyone in our environment is thriving very often at the expense of ourselves.

So I mentioned this specifically because if you are a woman you have a double edge challenge of caring about everybody else and worrying about everybody else and forgetting about you are putting yourself at the bottom of the list and it doesn't work. The reason I'm bringing up it does not work and you will not have longevity and you won't thrive unless you turn this upside down and make yourself the middle in the center and the more successful and abundant you are as a teacher I should say, the more you're working, the more important this becomes because otherwise you will burn out. You will get tired, you will get bitter. You will start to hate what you used to love because you are no longer receiving and feeding yourself first. That whole story about the in the airplane, if there's an emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself first before others.

Make sure that you are practicing what you preach. You believe something you believed. Some things about what PyLadies can do, health and fitness can do for you. I have a big spectrum of what I believe a healthy lifestyle could be and should be and this is very important that you define it and then have a good and honest look. Is this fitting into your life? Because I'll tell you something interesting.

If you really believe and practice, you will get people that are wanting to come with you. Amp up the message quadruple because you're really living the life that you preaching and you recommend it to others and it's a much more powerful place to be in. Interesting story about Gandhi, the president of India. He was of course involved with politics, but he had a tradition. Every Friday we'd see the local community, if anybody wants to come and ask his advice. He was there for them. So two parents came with their little boy and they said, Mr Gandhi, he eats a lot of sugar and his personality is all over the place. Please tell our son to stop eating sugar. Gandy look at the parents and he said, please come back next week.

The parents laugh. Then they came back next Friday and they said, Mr Gandhi, would you please tell our son to stop eating sugar? And Gandhi looked at the little boy and he went, son, stop eating sugar. It's not good for you. And then he looked at the parents and he said, and the little boy went, okay, Mr Gandhi, I'll do that. And the parents, as they were walking out the door, the wife turned around to him and he said, sir, why couldn't you have told our son this last week? And he looked at her and he said, I had to stop eating sugar myself first. So he knew he was a very profound leader.

He knew that he could not have impact with his words unless he practiced what he preached. So if you really believe in health and fitness and a way of living life in a way of taking care of yourself and you practice it, what sort of impact do you think you're going to have on your students? A lot. I would like to bring an example of this from my own life to share with you. I was working, I had a studio.

I was extremely busy. I was run working with eight to nine hours a day. To be honest, I was really burnt out and more than that I realized that all I could think about was going on vacation, being on retreat where I would get to study, I would get to work out, I would get to eat healthy food. I would get to rest and sleep the way I wanted to, and it was a shock for me when I actually realized that my mind was preoccupied with something that I was not giving myself and I realized that something was very unhealthy in this life I'd created for myself. I was out of balanced. I was working hard, but I was not applying what I was preaching. So I had to really look at my schedule, look at what was going on, and restructure a lot of things and move people around to a certain extent to accommodate me. I also started putting my own needs on my own schedule, so if I had a practice time for myself or less than with somebody taught me from nine to 10 I didn't delete myself and put a client in if they wanted.

That time I made myself number one, I made the time that I prepared food. Very important cause that for me as a foundational truth turned everything around. Did this mean I went on vacation and got to do camp workout cap? No, but I started being happy again. I started believing in what I was teaching.

I started to feel a heck of a lot better because then I was now practicing what I was preaching and this has come out many, many times in my life that I have to really have a good look. Something's out of balance. Something's not working. How do I make me, number one, how do I give to myself what I really, really want so that I can turn around and have impact on other people? The only reason I'm giving you examples from my own life is so that you can get triggered and start to think of what kind of situations are you dealing with? What can you do to bring yourself back to your own belief systems? So we have already created situ, a detailed of what you believe, what you align with, what you like and want.

There was a vision of what you wanted to experience yourself. So let's pause the video now and I want you to first list all those things you want to be experiencing in your life. You want to give to yourself. [inaudible] good. So the big question is he here is, are you taking care of yourself? I you important in your own life? Are you getting to experience those things that are valuable and meaningful to you?

You have a vision and there is something inside you that you are striving for and you want to experience it. This is a foundational food for you that will help you thrive as a teacher, as you progress and grow and evolve in this career called teaching and right now you may not be experiencing this, but let's explore this vision in a more expanded way. Let's have a look. If you could have it all, if you can experience the life and the qualities that you want within this health and fitness industry, what would these qualities be? What would you be doing? What would you be experiencing? What would you be learning? How would you feel?

What would you look like? How would you sleep at night? There are a lot of elements that you can add into this. So I'd like you to pause the video right now and delve into what would be an ideal day for you. Where you got and received exactly the kind of life you would like to live as a working professional. This is really good and let's go even deeper with this.

You have an idea of how you would want this day to be, what you would like to be receiving now. What kind of person would you become if this was the way you were living? What would you be like in six months or a year? If you're starting to apply these foundational hungers or needs or desires in a very realistic way to yourself and beyond that, what sort of impact would you have on others? How would you be effecting your students? How would you be inspiring them?

If you were really a, um, an inspiration of whatever you believed you were actually showing as an example, all these things that you believe about this industry that you're in and whatever else is true for you. Very, very key. I mean, only you are living your life. It's your life. There's only one of you. When you are unique, you might as well invest in yourself and be happy and excited and stimulated and it's doable. It actually is not something that's out of reach or you need lots of money for. It's more attention and real clarity about this is important for me. So pause the video now and let go a little bit deeper.

Look at what it's like. If you gave yourself all of these things, look at what your future could look like if you apply this in became a lifestyle for you. Look how it will affect others. If all of this was going into play [inaudible] [inaudible] now I want to remind you of this gap. Remember, maybe your life doesn't look like this right now. Maybe it's very far from this, but you need to know something that you want to place on your horizon because it's the only way you can move towards it if you actually define it for yourself. So be comfortable with the gap. Be comfortable with the fact that maybe this is far from what your day and your life looks like right now, and use killing ants if you need to, but allow these dreams to influence you and be there because you're, it's worth it. And to be honest, I'm hoping that if you look at these desires this day, this way you would like to be living, it makes you feel good because that's really the secret. This should be an opportunity to become design a life of your dreams.

So let's visit. What would it be like to have a day like this? I invite you to close your eyes right now and step into this magical day of yours. What would it be like? What would it be like with your workout, with your food, with your clients, with how much you're working versus not working? Do you see a lot of people, a few people? Let yourself really revel in this.

Enjoy this day. Feel it. See who's around, not around. See and feel your own energy level and just allow it to be colorful, sensual. The more senses you can bring in, the more it becomes you on a very, very profound level. It will come to play faster than you can realize sometimes. Once you know what you're looking for, take a deep breath in, breathe out, open your eyes. Congratulations. You've designed an ideal day.

You have a dream. You have a vision. You know what you want. You know what you believe. You know who you want to become. This is profound. Not many teachers spend time doing this and I hope you've had fun doing it. It's actually fun to imagine and to dream and to play.

And you have a blueprint of the direction you're going for and you know about the gap so it's not throwing you so fun. Practice for you to do. Before we meet again next for the next lesson, I want you to review your vision of what you want to be applying, what needs to come into your life with, so you to be in alignment with practicing what you preach. Look over all these steps and choose one that you can start applying right away. May Not be possible to do everything but one thing. Maybe you get up in the morning and take a walk or I don't know, only you can decide. It's your life, it's your vision, it's your way of dealing with things.

So find one thing you can do and share your ideal day and what you're doing. Start to bring it into your life with the community. I can't wait to see what you post and I will see you again in the next lesson. We are then going to be covering who your ideal student is.

Becoming: The Secrets to Thriving as a Teacher: with Niedra Gabriel


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Thank you so much for putting this together and making it available for no additional fee. I trained with Power Pilates and this section was completely absent from my training. I have been teaching for many years and as i started to teach i started to ask a lot of questions, many of them you address here. I think it is quite hard to avoid doing that. Every day i ask myself what am i doing, why am i doing it? What is my goal? How could i improve upon what i am doing? 
The improvement might mean that i need additional information and study something but it can also be about my own approach or state of mind that needs to be looked at. You sorted this out very nicely, thank you.
I am right now in a position where i do not want to and cannot stay and i am constantly thinking about how and what to change, what to do. This course will hopefully give me some ideas as i am going further in your lectures.

Niedra Gabriel
Copycat thank you for your post - yes, there are many questions we should be asking our selves and you are doing this - there is a way for you to create your own abundant life and no one but you can design and create this.  I support you on this journey of self discovery and empowering yourself.
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Ideal Day for me:

Getting up around 7:00, eating a good breakfast, walking with my doc Gracie, teaching a few hours putting 1/2hr breaks in between students, time for myself to move either Pilates or strength training, time to cook healthy food, read or study, bed around 9:00.

Niedra, this video goes so much farther than our Pilates teaching. I realize that in many aspects of my life, I often forgo what would be part of an ideal day. Sometimes it's fatigue and laziness, but usually it's just because I don't prioritize myself and then the day is done.  I was really inspired by this one and I want to make those changes. Writing it all done is definitely key; thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
sandyjgrant  and Bonnie , great insights.  Bonnie, I bet you can do this even now, just start moving the parts around to work for you. and sandygrant, yes, write it all donw, and begin to think about how you can apply this. You are NOT lazy, just Hazy about yourself... this is clarity about your needs. Invaluable for happiness.
My ideal starts with an hour of Pilates and a short meditation, then a power-walk or run. I can cope with anything when the day starts like that. But my first private starts at I have been pondering how to fit in making mornings my power-recharge time. I have been getting up at 5 lately to fit it all in and getting ridiculously tired and run down. I am now going to re-schedule some my  8am's,so I can start an hour later and the relief of making that decision is immense. Thank you for your inspiring course!
Niedra Gabriel
Anne-marie bravo - realizing you need to re organize your life to make it work for you is a muscle that gets stronger and stronger.
Enjoy your now regular power mornings.
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I'm going to start with 1 change this week. I often teach  3 sessIons in the morning and don't have time for a cup of tea or coffee as the gaps are too short. By lunchtime I'm feeling neglected! I'm going to make a flask up each day and ensure I take the time to drink it.  
Niedra Gabriel
Caroline B , yes, good girl. It can sometimes be that small changes.   Well done caroline.
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My ideal day starts with movement, time spent outdoors, nutritious foods.   I'd like to see clients with a sufficient buffer in between.  I want to be busy but not rushed.  Scheduled, nutrition breaks with healthy choices that I have prepared ahead of time.  Ideally I begin by 9 am and end by 6 not  late evenings.  I work evenings because I was always told I have to accommodate the clients. Do i really enjoy it?  Do i really have to?   If I am going to work until 7 or 9 pm, then why not work 4 days and take a 3 day weekend?  Things to ponder and contemplate.  I realize the clients will find me. I am in business for me- that is the beauty of being self employed.  I can honor me. 

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