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Foam Roller Release

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Niedra's Mat workout is perfect for days when you are tight because you have been sitting for too long. She gives stretches using the Foam Roller to open up certain parts of your body and then goes into the Mat work. Even during the Mat exercises, Niedra adds an element of stretching to keep you loose.
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Tonight because I haven't seen all of you for a while and we all kind of been sitting or sitting around doing nothing, right. Sitting around doing nothing. I don't know, but we are a bit stiff and tight. So we're going to do quite a bit of this nice easy stretches with a foam roller, some deeper stretches to open up certain aspects of the, um, our bodies. And then we'll do a little mat. So let's start with, um, opening up the chest. So if you come down on your backs and lying up, place a foam roller. Oh, just kind of by the base of the shoulder blade, just about, and your hands will be over, uh, behind your head. So they support you, I think Tim a little bit. No. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And the knees are bent because we're going to be rocking back and forth.

You want to curl up a little bit and feel a stretch on your, on your, the back of the neck and pull the stomach in and then lengthen out and open up the elbows and lengthen the back of the neck. Don't hit the head, fall back, just feel it long. Curl up again. I learned these stretches on PyLadies anytime with rails, little foam roller workout and I thought it was wonderful. So as you lengthen out, open the back of the neck and then roll up again, closing the ribs, bringing the elbow slightly further forward and open out and close so you're just rocking back and forth. Just do this a few more times. Upper back gets so stiff, so tight and just kind of stuck, especially if we have computer jobs and it just so nice to get that area open and moving and even slightly massaged team. I think I would like you just a little bit more roll your body.

That waste to the foam roll is a little bit lowered. Sandy to just yes. Now keep your bottom down six when you curl up and curly and you really pull the stomach in and see if we can stretch the back of the neck a bit and go back, lengthening through the neck, through the chest. That's it. And then come up again and go back and then come up again and go back and one more time, come up again and go back and then come up and get the foam roller off of that side of your body. This one will just start to get the hamstrings firing is again, when we sit a lot or when we are just in one shape, that area just tends to get a bit doormen. So you want the the feet on the top of the foam roller with the toes wrapped around it and you can have your feet hip width apart or together and your hands will be by your side. So first of all, just want to feel sandy, you want the the toes a little bit further over the foam roller.

So either move your feet further out. That's it. But I think that to know what you're doing is you're bringing the feet in. I want them draped over better. That's right. So there's a bit of a reach to him to see if you can stretch your toes down a little more. Right now from here, narrow the hips and just roll your bottom up without the roller moving. That's where you have to work quite a bit. And then roll down, articulating through the spine if you can, and roll up again.

This is a lot of work in the feet and in the hamstrings and the glutes, not the have the roll or move around and roll down. That's it. Reaching the toes away. Roll up again and roll down and roll up and roll down two more times and roll off and roll down. And one more time. Roll up and roll down. Now with care, just move the foam roller slightly away. Like you sure it's not rolling off my high table here and take your right foot and place it on top of the left knee and flex your right foot. So with if possible, if you don't want your hips moving to make that shape happen and then actively press this knee away from you. So you notice it when you push the knee away, you contracting slightly in the outer side, maybe all the way up to the glute.

Now bend the knee and grab a behind your side with the other hands. So what you'll do from here is you push this knee away from you. So the leg that's bent up in front is active. And then you pull with your head, you pull the knee on the head towards each other, and then legs and out and pull towards each other to head a knee, pull towards each other while the right knee is resisting and lower back and pull and stretch your hip out. So you're stretching this right hip and back and stretch your right hip and back and stretch into that right here and back.

And one more time. Stretch into the right hip and that put the leg down, knees and feet together changed the other foot to the other foot. Pounds on top. Flex your foot. So now with the left foot spin, the left foot is flax. Before you start, just test the waters, see what it feels like to push your left knee away as though you're pushing it away from your nose and you're, you're really contracting a little bit into the buttock to get that to happen. Then lift the other leg up so your hands are behind your right hamstring, your left knee is pushing away and you pull this right knee and your head towards each other. So you kind of squeezing it and fighting it with the left knee and lower your head down and open out and then squeeze and pull and out. And we isn't poor and oh and S in pool and out as quis and pool and out and squeeze and pull and out. Very, very good ring like that out.

And just open your feet, the width of your mat. And I think Sandy, you will need to both sandy and Debbie will need to get the foam ball away because you want your hands now to the side and just drop both knees to your left so both knees will drop to your left to one is turned out and one knee is turned in and then come back up. And when you're up you want the feet, Kim, get the feet wider part. Sandy, get to the heels on the side of them of the Mat. That's an even wider team within feet. Now drop both knees in the opposite direction. So as you drop both knees drop down Tim, the feeling is that the left knee is moving towards your right ankle, so you have a really intense, interesting sort of a stretch.

Come back up first side again. Drop both knees to the first side again and come back up. Drop both knees in the opposite direction. Let the thighs drop that set and come back up. Now can I bring the feet closer together? Take your right foot and bring it up again onto the left knee and drop the left leg out. Now.

So the left knee is dropping towards the floor and the right knee is pushing away. So this right, you're, that's it Deb. But now you think of this knee going, yes, yes, yes, yes. Are you getting this very nice opening into the lower stomach? Just keep pressing this knee away, Lang sending out. Yes. So there's this beautiful stretch that runs all the way down the side of the ribs, maybe even into the stomach and the groin and the thought come back on your back train sites. So the other leg is up.

Now you drop both knees to the right and the top knee presses down towards the bottom foot. It's being pressed away from you and let the party go. Let the ribs open, let the waist open. Let the knee kind of find its way to be stretched out. Yes, because there's a lot of grippy catching that starts to come into the growings. Yes, I would bring this foot a little bit more, get this foot a little bit more.

Then we get yes. Woopsie daisy. Yes. Good, good, good. And then come back up. Very, very good. Bring your knees into your chest and roll up to a sitting position and just to work a little bit into the buttocks. Take your foam roller again and take it, place it under your right bottom and the right leg is stretched out right and the left leg is bent and you're just gonna roll back and forth on that fleshy part of your hips or bottom, I should say.

You really want the glute kind of being massaged a bit because they can accumulate. Debbie, I would keep the foot on the floor. Yeah, instead of holding it up in the air and make sure you're really getting into your back, the back part of the bottom, and then do the same on your left buttock. [inaudible] just opening up a little bit into there. Very good. Now come up and see if you can place the soft part of just under the soft part underneath the kneecap on the top of the foam roller and the other leg will be on top in front. It's going to be a little tricky to find your balance.

Yes, yes, yes. See if you [inaudible] couldn't come forward a little bit and come back up and come forward and think of um, the, the, the sensation if you can have really letting them let go back and up and press forward. Nice there sandy and up. Good. Good, good Debbie. Very good. And forward and up. Two more times like this and forward and up and last one, forward and up. Okay. Bring your hands down and you'll go for the other side. So again, you're okay if you wanted to see if you can get yourself stable.

Good. Sometimes it helps if you're holding the knee and again, just launch a bit forward and back and again, lunch and back and lunch and back and lunch and back in one more time and lunch and back. Okay, now come on off the roller, bringing the rotor down for a minute on my end. But I'd like to bring the right foot up in front of you. Again, keep it close by cause we probably [inaudible] going to work with it one a little bit more. So the right foot's in front. Take your left elbow so you can get the left elbow to the outside of the knee. Now when you're here, if you make a fist with his hand and you press it out, want to see if you can slightly contract the muscles or across your upper shoulder with your other hand.

You put it around the fist and then bring this fist towards your bottom and follow it with your face so the hand will come way over and you should feel a stretch across your shoulders. Tim, you move the hand the opposite way towards you bottom. Push it down. So from here, almost bend it. Bend, right? Can you get your elbow a little more? Nope. There. Bend your arm. Now this is the move that this hand here and bring this hand to your bottom so you're like, that's it. And then open out again. Open the hand out. So you're going to be opening and closing this hand.

You pull it towards your bottom, add back [inaudible] and pull it towards your bottom and back. And cool. I'm back. And one more time and Paul and back come onto your hands and knees and change sites. So the left foot's in front. Your right elbow is going to go to the outside before you start. So the elbow, the hand is band.

You kind of see if you can contract this upper shoulder back. So you're kind of like you're pushing back with the fist and then pull the hand towards your bottom while you're resisting a little bit. Bring the hand out again and pull it towards your bottom. Take it out and pull it towards your bottom. Take it out and pull it towards your bottom.

Take it out two more times and Paul and out. And one more time and pool and out. Now come onto your hands and knees and just arch and courteous. Fine. A few types of, first of all, just literally sick about, about and lift your head up. Try and get as much arches you can in your back and then [inaudible] go the reverse and really drop the head way, way, way down. Pull the stomach muscles in, Debbie, get your knees and feet hip width apart. That's it really round coming to an argument, lifting up your head and looking forward. And now rock forward and back a few times as the elbows are as straight as you can. Have them rocking and lengths and you keep arching your back right and then round your back the opposite direction.

Curving way, way, way under and again rocking back and forth, opening up between the shoulder blades, letting your head drop. Thanks any back and forth, back and forth and back and forth. Now come back to our long spines and looking straight. Take your right hand and see if you can slide it out and bring your head and shoulder to the mat. That's it. So you just had this nice stretch and take the left hip and pull it backwards if you can. So the hips are pulling back and this hand is sliding way, way, way forward.

Come back onto your hands and knees. I'm take the other hand and sliding way, way, way out. And come back up. Bring your knees and your feet together and stretch back towards your heels. Bringing your head towards the Mat if you can. And take both hands to the right.

So you walk both hands almost to the wood if you can on the floor off your mat. Okay. Come back and walk both hands in the opposite direction and come back. Bring your hands by your feet to the floor. So the palms around up. Pull your stomach in and see if you can. Very slowly, just like you were doing wall in PyLadies.

Roll up articulating through your spine to bring yourself to a nice vertical plane. So you're coming to an upright position. Spread your shoulders wide. Very good. And now you're okay. Hold your heels, drop your head. Just have a quick look. What's going to happen? Cause your bottom will come up in the air on you.

Rock forward to stretch your back out. It's taking all of your weight. Don Your head to drop your head down, lift your bottom up. Try and get your weight on your head. You still holding your heels if you can, and if possible, you get your head as close to your knees. Debbie, your head has to be as close to your needs so you can still hold your heels. Yes. And it makes a very round shape for the spine. He pulling the stomach in and use it to stretch between your shoulder blades and then come back and sit up.

Cross your feet. You can forward onto your hands and knees and Cross your feet and just rock through so you have your feet in front. Kim. Good tip. Come for the four to the front of your mat and we'll do some basic PyLadies. So hold on behind the knees. Drop your head and take your time.

Rolling back. Right now you want to feel this balance between the stomach and the spine. Articulating every bone down and just lie on the floor for minute. See, arms along your spine is a long check. If you need your, you need a pillow, you've got a pillow, Sandy, would you like a towel or something for your neck? You're okay, right? And just start to take a few breaths.

Feeling that connection to. There's a slight corset feeling around the belly and the hips. But the breath in the written, the ribs is nice and loose and open. Tim, I would like the knees bent. Knees abandoned, possibly put that little pillow under your head so your Chin is not so lifted the back of the neck as long, right? So keeping the trunk nice and long. Lift the right knee and put it back down. And if the left knee and put it back down and lift the right knee and down and the left knee and down and right knee and down and the left knee and down.

Now lift the right knee. Keep the stomach in. Lift the left knee so both knees in the air, right foot goes down, left foot goes down. Try not to wobble up and down with the body at all. Left becomes up right knee comes up, left foot goes down, right foot goes down, right the up left knee up right foot down, left foot down, left knee, right knee. Pause here and bring the knees and feet together. Bring the legs to tabletop and take the right foot down into.

Now you'll do the tapping movement. So you're just alternating. See if you can get that set. Nothing's moving in the trunk, nothing's moving in the belly. The back is long. The hips have from now. Same thing with the heels. So your feet up flax, very good. Bring the knees to the chest, give him a little hug and rock side to side. I put the feedback down on the map and stretch your arms to the ceiling so you the arms along the fingers along and then without the back, leaving the mat. Stretch your arms over your head. So you reached back with the arms, feeding a links all the way through the fingers.

Bring the arms up, lift the shoulders slightly off the mat, lift your head up and reach. So there's a bit of an arc cause you reach your hands towards your thighs and then lengthen down through the spine. Take the arms back again and then lift and arc forward and lower back down and read. Sure. And lift up. Stretch and reach those hands forward. Parallel to the shoulders. And one more time. Reach back, come back up and reach and come back down. Place your hands on your floating ribs and on your belly.

So we are going to do an easy hundreds today. We're actually going to do 10 deep breaths. We're not going to pump, we're not going to hold our head in the air. I'd like you to focus on the breathing because it's a very important part of the hundred exercise. So this is what the focus will be. You'll be breathing in on the way out. Have a quick look. Just watch me for a second.

On the breath out. I would like you to lift your head. Feel what happens here and see if you can exhale more than you think you're capable of. Because there's a point where the lungs have a very deep contraction and the real, I'll tip my purpose of hundreds with the squeeze air out of the lungs so that they become more powerful. So the next exhalation became bigger. So the way it will work, look, just so you know, I'm, I'm taking a breath in. Breathing out. Yeah.

[inaudible] AH, okay. I had a lot more breath to go after and I thought, so just search for it. I'm not going to count it. You just for you to discover the range that you can do. So you just start, you do your own deep breath and then on the exhalation you don't even have to lift your head unless you want to. It helps to squeeze the front lungs, but keep breathing out, breathing out and just try to explore how much contraction you can get into the ribs and the lungs in the stomach to squeeze the lungs empty and then you're ready for your next big breath. So you just do it at your own speed and every time you breathe out you try to compress and literally ring out your lungs. Yeah. And you'll do two more like this. Very, very good.

And on your last one, when you do it, I'd like you to also focus on what's happening in your spine and in your back body. Cause we often use really our attention just goes to one part of the body and in time an educated body. There's a lot of awareness of many things that are happening at the same time and the deeper the contraction in the front, the more the expansion in the back and you're looking for that feeling very, very good. Now rolling up place a feed. You can have the feet straight, you can have the feet bent even at the feet apart. Whatever works for you today in your body. You've all done a bit of everything.

Start with the arms over your head and as when the arms are here, see about that straight spine. See how much length you can get in the spine and narrowness in the belly. Then when the arms come up and lift, see if you can get that contraction you got from the hundreds and it's fine to grab your size to come up or do anything else that you want to do and then roll down again so you're more. Today it's more like you all know your body's quite well by now. You want to see what's going to feel good in my body, how can I get that back body to open and be supported by the trunk?

Very nice. And then roll down and if the legs are stiff, how can I get a little bit of a nice stretch going through the legs and again, rolling up. Yes and roll back. And one more time like this rolling up and then rolling down. Very, very good. Ben. The feet and doing the bridge, which is would be opposite.

We were lifting up in the shoulders to the bottom. Now we start with the bottom rolling up to the shoulders, very similar to what you did when the foam roller and rolling down and rolling up and rolling down and rolling up and rolling down and rolling up and rolling down. Very, very nice. And take your right like to the ceiling. Take the left leg a little further out and let it fall out so the knees turned out so you're not holding this left leg at all. Take the right leg as far over as it will go and let your bottom come up just a little bit. So you have a deep stretch here. Then take a circle, see how big a circle you can do.

So you're starting to work all the way through the hip socket so you're stretching all around so it's a little bit less controlled than we when we're doing a more uh, well organized work. You're more like new thing up the hips, finding how that bone sits, feeling what's happening with all the muscles around the hip, if you can, if some of them are tighter than the other. And then reverse your circles the other way. Circling the legs, that's it. Stretching out for me.

I'm feeling the outer side working quite a bit. And when I come across, I feel the stretch in the inner side. So just nice lubrication through the joint and this time, grab the foot when you're done and just bring the leg up and just stretch it and put the leg down. Bring both knees, bend together so that your pelvis is stable and then lift the left leg up and take the right knee and let it drop out and place it in such a way that you feel quite stable. Take the leg as far, cross the body as you can and then some. So the hip is reluctantly being pulled up and start your circles around really exploring this whole hip. What does it feel like? Sometimes one side of the body is very, very different from the other and the more you can refine your sense of detail and focus, you start to unravel some sometimes very old patterns that could have been around for most of your life to be honest. And then reverses circles the other way.

And this will be your last one. And again, grab the leg and just stretch. Feel how the hip feels. Feel into the hamstring. Bring the leg down, bend both knees into your chest and come up to a sitting position for rolling like a ball so you can hold the out or legs. You can hold the hamstrings today is a little bit more loose. You want to get a sense of holding from the stomach.

Sandy, this is looking good. Yes. Either places. Good. Just wrote back towards your shoulders and roll back up. So really use this rolling motion to start to massage the spine and check is your neck quite relaxed? Very good. Two more times like this. Just rolling back and forth. And one more time. Back and forth. And then roll on your backs.

Roll. Roll, roll. Yeah. And Ben both knees into your chest. So curling your head and chest up. Take your right knee and pull it in. And today, single like stretch will be with the left leg on the mat. Long. Slide it back and slide the other leg out nice and long as you pull this knee in. Switch and pull.

Switch and pull. Switch and Paul's switch and Paul. Switch and pull. Switch and pull. Bring both knees in. Just drop your head down for a minute to relax the neck and rockets right in back and double leg stretches.

Lift your head and chest up and sweet your arms and legs out and Big Circle, Huh? And reach and big circle and reach and big circle and rich and big circle and reach and big circle. Lift your legs up and drop your head down so the head goes to the mat for the straight legs or scissors. So you keep the head down and double pulse and double pulse and double pots and double pulse and double [inaudible] pulse, double pulse, double pulse, double pulse. Bring the knees in, hands come behind your head and take a moment to get the elbows really wide. Lift the legs straight up and keeping your elbows wide.

Lift your head and chest. Elbows a nice and wide. Lower the legs and lift them. Lower the legs and lift them. Lower the legs and lift them and lower the legs and lift. Roll up to sitting. [inaudible] so with your legs long, let's have the hands on the mat a little bit wider with your feet, Kim, and let's actually all of us, bend the knees today. Knees are bent.

Drop your [inaudible] head and walk your fingers as far forward as you can. [inaudible] as far forward. Round your back and then slide back up to a vertical plane. Try to stretch your back, drop your head, and go forward again to create those fingers for what? And just take advantage of the fingers.

Breely pull you even further out and come back up. And again, walk your hands forward, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk and stretch and come back up. And two more time. Walk your hands forward. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk and come back up and stretch. And last one, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. So you stretch way out and come back up and stretch. Now let's grab the foam roller to work a little bit more into the shoulders to stretch them out. So it's right behind you there. Sandy, you want to be on your backs, bottom and shoulder, right?

So as much as possible, you want as much of your spine. Aw. And the back of the neck law and the feet are nicely stabilize. Take your arms up to the ceiling, take the arms right out to the side, see if you can touch the floor. So the hands are going right and the shoulder blades can't come close together because the foam roller blocks them.

Bring the hands back up to the ceiling. [inaudible] take those arms out. So this is an amazing place to get an opportunity to stretch across the chest and open up both the front and back part of the part of the rib cage. It gets very, very tight and up and open and up and open and uh, and open and up. Now up and down, turn the pumps to face your own knees.

Take the arm over your head, towards the floor. So even if the ribs come off the mat, take the arms as far back as you can and then bring the hands down to the floor by your side. So ultimately you want the back staying on the mat, on the roller. I meant the rib stay on, the spine stays on and the hands go back. But it's going to take a while to get that much flexibility and range of movement available and the stretch. So in the interim, if the ribs have to come up in order to get the head to go down, let that happen. But just be aware that are, have a seesaw action going on. There's nothing wrong with the CCO action. You just want to know what's going on because anytime there's movement in the body, you have an option of sustaining it or controlling it or allowing it. And each version has its own elements that contribute.

And now, now when you have your hands down, turn the palms out and sweep the hand sideways up over your head. Check here that the neck and spine is long. And then sweep the hands back down again so they go sideways all the way out, all the way down and sweep the hands up and out over your head and sweep the hands back down and sweep the hands out and up. Sweep their heads out and down. And last one, sweep the heads out and up and sweep the hands out and down.

And then bring the hands up to the ceiling again and bend your elbow. See if you can get the elbows all the way to the floor. They bend the elbows out and then drop the hands up. So the going towards your in the direction of your head and then lift the hands and stretch. Point them towards your feet. You internally rotate externally, rotating by lifting the hands up. It's like you're saying, I give up and then take the hands down towards the feet and lift the hands up.

Take the heads down, lift the hands up, take the head staff, lift the hands up and take the hands down, Bro. Now the only the fingertips are on the floor. Bring the feet together, feet and the knees together. Keep your hips firm and we'll repeat the basic work. One knee comes up, bring the foot down, the other knee comes up. Bring the foot down to try and keep your safe room and your waist very stable in relation to the foam roller, other knee, first knee and other knee. Now knees and feet together. See if you can lift both knees up and both feet down. And this takes some work.

The most challenging ways with just the fingertips touching the floor. If you feel towards stable, you get the full palm down. If you still feel unstable, you put your elbows down, but the less you're touching the floor, the more your core has to actually do the work. So it's an interesting challenge in all directions and down right now. Open your feet and knees once feet are back on the floor, stretch your arms over your head.

And if you want to have fun being challenged, see if you can row up to sitting just like you did before. But now you have to do it on the foam roller. You may or may not, Debbie, that was good. If it's too hard, okay, hard to do. Not easy, but it works. There's always the next level. So now in preparation for Swan and swan dive, it's a wonderful way to work with the foam roller on your stomach. You want the roller just above your elbow and you have this kind of funny karate chop position to the palms are actually facing each other. And if you set it up right you, if you're flexible enough, you will be able to get your forehead on the mat.

May or may not be able to get there. But it's a great place to stretch the arm pits out and really lengthen that inner part of the arm, which gets a Bay Bay tight. Lift your head and look between your hands. So the eyes are gazing in, in between the hand. Then start narrowing the hips and rolling up. So you're lifting your chest good. And then lengthening back out. Head those down, lift your head and roll up and roll down.

Lift your head and roll up and roll down. Very nice. Two more times. Lift your head and roll up and roll down. And one more time. Lift your head and roll up and roll down. Very, very good. And then from here, I'm just going to put this to one side. Just come up on your elbows for the single like kicks. So you want to be up now, bring the legs together and see if you can have that same sense of what was working in the trunk a minute ago. So you're long and the whole trunk, the front of belly, but back body are stable.

Take your right foot and just slowly pull it in towards your bottom. Try not to lose the alignment and see if you can get that hamstring to really squeeze and the calf to squeeze. Take the leg out and take the other leg in. And don't move the pelvis but contract that hamstring and pull the foot way, way, way in. You can cramp quite a bit doing that. Yes, sandy found out first side again, really squeeze, squeeze, make and think of your quad getting long. The shorter your hamstring is getting, the longer the quad is getting extended, like out, reverse the other way. Squeeze the hamstring and stretch the quad and back in.

Now we'll go four [inaudible] kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Very, very good. Dropped down. Place your hands behind your back and spread the elbows. So take that moment to really push the elbows way, way, way down. Turn your head to one side with the head of the ones I try and get the ear on the mat. So it's literally almost like a profile. And now really push those elbows down.

Keep the knees together, take the hands apart and put them by the size of your thighs. And then lift up. So the hands of pressing up the chest is pressing up and off the floor. Debbie, open the shoulders, bend and roll. Way High the other way. Press the elbows down and again, stretch back. Open the shoulders and lengthen. Outreach to Hansen's knees first side again, and stretch up and back and other side and stretch up and back and first side and stretch up and back and last side.

Stretch up in back. Very good. Now take the arms out and place them underneath your forehead. She lying on your forehead. Take the legs, hip with the part. Narrow your buttocks and press your pelvis. So both the hippo and the new pubic bone.

Press down into the mat like an anchoring feeling. Take the right leg and just lifted off the floor without losing it and bring it in above your left leg. So you're going in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and in and in, out in, out. Put the leg down, narrow and stabilize your hips and stretch the left leg up without anything moving in the body. And then move it to the right a little bit towards the midline and out. So it's maybe in an autozone at an inch or two, but it's really anchoring. You want to make sure the pelvis is not flapping as you do this very steady in and out, in and out. Just from [inaudible].

Bend your knees in towards your bottom. Just let everything relax and just bounce like a few times to let the hips relax. The hamstrings. Relax. Stretch the legs back out and little beets. Lift the legs up in the air and just beat the legs together. So there's some the buttocks working, the hamstrings working, so he beat the heels. Tim, just opening clothes, nice fast.

Keep the hamstrings and the hip flexors really opening out. Relax and sit back into your heels, pull the stomach in and stretch away way, way out. Letting the head drop down towards the knees. Roll up to a sitting position again. And just to show you a little stretch we're adding in for the shoulders.

I'm not sure if I've done this with you before. You will be clasping your hands. You'll have your head on the map just the way you did a minute ago with the bottom coming up. And the more you can kind of rock food, it lets you get the stretch in the arms and the shoulders coming up away from the spine. So see if you can keep holding on. Put your head down and then stretch the hands away from your back and lift your bottom up. So Debbie, come way up. That's it. That's it. That's it. And pull those hands away from your back. Yes. Good. Now come back to a sitting position, but don't separate your hand.

Just sit up for a minute. Do not separate your hands and just kind of feel to see which is your index finger on top. Make a note of it. The left or the right one and then flip your fingers around so you class the hands the other way and I hope you all figured out, Sandy, that's too complicated. So you're doing this, you just want that tricky. If you've not done this before, over you, go again, head on the floor and the hand stretch away way, way, way away, and then come back up again and come back on your hands and knees with the fingers spread. Now this is the stretch, the forum's out turn the hands, fingers are going back. If it's very tight, you bring the hands closer to your knees. So Sandy, I would bring those hands closer to your knees or your knees. Walk your knees a little closer in. It'll relieve some of the pressure. Yes, yes. Tim, try to get the heel of the hand down. I know to really?

Yes, that's right. This part of that I had and gets very, very tight rock a little bit forward with your shoulders so you walk forward, it's a little bit less rock back and very slowly peel your hand off and stretch it out. Yeah. Flip the hand the other way. So you're going to place the back of the hand on the mat, back of the hand on the mat and stretch and, and the elbows if you can. So Tim, if you can, your head will be off the floor. Up. Yeah. You actually with your elbows straight Tim, lift your chest up. If you lift up off. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it.

And then roll through the hand again. So you've come back to sitting again. Turn your hands with your palms away from you and rock forward onto the hand. Press the heel down and roll back through all the fingers. Turn the hands backwards to the back of the hand is and the fingers are pointing down. And then bend the elbows, Tim to get the head. There you go.

Now don't go any lower and see if you can straighten the elbows. That's right. Yes. Roll through one more time. Turn the palms away from you and stretch and back and turn the hands the other way and stretch and back. And one more time on your hands and knees. Just normal and a few more cat cows to loosen up the spine. So as much as you can, keep the elbows straight as you're doing the movement.

So with all hinges from the hips and the shoulders, elbows are straight. Tim, if you can, that's right. Now come up to normal and turn the fingers out so the hands are turned out. It can be a little wider if you want. And again, cat cow, slightly different angle into the trunk in relation to the shoulders. That's it. And now, much more challenging fingers back and see if you can round and flex your spine as well.

Yes. So when you're looking down, you're really spreading the shoulder blades. That's it. And now Tate, so the fingers are going back, you've gone up, take the hands all the way out, all the way and take them pointing inwards. So that's it. And again, see what you can do with the curving and the arching. That's right.

Very, very good. And now lying facing me just stretched out just for a little bit of work into the legs so that they are not forgotten. You want your legs on a diagonal forward and the feet flexed and just start taking the lifts of the leg going into a kick, which you're doing 10 of these. You just doing it to loosen the hips. Five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 very good. And you'll do the same on the other side. Say swing the legs around.

Good. Yes, you want your legs on a diagonal this long with your feet flex. Your top foot is pointed and just lift and lower. 10 Times two for sure. Same leg again, Huh? Debbie? Five. You don't want that. Seven, eight, nine, 10 and Debbie just finish off. So you get 10 as well.

Very good. And then come up to standing. So standing in a [inaudible] stance, you want to have a little bit of a hook with the fingers. Hands will be above your head. And with your right elbow pull down. And I want you to feel the contraction in your right way. So Sandy, think of the right elbow going down. Yes.

It's like someone's grabbing this part, your arm and pulling you down. So you feel now, once you have that downward ness with the left arm, you pull away, contract down again, going over to the right. Yes. And as you go up and you pull away, try not to let go of the contraction on the right side. And again, pull down, contract the right side of the waist and stretch. Now you're reverse. So you flip your fingers.

Think of someone pulling await down on the left side. See if you can feel that contraction on the left waist and then pull away. So you're stretching the left waist, but you're not letting go of it. Contract down and pull and contract down. And Paul, Clasp your hands. Shoulders down nice and tall. Pull the elbows together and pull the elbows together and pull the elbows together and pull the elbows together and pull the elbows together.

Hands down, roll down towards the floor, rounding your back, let your head go. Let your arms go. Pull the stomach in three circles here, reverse your circles and then roll up rounding through your spine, stacking your spine up. Your arms will be hanging by your sides. Just feel that lift and openness. You want the arms long, the spine, long, the chest open. Take a breath in and breathing out. Let it go and thank you very, very much. Very good work.


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My favorite thing about your regular class, Niedra, is watching the individuals' bodies and skill level change over time. It's great to watch a recurring class progress.
Niedra Gabriel
Alice, I have just copied your comment to share with my little group on Monday to let them know how much they are progressing, so much so that even you cyber space people can see it. I am very proud of them.
such a good class
Lovely, I feel magnificent :)
Niedra Gabriel
Great - love that you enjoyed the class.
Awesome class. Great for lower back and hips.
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At first glance to a person watching this looks so easy but I found it challenging yet kind on the body. That seems to be the general them with all the classes I've taken from Niedra so far and I totally appreciate it. Thanks so much!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Erin for your comment, and I hope you are "getting your body back" after your baby. Now pregnancy, is a real workout.... the dog photo is fabulous. Enjoy!
Niedra every time I feel stiff or have sore, tired muscles I come back to one of your classes and you never fail to release and open up my body especially in my shoulders where I suffer alot of tension. Thank you - you are my natural pain relief!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Katie, so glad to be reading this. Love that these classes are a "natural pain relief" ( smiling here)
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