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Replace your cup of coffee with this fast-paced and flowing Mat workout by Carrie Macy. In just twenty minutes, you'll do two to three repetitions of each Mat exercise, following the traditional order of exercises found in Return to Life. Short enough to do every day, you'll feel invigorated after this workout!
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Aug 18, 2014
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Hello everyone. I am Kari Macy and I teach full Audi's for equinox and all the southern California clubs. And I'm excited to have you guys here today and to present an advanced math class. And the purpose of this workout is to do two or three repetitions of each exercise and to go vigorously through it. It should take about 20 to 25 minutes depending on how quick you are at all of the transitions and exercises, and it will invigorate you.

You should feel amazing just to start your day. So hopefully it can replace Your Cup of coffee in the morning. All right, and we can return to life as Joseph says. So come to the front edge of your maths lady's crossed, one arm over the other, cross one leg over the other. Lift strongly through your center and lower yourself to the mat with control. Then lie down on your backs and center yourselves on the middle of your lovely blue mats. Your legs will be straight out in front of you.

Arms are long by your sides. Take a big breath in, then exhale and do one more breath. And on your exhale, float up into your hundred position, curling up, pump the arms. Begin breathing in and breathing out. Why? Collarbone strong arms. Inhale big strong pumps. And exhale, press your legs even tighter together in how. There you go. And exhale, ribs. Sink heavily to the Mat. Breathing good and breathe out. Find more length through the legs.

Good in how long? Reach to the arms and exhale deep and into the waist. Three more. Inhale and exhale. Feel the back of the head length in a way from from the toes. Exhale, sinking through the waist. One last breath in with the air. And exhale all your air out. Pause. Lower your legs towards the Mat.

Lift your arms all the way back in behind you. So that was the full hundred. Now just three roll-ups. Inhale as you roll up, exhale, reach forward to your toes. Inhale, roll back into the mat. Exhale back again. Roll up, reach forward to the toes. Roll back, pull your waist back, arms over, head a one more roll up, reach to your toes and then roll all the way back. Arms lift overhead. Put the hands back by your side for the roll over both legs. Lift up. Take them over your head. Push your toes to the floor. Good.

Open your legs, hip width, and then roll down through your spine all the way into the mat. Lower your legs, close your legs. Points your toes to go overhead. Flex your feet, putting the toes onto the mat. Open the legs hip with the roll down through your spine into the mat. Lower the legs. Close them over. Reverse. Open to go up and over. Good. Close your legs together and then roll your spine. One bone at a time. Down. Lower the legs open. Last one, lift up to go overhead.

Close your legs together and roll through your spine. Once your hips touch, lower your right leg. Leave your left leg in the air. Circle across your body. Down around enough. One more across reverse direction. Open down, across and up. Core, tight into the mat. Scissors. Switch your legs. Cross over, down, around and up. More strong through the waist. Reverse open. Cross it up. Press the arms into the mat. Lower the leg roll up to seated for rolling like a ball. Just bend your knees. Pull your feet to your seat, Tuck your head in between your knees and lift the feet off the mat. Inhale, roll back to the shoulders. Exhale to balance at the top. Inhale, roll back.

Accelerate back up balance. One more. Inhale, roll back. Exhale right back up and hold. Put both hands on your right shin. Extend your left leg lower to the mat for single leg stretch. Pull your knee in one switch legs. One pull in for two good too deeply pull and double leg.

Stretch both knees in. Inhale, reach apart. Exhale, hug it, hug it, hug it in. How stretch XL hug together. One more. Inhale, lengthen away. Exhale, and for scissors both legs up. Hold the right leg. One, two, switch one, two, switch it up, one to get all the way to the ankles. One more set. One, two, one, two, both legs up, hands behind the head. Lower lift, lower the legs and then lift them to the ceiling. Inhale down. Exhale, chest higher. One more. Inhale. Exhale. If Chris Cross ven the right knee, twist to that knee, switch to the other side. Twist again to the right, more rotation through the ribs. Last set, twist and twist. Knees come to chest. Rest your head. Good. Extend your legs out on the Mat. Roll up to seated for spine. Stretch forward.

Rear legs will open a little wider than your mat arms, shoulder heights. Flex your feet strongly. Breathe in. Sit Tall. Exhale, round forward top of the head to the map. Ribs. Lift to the ceiling and then roll back up. Lifting tall through the back. Inhale. Exhale. Curl it over. Try to put your head all the way on the floor and then roll up.

Pickup your ribs. Lift tall through the spine. Last breath in. Exhale round over Gore right down to the mat and then roll all the way up. Open like rocker. Lean back a little bit. Just lift your legs to your hands. Great. Look into your abdominals. Hold the pelvis steady and rock back to the shoulders. Rock back up.

Balancing on the sip bones. Good or rock back to the shoulders. Rock back up. Finding your balance. One more. Roll back. Keep the tailbone curled under and hold at the top. Close your legs together. Walk down to your hips for corkscrew. Had goes to the mat. Legs. Stay to the ceiling if you're too far back. Yeah, you can. Scoot on. All right, so from here, roll up and do a shoulder stand.

Taking your legs high towards the ceiling, but your arms. Press into the mat now. Roll slightly down straight and then tart. Start to take your legs to the right. Make a circle as you lower the hips, down and around with the legs. Bring the legs back up to the left all the way to the ceiling. Use your bottom to go there. Roll down a little. Go to the left this time.

Circling the legs around and back. Right up to the ceiling. Lift. Good. Roll a little bit down. Circle the legs to the right, around and up to the left. Lift to the ceiling. Roll down to the left around an all the way up to the ceiling. Good from here. Roll down straight to your spine.

Lower your legs to the mat and roll up for the saw your arms go out to the side, flex your feet, breathe in. Exhale, twist to the right round forward. Reach towards your little toe. Hold here. Really spiral that chest open and then roll a good twist towards the left. Exhale, round over. Reach toward the opposite foot and try to get the other shoulder to open. Yes, and then roll twist toward the right. Exhale, pulling back the waist and open through the chess and lift one more to the left.

Twist. Exhale and around over. Pull the opposite. Hit back as you rotate and then roll up. Close your legs together for the Swan. Flip around. Bring your heads toward the center. Lying on your belly. Your hands will start right by your ribs. Elbows to the ceiling.

Legs glued together. Glutes, nice and tight. Take an inhale as you press your hands to the mat and lift your chest up. Gaze at your friend across the map. On Your exhale, you'll go into the full rocking swan, so hands shootout and you start your rocks. That's it. Just three. And then lower back down. Sit back to child's pose. Yes, for a little moment of break and then slide right back onto your forearms. For single leg kicks. Prop yourself up. Let's make a fist with one hand.

Cup it with the other chest opens. Legs glued together. Bend your right leg, kick one, two left leg, one, two right leg one, two, one, two, one more. Set One, two, one, two, double eight kicks. Lay all the way down and look to the left. Hands. Lift high elbows, low legs. Kick for three to one. Stretch your legs. Reach the arms and open through the chest.

Lie Down and kick for three to one legs. Reach arm's reach. Open the chest down and kick for three and two and one lift through the belly. Even as you extend last time, kick for three and two and one reach back. Hold the stretch and really sit back to a child's pose. Right to your heels again for a breath.

Then roll at slide your feet forward for the neck pole so you'll lie down onto your back. Hands one on top of the other. Behind your head. Legs are hip width. Feet are flexed. Good. Inhale as you roll up off the Mat. Exhale round over your knees. Inhale, sit tall. Hinge back. Exhale, roll into the mat. One more. Inhale up. Exhale, dive over the knees. Inhale, roll up. Tall, hinge and exhale as you lower down, arms by your side. Bring your legs together. We'll go into scissors and bicycles.

So bring your knees to your chest and then lift your hips and legs all the way to the ceiling. Prop yourself up with your hands under your waist. So press your feet towards the ceiling. Lifting them nice and tall. That's right. Start with your scissors. Right leg reaches forward. Left leg tries to stay up. Good. And then switch sides. So reach long through both legs. Gorgeous. Mere this push again.

Reach one more reach. Turn it into bicycle. Take. Yup. Bicycling and bicycling. Lifting high through the hips. Reverse your direction. Reach down, out and up. Try to touch your toes to the mat. And one more. Bring both legs to the ceiling. For your transition to shoulder bridge.

You're going to bend your knees. Start to take your knees up and over your hips as your hands switch so the fingers face the outside and your feet come down to the mat. Okay? Yes. Nice job. I'll readjust your hands so they're right underneath your, um, your hips. Yes. And your shoulders are pulled out of your ears. Legs a little narrower. Everybody stretch your right leg out.

Straight on the mat and then kick it up to the ceiling and flex it all the way down. Pointed up. Full exit down. One more point and lift lower. Slide the foot back in. Left leg extends out, lifted up. Lower down. Scoop through the belly to lift up. There you go. Lower one more time. Point and kick. Lower down. Slide the foot in. Release your hand, roll your back all the way down to the mat. Straighten your legs out. Roll up to seated for the spine. Twist. So stagger yourselves a little bit.

Arms will reach side to side, legs together, feet flexed. Inhale, exhale, twist to the right for three deeper. Two more. Twist. One in health center, XL to the left for three taller to taller, one in health center. One more set twisting right, one lift to grow. Three inhale, center to the leftover, one, two and three back to the center. Close your arms, roll down to your backs. Again, readjust. If you are too far back, Jack Knife, arms are down by your side. Take your legs from the floor, go overhead parallel to the floor and then up to the ceiling. Lift your hips and toes high. Roll into the mat with control through your spine. Once your hips are down, lower the legs and then go overhead again. Over and up. Good.

And roll down into the mat. Control your descent. One more time, lower the legs, then go over and up. Good. And Roll Down with control. Let your legs continue to go to the mat and roll onto your right side to for your sidekicks. Okay, just the front and back. So line yourself up with the back edge of the mat. Both hands behind your head. Legs lift forward, top leg lifts, and you kick a one, two and back to and one, two and back to one more. One, two and back to return your leg center. Roll to your stomach on the other side, trying to use your hands minimally good. And then lift your legs forward. And we kick front one, two and back to keep the torso steady. Just the leg moves to and back. To return your leg center.

Roll to your backs for teaser. Okay, so we'll do two of each. Teaser one, two and three. Start all the way on your backs. Arms above your head. Take an inhale. Exhale, fold in half into your teaser. Good. Lift your arms by your ears. Leave your legs and roll. Just your upper body into the mat. Arms overhead. Roll up again. Reach towards your toes. Lift your arms by your ears.

Roll your upper body into the mat. Roll up one more. Reach towards your toes. This time, arms to the ceiling for teaser to lower your legs. Lift your legs, lower the legs, lift the legs, hold everything, lowers into the mat. Two teas are threes fold in half. Reach towards your toes, arms to the ceiling. Royce. Reach everything down, down to the mat again. Fold in half. Stay up. Lift your arms by your ears. Circle behind you. Put your hands down for hips circles like circle to the right, down around.

Then up to the left chest stays proud and open to the right around it up last one to the left. Hold your legs up. Return to teaser with your arms. Lift them up to the ceiling and roll everything down into the mat. Flip over for swimming. Lovely to just ride over. You can keep your head at the same end. Arms reached long legs. Reach long float arms and like out of the water and flutter. Breathe in.

Breathe out. Big Arms, big legs. Inhale straight arms and straight legs. Exhale and rest. Slide your hands back by your ribs. Curl your toes under. Tense, your thighs, your core and try to press straight up to a plank. Good leg. Pull down, lift your right leg up. Shift back and forward on the left foot. One more back and forward.

Replace the foot, left foot up. Shift back and forward, back and forward. Replace the foot right foot up. One more step back. Front, back, front. Good switch. Legs core lifted strong back front and put the foot down. Transitions to like pull up. Move one hand over. Flip yourself around, keeping the hips off the mat if possible. Fingers face your hips.

Kick your right leg up and down. Left leg, up and down. Right leg up. Good hips even higher. Left leg up and hold. Tuck your right knee under you. Kneeling. Sidekicks, turn to face that side. There we go. Hand behind your head. Lift your leg up, hip level. Kick your leg front and the back and front and back.

Bicycle. Go Front. Bend the knee. Take the leg back and straighten it. Front bend. Take it back. Stretch, reverse, go back. Then bring the leg forward, reach it back. Then the knees scoop the belly end good. Come back to the side and onto your knees. Other side, gorgeous teeter over and the lift that right leg up kick front and back and front.

Really use your belly to bring it front for the bicycle. Bend the knee to reach it back front. Bend the neater, reached back. Good, and then go back. Then to bring it front and back, it's all right and front leg goes to the side. Come back up to your knees. Beautiful. And sit onto your right hip for the side bend. Okay, so your right hand is flat. Your legs are almost straight. They're just slightly bent.

Your feet are hard flexed and you can either have them stacked or one in front of the other. Okay. Turn your free hand the palm up, facing up. Pull your shoulder down, your back, and then lift your hips as you straighten your legs. Sit. Take your arm all the way over your head. So just in the side bend. That's right. And then lower your hips back down with control. Do that again. Lift all the way up and over. Reach your arm over your head.

Abdominals nice and strong. Stay here. Keep your leg straight. Lower your hips a couple inches. Lift the hips up though. It's the good. Lower the hips and lift them all the way up and then set all the way down, bending the knees, take your hands behind you, teaser your legs up and around to the other side. Those space, the same way. So face the same way. Just teaser. You're like, you guys are good. You're good. Okay, come on up. So flex your feet hard. Flex your feet. Yes. Turn your palm, facing the ceiling, right shoulder blade down, and then lift yourself up and over.

All the way up to that side. Bend abdominal strong, and then sit down with control to the mat. And again, lift your hips. Take your arm all the way over your head. You'll stay here. Lower your hips a few inches and lift them up. Little lower a few inches. Lift them up, and then sit all the way down onto the mat. Good turn to face this direction so your feet will come to the middle.

Cross your right leg over your left for boomerang your hands. Come right by your thighs. Round forward. Look into your abdominals. Squeeze your legs together. Lift your legs to rollback and take them over your head. Parallel to the floor. Switch the cross of the legs. Roll up to find a teaser.

Reached the hands to your toes. Take the hands behind you. Hook your thumbs. Pull your hands back, head forward, float forward. Circle your arms and reach to your toes. Hands by your hips. Lift your legs to roll back. Switch the cross of the legs. Roll up to teaser. Reach Nice and strong. Take the hands back. Hook your thumbs.

Pull your head forward. Arms back and float. So circle the arms around the seal. Come up to seated. You can move forward just a bit. Dive your hands between your legs, wraparound your feet. Close your knees into your arms and push your arms into your legs. And make three claps with the legs. Two, three, roll back. One, two, three.

Roll Up. One, two, three. Rollback. One, two, three, roll up. One more. One, two, three, back. And one, two, three, up. Put your feet down and transition to crab. So to cross your legs over each other and hold your outer toes. Yes.

Now roll forward over your knees and put the top of your head lightly onto the mat. Lift through your ribs and your hips, and then roll back. Sit behind your feet all the way to your back. Switch the legs and roll back up and over your knees to the top of your head. Good. Lightly on your head. Lift your chord a roll backwards. Switch the cross of the legs and roll right up onto the top of your head.

It's fun times one more. Each roll back. Switch the cross. We're all up and over to the top of the head. Last time, lift the waist to roll back. Switch the legs and then just roll up to the top of your head and then sit onto your hips. Very nice. Flip to your stomach. Your head can come to the center and we will do the rocking. So you bend your legs and grab the tops of your feet behind you.

Keep looking down at the mat. Bend your elbows and kick your bottom three, two, one. Then push your feet back to lift your chest all the way up off of the mat. Lie Down. Do that one more time. Kick one, two, three. Press your feet into your hands to lift. Now rock forward and back three times. Lift from the hamstrings to move the body and then pause.

Lower back down. Release the legs. Sit back to a child's pose for just a breath. Wonderful. And then roll up. Slide your legs forward again for the control balance. So your legs are at the front of the Mat. You lie down onto your backs. Arms are by your side. Lift your legs, taking them over your head to touch the floor behind you.

And you can be on the balls of your feet. Your feet are flexed and you're on your toes. Circle your arms around and grab hold of your writing. Ankle. Lift your left leg to the ceiling. Okay, so really reached that left leg, high core, nice and strong, and then says our switch your legs simultaneously. Catch the other ankle and scissors. Switch the legs.

Good balancing everyone and scissors. Switch. Keep lifting the hips to the ceiling. One more set says their switch says there's a switch. Bring both legs over your head. Circle your arms back around and down by your side.

When you roll down to the Mat, cross your legs and stand right up at the end of that. Turn right around for pushups. So backs to each other, arms to the ceiling. Round forward. Put your hands on them and walk out. Four, three, two, one. Hold your plank. Three pushups. Bend the arms to the body. Three and two and one. Lift your hips. Walk your hands back. Two, three, four. Roll up, arms to the ceiling.

Breathe in. One more. Exhale, rounded over. We'll walk out. One, two, three, four, three pushups. One head stays in line with a spine. Two, three, lift your hips, hands, walk back, back, back, and then roll up. Arms to the ceiling. Take a breath in and exhale. Open to the side. All right, and you are done.

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No excuses for not doing Pilates everyday Carrie! Thank you.
That's right, Joni! Hope you had fun doing the quick workout!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Return to Life in 20 quick (but never rushed) minutes: check! Can't wait to do it again and again to give me a little push for my morning practice when I need it. Thank you Carrie!!!
Thank you for watching, Benjamin! I thought this one might be to your taste :)
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Perfect! Thank you so much, Carrie! Incredible!
That. was. perfect.
Thank you.
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No cup of coffee for me. I need a gallon of water. Super wake-up call!
Thank you for taking the class, everyone, and so glad you are enjoying the intense workout! Return to Life :)
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Loved the pace and transitions. Great class.
3 people like this.
Really nice! Although you said this would be a great way to wake up, I had such an early morning that I did this when I got home and I feel great. Just what I needed!
More level three mat classes, please!!!
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