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Wunda Chair Trios

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You will be dripping with sweat after Carrie Macy's Wunda Chair workout. She groups the exercises in trios that work different sides of the body and flow well together. Get ready to work on many challenging exercises including Fish, Side Mountain Climber, and Piano Frog!
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Aug 25, 2014
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Hello everyone. I'm Carrie Macy and I teach philosophies for equinox in all of southern California. And I am excited to present an advanced chair class to you today. And I have Jia and Maria as the very willing and able bodies to demonstrate the class. So how it will work is there are trios of exercises that I've grouped together because they flow well from one to another.

And um, also they may use different sides of the body. So you may be doing extension and then flection. Um, and then some work on the side. And let's get going. Here we go. We will start with footwork, the advanced tendon stretch and the table. So you guys come sit at the very front edge of your chair. Your toes will be a part heels together, toes on the pedal, and then lift your arms up into like a genie position. Great.

And imagine you're just sitting up against a flat wall lifting tall through your spine. Press the pedal towards the floor and lift the pedal all the way up. And the spring setting for this keep going is one top and one bottom. Heavy spring. Continue with a little more rhythm. Lift, press and lift. Growing tall through the lower back, keeping the hips stable and lifting the abdominals up to the ribs. Go three more, two more. And hold at the top. Place your hands on the front edge of the chair.

Slide your feet to your arches and bring your legs parallel. And together press the pedal all the way down to the floor and then stand up and look into your abdominals. So they're moving onto the tendon stretch. Rounding your backs. Pull your hips back and up, keeping your arms straight. Let that pedal all the way up. Good. And then push the pedal right back down and through. Lift your ribs to the ceiling and then curl your tailbone and push your hips through your arms. Three more. Pull the ribs and hips up, and then curl the tailbone and push it through. And again, two more.

Lift the ribs. Good. And then push the hips. Rounding through. One more. Pull the hips back and up and reach them all the way down and through. Have a seat on the chair again. Come back to your pedal on your toes, toes apart, heels together. Place your hands now at the back edge of the chair for your table. Yup, that's right. Keeping the pedal lifted. Lift your hips up so you create a straight line from shoulders to knees, keeping that shaped. Pump the pedal. 10 Brisk Times ten nine accent the up.

Eight, seven, six, five chest open for three. Belly strong to hold the pedal up. One. Have a seat with control. Good. Move back to footwork. So Cross your arms again. Go to your arches. This time, parallel legs together. 10 pumps. Press down and up for 10 no. Eight beautiful. Seven collarbones watt fi four big three lift two and one good.

Place your hands back on the front. Push the pedal to the floor and stand up for tendon. Stretch yet again. So five of these. Go ahead, pull the pedal up, stay rounded in the body and then reach the hips through and pull the pedal up and back. Reach the hips through again. Push your sternum through the shoulder blades. Reach and one more all the way up and reach it through. Have a seat.

Moving on to the table. Let the pedal lift hands. Go to the back, toes apart. Heels together, keeping the pedal up. Use your hamstrings and glutes to lift your hips. Good. And 10 pumps. Lift up ten nine. Try to kick your bottom each time. So bring your pubic bone towards your app. There you go.

To stay up one. Have a seat with control. Okay, last set of everything. Footwork heels. So take your arms back to genie. Come to your heels. Legs tight together. 10 pumps down and up for 10, nine, eight, seven, six. Try to keep this still so no rocking in the hips. Three stay steady. Two and one good. Place your hands back. Come to your arches.

Push the pedal down to the ground and then round your back again. Good. Five more tendon stretches. Pull up and back and then reach your heels through to the floor again. Pull the hips up, but try to stretch the backs of the legs. Reach through the heels and three more. Good.

Pull the ribs up and the tail bone under. One more time. Pull back in, up and lower. All the way down. Okay. Final version of table. Take your hands to the back edge again. Come toes apart, heels together. Lift your hips up, keeping the pedal up. Now, single leg table. Extend your right leg straight out to the side. Pump five on the left side, five, four. Keep those hips up. Three, two, stay up. One. Replace the right foot. Left leg reaches up. Five pumps going for five. That's it for a little high. Maria. Three.

There we go. Two and one. Replace Your foot. Lower your bottom and release. Very nice step off the front of the chair. All right, well then guys, trio number two turn to face your chairs. This one will include going up front, mountain climber and the pull-up. Okay, so place your hands on the chair.

Step the pedal all the way to the floor. This trio has the same spring setup, one top and one bottom. Okay. Once you're set up there, bring your right foot up onto the chair so your toes are at the back edge and the middle of your foot lines up with the middle of the chair. Lift your upper body. Place your hands behind your head. All right, for going up front, try to keep your knee right over your ankle so you won't shift forward very much. Yes, and begins scissor your legs together to rise to the ceiling. Lifting through the center of the body and then resist back down towards the ground. And again, scissor the legs to lift everything up. Good.

And then lower with control. Keeping the hips stable in parallel. Three more. Lift up, scissor. The legs. Lift through the belly. There you go. And lower with control again. Lift up. Good and lower with control. And one more. Lift up. Stay at the top. Okay. Bend your back knee, keeping the pedal up round forward and place your hands on the front edge of the chair for your mountain climber.

Pump your legs 10 times ten nine keeping the hips level and a 90 degree angle and the right knee to hold one. Now reach your hands forward. Keeping the pedal up. Pump 10 times here. Ten nine keep the background. Eight seven curl the hips under. Five, four lifted up. Two and one from here. Come back to standing. So hands go behind your head.

Lift back to the top of a going up front. So bring the pedal up. Yes, and then lower yourself down. Alright, from here we're moving on to the pull-up. Place your hands onto the chair at the back edge and bring your right foot down to meet your left foot. Great Round your backs and shift forward so your shoulders are over your wrist. Keep the back rounded and then lift the pedal. Roll through your spine to pull your hips towards the ceiling and then slowly lower the pedal with control. As you lift up, you may need to adjust your toes just a little bit back if the pedal is very wide and then curl the tailbone as you lift your hips to the ceiling.

Good job. Lift up and then we'll lower with control two more times. Bring the ribs to the ceiling. Try to keep the tailbone down and then reach the pedal to the floor. Last one, curl through the spine to rise up and lower all the way to the ground. Let your heels stretch to the floor for a little moment. Beautiful.

And then we'll go to the other side of going up front. So bring your left foot up on top of the chair. Great. Lift your upper body, hands behind your head. Make sure your knee is over your ankle so that makes it shift back a bit. Yeah, a little more challenging. And now scissoring your legs together. Rise up, up, up, and slowly lower. Lower. Good. Again. Relax the shoulders. Put All your work into your center and slowly resist the pedal down again.

Rise up. Scissoring your legs pulling up through the front of the belly and resist. Last one. You'll stay up. So rise up to the very top and now crouch down into your mountain climber, placing the hands on the chair, bending the back knee. [inaudible] pump the pedal. Ten nine, eight again, the legs at a 90 degree angle for three to hold the pedal up.

One. Reach your arms forward. Go a little lower with your hips. Pump the pedal 10 times ten nine eight lift your belly off your thighs. Five, four, three, two, hold it up on one. Now come up to standing. Hands behind your head, straightening the back leg. Good. Lower yourself down with control.

Place your hands on the back edge of the chair. Bring your left foot to meet your right. Add five more pull-ups. So rounding through the back, roll up, lift the pedal all the way toward the ceiling, and then a lower with control. Keeping the heels nice and tightly pressed together. Lift through to the ceiling and then drive your tailbone down to the heels.

Great, Maria. Good job. Curl up through the ribs and press your hips towards your toes. And again, beautiful. And then reach. Let's do one more. We'll right up to the ceiling. Lift high and lower your hips all the way down with control. Okay.

Stay on the pedal. Just allow your heels to stretch toward the ground for a little break. All right, our next trio we have going upside side, mountain climber, and the star. Okay. Which is sort of like a side pull up. All right, so let's face over to the right first. So turn that way. Place your right foot, your outer foot on the pedal, and then your left foot at a diagonal. Towards the back corner. Great. All right. Lifting your body.

Let's bring your left arm in front of you and then your right arm out to the side. Beautiful. All right. Try to keep your hips completely square towards the side as you lean over your left leg slightly and rise up all the way to the top and then slowly lower back down again. Rise up. Go all the way up to the top. Get there, get there. Get there. Good ladies and slowly to Sun. This one's a little rougher than going up front. Use the inner thigh of the bottom leg and open that hip as you descend to more.

Rise up as you lower this top knee opens. Last one. Lift up on the outer hip opens and good. Now you'll go up to the top, staying up at the top, term onto your toes of the foot on the pedal and turn your leg out and you're going to go into a little play like this. There we go. [inaudible] come up higher gs. So come all the way up, Maria. Pump the pedal.

Go all the way up to the top. There we go. Now pump with your right leg. 10, nine. There you go. Eight abs in seven. There you go. Six, five, four, three, two, and one. Now turn your right foot to parallel. Put it down and lower the pedal towards the floor. Oh, that's a rough one, isn't it? Good job. All right, place your left hand here in the middle of the chair. Yep. And then you're going to switch. So your right foot's on the pedal. Now switch your left foot there and take your right leg out to the side. And Green. Make sure your foot is in the middle of the pedal. Yes. All right.

Now put your right hand behind your head and lean over. So your left shoulder is over your left wrist. All right. This one guys is very important to remember. It doesn't matter if you lift the pedal. It's okay if you're just thinking about lifting the pedal. Okay, you too.

So leaning over the left arm. Try to keep your body sideways and just lift the pedal or think about it. Great. Maria and lower with control. And then again, lift with control. Yes and lower. All right. They're not just thinking about it and lift again and lower. Beautiful job. And let's do one more lift and lower.

Great. Turn to face the chair. Turn yourselves around to the other direction. Okay, so we start with going upside. So remember on the last going upside, you'll stay all the way at the top to transition. Okay. So your right arm is in front left arm without wonderful. Lean over your right leg and rise up right up to the top and then slowly descend down again. Rise up, go all the way up to the can you get higher?

Yeah, and lower. Yes. So worry about getting up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Good. So guys, remember that to go all the way up to the top. Stay up at the top. So come as high as you can. G I'm going to give you some support. Turn the other foot out and come onto your toes. Then that left knee a little bit. Pumped the pedal.

Ten nine [inaudible] eight tailbone under five. Four. Good. Three core. Tight to hold it up there. One. Turn your foot back to parallel. Lower the pedal to the floor. Great. Very nice. Place your right hand on the back of the chair and switch your feet. So the right foot goes in, the left leg goes out, hand goes behind your head.

All right. Remember, shift your shoulder over your wrist and just think about lifting your underside body to allow the pedal to lift up. And then lower with control. The back shoulder blade comes firmly down the back and lower. Beautiful. Two more guys. Lift up and lower. And one more lift with control and lower with control.

Wonderful. Turn to face the chairs and step off the chair. Allow the pedal carefully to lift up. Okay, good job. Come around to the backs of your chairs. So now we do mountain climber facing the friends. We do tendon stretch that we did before except the side in the back and we do the frog facing out. Okay, so first thing is to put your hands on the chair and come stepping up onto the chair in a little. So you're basically, your feet are together. Ankles together. Yes. And your heels will be lifted. Exactly.

So you can do this in a couple of different ways as far as how to support yourself in the exercise. So I'm going to have Jia keep her hands down on the chair and I'm going to have Maria bring her hands up so you can see different variations. Okay? From here, take your right foot and place your toes onto the pedal. With your heel up, scoop your abdominals in and squeeze under your seat. Maria, you're going to lift your body upright. Bring your arms to Jeanie. Nope. Stay right low by your heel. Just lift. Yes. Pump the pedal with the right leg.

10, nine abs, and eight. Seven good. Six. That's a GF five four, three, two and one. Maria, place your hands down. Jia and Maria come onto the arch of your right foot. So keep it there and push the pedal to the floor. Step your left foot down to meet your right foot. Very good. Okay. Keep your body rounded, looking into your abdominals.

And now take your right hand and hop it inside your leg. So the right leg will go out to the side. Okay, very good. From here, lift the pedal. Pull the pedal up and lower it back down with control again. Abdominals. Pull the pedal up and reach back down with control.

Three more. Lift. Very good control ladies. Shoulders pulled down the back and lower. One more time. Lift and lower. Now lift your right leg and take it behind you to the back of the chair. Same thing five times.

Lift up and reach through. Lift up and reach through abdominals. Pull up. Reach through. Two more. Lift. Reach. Last one up. Good. Bring your leg back around to the front. Step onto the pedal. Remove your hand and have a seat on top of the chair.

Allow the pedal to lift up. Good. All right, frog facing out. So come onto your toes. Toes apart, heels together. Your hands are at the front edge. Push the pedal to the floor and have a seat on your heels. Yup. Steer all the way down on the ground. Beautiful.

Roll your shoulders back and down. Keep your abs tight and your glutes on, and then press down with your arms to bring the pedal all the way up with you and bend your elbows lower three times. Press to lift, then to lower press lift and hold it up. Pump the legs three times down and up. Three to hold it up. One now sit on top of the chair again. Lovely. Step off the front of the chair. Go around to the back when we start again on the other leg feeling okay. All right, good stuff right up.

So bring your ankles tight together and then bring your left toes down onto the chair. So again, g has demonstrating a version to keep yourself a safer. She's holding on and her hips are staying right on top of her ankle. Maria is upright and she's lifting her hips off her heel a little bit, just for more challenge. And she pumps the pedal. Everyone. 10, nine abs in eight, seven good. Six, five, four, three, two and one. Place your hands down. Maria, both of you. Slide onto the arch of your left foot. Push the pedal to the floor and bring your other foot down. All right, tendon stretch to the side with your left leg.

So move your left hand to the center. Taking your left leg out to the side. Good. And from here, pull your belly in and lift the pedal up and back. And then reach your hips through. Pull it back and up. Good. Reach it through. Back and up. Reach through. Good job. Two more lift. Reach through. One more lift.

And now take your leg behind you. Five with the leg back. Pull the core in to lift and lower glutes are strongly helping to lift that leg up. Beautiful you guys. Two more. Lift lower. One more lift. And then bring your leg all the way back around to the front. Carefully sit down onto the chair and your final frog facing out. So toes apart, heels together. Good. Push the pedal to the floor.

Sit right down onto your heels. Open your chest, shoulders roll back and down. Abdominals connect, and then press in to the pedal to lift and then down. Press to lift and lower. Bring your pubic bones in your belly button. Stay up, pump three times down and up for three chest open to hold it up on one. Sit Up on top of the chair. Now we will move on to two trios where you are seated down onto the floor. So we've rolled out the Max in front of the chairs and we also changed the spring. So you need one middle spring and the other one is off.

Alright, so ladies have a seat facing the chairs and we will go into spine stretch forward, seated teaser and the corkscrew. All right, so sit with your legs straddling the chair and place the heels of your hands on the pedal. You know you're in the right position if you're slightly leaned forward. To be able to do that arms are also shoulder with so little wider Jia and then flex your feet strongly. Okay, the first three you will not have any rounding forward. You will stay lifted. Breathe in. Exhale, press the pedal towards the floor from under your arms and then scoop your abdominals back and uphold and then inhale, let the pedal float up. Gorgeous. Exhale. Do that again.

Press down from right underneath the arms as you deepen through the front of the belly. And then inhale, float the pedal up. One more like that. Exhale as you press down, squeeze under your bottom, give a little more lift in the torso, and then lift the pedal. Oh, the next three, the same thing, but curl the upper body up and over like a candy cane. So breathe in. Exhale, press into the pedal. Growing Taller. Curl up and over, reaching your head toward the floor. Try to get that pedal to the floor and then inhale as you roll back up. That's right ladies. Good. Breathe in. Exhale, press down under the arms.

Scoop the belly and press the pedal to the floor, keeping the back tall. So Nice. And then roll back up. One more. Breathing in. Exhale, press under the arms to round over. So keep pressing those shoulders down. Dia, curl. Good. And then inhale as you roll up. Lovely. Moving on to teaser. So these are quite tall chairs for you, but we will manage to come a little closer in and try to get your Achilles tendons up on top of the chair so you'll have to come very close for you. There we go. And then place your hands onto the pedal. Okay. And you'll have to have a little bit bent arms for it.

But what I want you to do is keep your arms at the same angle. Okay? So don't allow more bend or less than two occur. Make sense? Your tailbone is really curled under, your abdominals are scooped and look up at your toes. Okay. Press the pedal towards the floor, hold the pedal there in, scoop your belly a little deeper and then lift the pedal up slowly back to the top. And again, press the pedal. It's just like the spine stretch forward, but now your legs are lifted. And then lift the pedal back up. One more time. Press the pedal towards the floor, hold the pedal on the floor and from your abdominals.

Pick your legs up off the chair. Good. And then lower your legs and then lift the pedal. Two more like that. Press the pedal first. Scoop your belly to lift your legs, lower your legs and lift the pedal. One more time. Press the pedal, hold it down. Scoop your abs to lift the legs. Keep the legs up, lift the pedal up and lower the pedal. Three times three lift and lower for to lift and lower for one. Lift the pedal. Lower your legs back, and then reach for the chair for the edges of the chair and give yourself a stretch so your head will reach up towards your toes.

Beautiful. All right ladies from here, spin around and lie on your backs for the corkscrew so your head will come just in front of the chair and then hold the outer edges. So if you have a pole like this, you can hold the polls. Otherwise just hold the edges of your pedal. If you don't actually have any polls there and your arms should be almost straight from here, lift your up, put your legs first, straight out on the mat so they'll go all the way out. And then lift your legs up and over.

So the top of your feet come onto the chair, not the pedal, but the chair. There we go. Okay, from here, this is, you'll come back to this spot after each corkscrew. Okay, take your legs to the right. Start to roll down to the right. Circle your legs around, over to the left and back. Up on top of the chair. Good. Reverse it. Go to the left side. Roll the legs down and around and all the way up. Back on top of the chair. Good. You're doing really well with the arms.

Legs go to the right so the pedal doesn't move anywhere. Your powerhouse is supporting all of the work. And one more to the left side. Circle the legs down and around and all the way right up on top of the chair. Hold it there. Now roll down to your backs and for a little fun, roll up into a teaser. Released the pedal. Reach towards your toes. Very nice. Bend your knees, hug your legs into your body and roll like a ball.

Three times. Roll back and up. Roll back in. Up and one more. Roll back and up. Put your feet down. Lovely. We're onto the next trio. All right. We have the backward arms, so you're going to slide back and reach for the pedal with your hands, facing your fingertips towards your body and then press the pedal all the way to the floor. So we start with backward arms. We move on to shoulder bridge. And then we also do the Flying Eagle. Okay, so from here the shoulders are rolled back and down. You're sitting tall, above your hips. Let the elbows bend.

The pedal floats up towards the ceiling without letting the shoulders change and push the pedal to the floor again. Five Times. Lift the elbows and push with the back body. Lift and lift your whole core taller bend and wrap under the seat. One more time. Then press it down. Hold. Turn your fingertips to face the other way carefully.

And do five more like this. Allowing the pedal to lift. Press it back down, lift the pedal. Shoulders stay connected. Lift and press two more. Lift and press. Get a little more taller in the hips. And good. Turn the fingers back around. Carefully lift the pedal all the way back up. So be aware of your shoulders. You can take one hand off Jia and kind of let the pedal lift up. Yep.

Beautiful. Turn around lying onto your backs with your feet on the pedal so you'll turn around and lie on your backs. When you place your arches onto the pedal, you want a 90 degree bend in your knees. So GM moved back just about an inch. Great. Both of you guys bring your legs together, have your toes belong over the pedal.

Keep the pedal here. So this is the shoulder bridge. Lift your hips up to create a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Now tighten your abdominals and your glutes and pull the pedal just about an inch or two toward the floor and lift it up. Pull it an inch to the floor lifted up and an inch lifted up. Beautiful. Keep going. Pull and lift. Six more, Paul. Nice.

You guys are doing well to keep everything still and stable. Beautiful. Four more arms. Press into the floor. Three, two [inaudible] and one, keep the pedal up. Take your right leg to the ceiling and just do three little pushes with the left leg. Three and two, your hamstrings. Okay, one switch legs. Good. If you get a hamstring cramp, just relax for a moment and go back to it. Two and three. Good. Replace your left foot and roll your body down into the mat with control. Put your legs up to the ceiling and shake your legs out a little bit.

Back to the legs can get a pat. All right, bring yourselves to seated and now flip to your stomach with your head facing the chair for the Flying Eagle. So when the heels of your hands are on the pedal, you will have straight arms. That's how you know the correct distance. Bring your heels together and allow your whole chest and head to be down on the ground to start. So you'll have a good stretch through the front of your chest. First, draw your shoulders down your back, and then curl your tailbone down into the mat.

Press into the pedal and lift your body up so the pedal goes down. As your butt body lifts up, especially your abdominals. Get the pedal to the floor. If you can, then lift the pedal, hover the pedal up an inch, and then lower your body as the pedal lifts all the way back up. That's right. Going again. He'll stay together. Pull the shoulders down to press the pedal to the floor.

Drive your tailbone into the mat, lift your abdominals off the Mat, hold the pedal down. Keep your belly lifted, lift the pedal slowly and then lower your body and allow the pedal to lift. Very Nice Dia. Try to keep those heels together and two more. Pull the pedal to the floor. Open the chest, lifted all the way up and lift the pedal. Lower your body right back down. Lovely last time. Arm Bones. Pull down to your waist and pick the pedal up.

Tailbone down, heels together. Maria, you can do it. Good job. And then lift the pedal and lower your bodies from here. Sit back to a child's pose. A little rest position. Yeah, and then we will take the maps away and resume. With the next trio. We have four more trios to go. And the next one includes the swan, the fish, and the teaser seated on top of the chair. Okay, so lion to your stomach, placing your belly button at the front edge of the chair and press the pedal all the way to the floor. Now the belly button measurement is, is not exact for every person.

You just want to make sure your shoulders are right over your wrist. Once you've pushed the pedal to the ground. Okay, now bring your legs tightly together and then lift the pedal. You guys just a little bit so that your body is in a line and then pick up your abdominals off the chair. Do three arm pumps, trying not to change your torso. Three beautiful two. Very nice. Hold the pedal down on one. Open the chest and come up three times with straight arms.

Lift the chest up and lower, so a little more little if that's [inaudible] good. Really work that open the chest to come up and lower. Hold the pedal down. Great. Move your left hand to the middle of the pedal and now roll over onto your left hip. So you'll face me over here and slide yourself. So you come to the middle of the chair.

So a little bit of maneuvering puts your right arm on top of your body and just look straight ahead. Okay. Everything is in a straight line. Your left shoulder should pull down and back. Great. Now Bend your right side and reach your fingertips towards your knees. And then lower the pedal with control. Very nice legs. Stay tight together. Five times up lower with control. And again, then that right side, your left shoulder blade draws down. Yeah and lower.

Two more legs. Stay squeezed together and lower. One more lift and lower. Great. Place your right hand on the chair itself and help the pedal to come up. So place it on the chair. Yes. All right, turn around and face me now it's the are seated on top. Yes. So sit as close this way as you can and then lift your legs up to find a teaser position. Both hands reach towards your toes. Very nice.

From here. Turn your palms up, bring your hands behind you, placing them onto the pedal, which is a little lower. They're okay. Open your collarbones and now curl your tailbone and move the pedal from your abdominals. Deepening good and come up. Leave your abs down, but lift your head and chest to the ceiling again. Curl through the tail bone. Reach toward the floor. Good. And then lift your head and chest to the ceiling. One more year, you'll curl and press down. Hold there, pump the pedal three times. Press it. One abs strong. Two glutes tight. Three come up, lift your chest, reach to your toes with your hands.

Find your teaser. Maybe tap your toes with your hands or your shins and relax your legs down. Gorgeous. All right, other sides. So flip to your swan again. Starting from Swan, press the pedal towards the floor. Keep your legs tight together. Shift a little bit. There we go. All right, so remember you on this chair, you need to lift the pedal a couple of inches just to come into a straight line with your body and now pump the pedal. Then the elbows. And pump it down.

Three good. Two legs real tight and on one. Now with straight arms, lift your chest. Open the collar bones to come up and lower with control. As you come up, take your belly with you and open the chest and lower legs or tightly press lift and open and lower. Gorgeous. Move your right hand to the middle of the pedal. Hand onto the chair. Switch yourself over to your right hip. [inaudible] good left arm comes alongside your body.

Just gaze right straight ahead and then bend the left side. Reach your fingertips towards your knee and lower the pedal with control. One of the tricks is to keep that right shoulder on your back. Trying not to let it come to your ear. Three more. Bend and lower.

These are lovely reach and lower. One more tight legs together, Maria, don't let them split. Good. Alright, left-hand comes on top of the chair itself. Let the pedal come up and then one final set of teaser are facing the back. Alright. Find your teaser. Reach your fingertips towards your toes. Beautiful. Take your hands behind you. Place them onto the pedal.

Open your chest and then curl your tailbone to push the pedal towards the floor and then lift your chest to come up. You're actually very good at this GL curl and reach toward the floor. There you go. And lift. Beautiful Maria. Now Curl and press to the floor. Hold their pump the pedal three times, then three and abs strong two and hold it down on one. Come all the way up. Lifting your chest, reach your fingertips towards your toes, find teaser touch, whatever you can have your legs and release your legs down. Huh?

Lovely. Alright, we have another trio kind of in the same position. It starts with twist and reach. Like on the short box it moves to twist number three with your legs. Scissored and it goes to the teaser. Twist at the very end. Okay. All right, so sit with your back that direction again, just like you were last time. Slide your bottom closer to the back edge.

You need about an inch or tube between the edge and your seat. Now extend your legs straight out from you. Take your arms to the ceiling, lift tall and your body twist towards the right and place your right hand onto the pedal. Okay. Just like on the short box, your back stays straight and long. And as you move the pedal toward the floor, you go back in a straight twist and then you come up in that same long straight twisted torso. Again, reach the pedal to the floor and then come up keeping the shoulder drawing down your back. Reach the pedal to the floor, abdominals in to come up. Beautiful. Two more times, keeping that shoulder wrapped. This prepares you for the shoulder of the teaser. Twist one more and bring it all the way up to the top.

Bring both arms up. Good. And then rest your arms. Alright, roll over onto your right hip. So facing this direction, you can scoot yourself around. So you want to be in the middle of the chair? Yep. Please push the pedal to the floor with the right hand and then scissor your top leg back and your bottom leg forward. And bring your left fingertips down onto the pedal as well. Move your right hand over a little bit more. Okay.

Your right hand must be straight. You can be on your left fingertips if you need to. Keeping your hips stacked, lift your chest and bring the pedal up. Open through the collarbones as you lift, lift, lift, and then lengthen back with control. And don't go all the way to the floor. Jia? There we go. And then lift up. I'm going to release your leg and lower with control.

So try to reach long lift. Open the chest and lower. And let's just do one more. Open the collarbones. Pull that right shoulder back and lower the pedal with control. Good. Plus your left hand on top of the chair. Help yourself to come up. Very nice. Okay.

And then we have the teaser twists and Maria sit right back where you were. Yep. So you just came up from that position. So you have your right glute on the chair. Yes. And you're facing a diagonal. All right. Bring your legs up into a teaser. Your right leg. So the front leg crosses over the back leg. Reach both hands towards your toes.

Take both arms up to the ceiling. Take your right hand to the pedal. Your left arm by your ear. Now start with your pelvis. You flip over onto your right hip. As the pedal goes to the floor, keeping your legs crossed. Uh Huh. And then come back up. The pelvis starts rolled back to lift the legs right back up. I'll be right over there. Jia? You're doing great.

Roll over onto your right hips. Squeeze your thighs together. Go all the way over to it. Maria reached toward Jia. Yes. And now come back. Pull the left hip down. Lift the legs up. One last time. Beautiful job. Roll over onto the hips. Squeeze your thighs really tight. Now reach out the door. There it is. Come back up. Pull the hip down.

Lift your legs all the way up. Reach both hands to your toes. Touch your legs again and then rest your legs. Hurray. Good. And now the other side. Okay, so have a seat. Uh, we start with the twist and reach. So you're near the back edge. Legs are straight out in front of you. Arms go up, lifting tall, twist to the left side, bring your left hand to the chair. Good chest is open, and now push the pedal towards the floor.

Drawing that left shoulder down on your back and then come up, up, up, and again, twist and press the pedal towards the floor and come back up. That right hip stays heavy. [inaudible] and press toward the floor. Reach long and belly in to lengthen up. One more time. Reach both legs evenly. As you rotate, good and come all the way back up. Reach both arms to the and then rest your arms. All right, very nice. Come onto your left hip.

Now for the twist with the legs and scissor, you'll push the pedal to the floor. Top leg goes back, bottom leg goes forward. Okay, then put your right hand down on the pedal as well. [inaudible] and keep the hips stacked. All right, opening through your chest. Lift the pedal to come up, reaching long and low through the legs and then lower the pedal towards the floor. Long straight legs and come up. Open through the collarbones. That's it. And then reach the body forward.

Pull the low abs in to pick the pedal all the way up and lower back down. One last time. Pull the left shoulder back, and then lower with control. Okay. Move your left hand to the middle of the pedal. Right hand to the chair. Close your legs and bring yourself up. Now kind of don't move where you're seated.

Just shift a little bit so you can bring your legs up and forward. Okay? Yes. Your front leg crosses over the back leg. Both arms reach to your toes. Then they go to the ceiling. The left arm comes to the pedal. Start from your pelvis and just roll your hips over, squeezing your inner thighs. Keep the legs crossed another way, all the way onto your hip. Yup. And now come back, pull the hip down and allow the legs to lift.

And I want you to scoot this way a little bit. Yes. And again, roll it over onto the left hip. Squeeze the inner thighs together as you reach long and then come back. Push the hip down. Allow the legs to come all the way back up. Last one ladies. Great job. Pull the left shoulder onto the back, squeezing the legs, belly in, find length, come back hip drops first legs come up. Reach both hands towards your teaser.

Touch your toes and relax your legs. All right, well done. Okay, so we have a little break from teasers, et cetera. The next trio, I want you to come around to the front. It includes the push down the piano frog and the knee stretches. Okay? And we do have to change the spring for knee stretches. So the first two were on the same middle spring, so it's good for the moment.

Measure yourself a foot slink distance from the front of the chair, heels together, toes apart, arms to the ceiling. Take a breath in and exhale round over and place your hands onto the pedal. Push the pedal all the way to the floor. Once the pedal is on the floor, shift your weight more forward. So actually your weight is kind of over your arms and now roll through your spine to pick the pedal up. Tailbone to the heels. Pick it up and then push the pedal right back towards the floor.

Your weight stays forward. Soften your knees a little. The backs of legs work together. Good. And one more time. This time you'll come all the way up, reaching your arms to the ceiling. Staying in this position. Rise onto your toes and make sure your heels can touch the piano. Frog.

You Bend Your Knees, staying upright. Place the heels of your hands onto the pedal, keeping your hips off your heels so you're squeezed onto your seat to lift right. And then press the pedal to the floor. Just like spine. Stretch forward. So you're scooping in through the belly and lift and deepen the waist. Lift the arms two more times. Press lift. One more. Oppress. Lift. Stand all the way up. Reach your arms to the ceiling and lower your heels.

Lower your arms. Good. Alright, I'm going to add you a spring here. So now we have one top one bottom spring. And place your hands on to the chair. Step the pedal to the floor with one foot and both feet. Come on. So the knee stretches. Start just like a pull up.

It's kind of a combination of a pullup and mountain climber. Okay, so you're rounded in your body. Shoulders are over your wrist. Pull the pedal up towards the ceiling and stay up there. Once you have the pedal lifted to the top, keep the pedal there, bend your knees, Curl your tailbone under, and then pump the pedal down and up. Ten nine curl the tailbone. Eight. That's it. Seven. Pull those knees up. Six, five, a little higher. Maria. Four right into your waist. Three. That's it.

To hold this steady and one. Now straighten the legs by lifting your hips. Uh Huh. And then lower the pedal towards the floor. Gorgeous. Carefully step off. Allow the pedal to lift with control and I will switch the springs back so we have one more set of those. Okay. All right. Just starting with the push down, but this time come on to your toes so you're rising up.

Round forward. Place your hands onto the pedal. Don't lose your balance. Push the pedal towards the floor, keeping your heels lifted. Good. Three lifts of the pedal roll with straight arms. Roll through the spine and press the pedal toward the floor. Again, wrap the backs of the legs that's at Maria and press towards the floor. This time you'll roll all the way up through the back.

Reach your arms towards the ceiling, staying on your toes. Go right into piano frog. Bend your knees. Place the heels of your hands onto the chair. Now squeeze under your hamstrings and glutes. Give a little lift, yes and then push the pedal and lift scoops with the core animal lift. That's right. Heels of the hands. Press if you can. Aha. Two more.

Press lift, press lift. Stand right up. Try to go vertically up. Once you're at the top, lower your heels, luckily. All right, last set of knee stretches. I will add back your springs. Now go ahead and Maria that sign on the bottom. Perfect. Place your hands onto the chair. Carefully push the pedal to the floor. All right, hands. Go out the back edge. Round your back.

Pull the pedal all the way up. Hips lift towards the ceiling. Adjust your toes a little bit more. Now keeping the pedal up. Bend your knees, curling your tailbone more, and pump the pedal 10 times. Lift up 10, nine, eight. The hip stays steady. Six, five, hold that still for yes. Three, two, one. Now straighten your legs by lifting your hips. Keep the pedal up. Yes, and then lower the pedal with control. All right, carefully step off. Allow the pedal to lift.

Very nice. It's time for the final trio. All right, so we start with the standing leg. Press down and then we'll move on to the pushups front and a handstand prep. Okay. Fun Times. So facing the chair, you stand about two and a half foot links. Distance away. You'll know you're in the new heels together, toes apart. You'll know you're on the right spot.

When you bring your leg up and place it onto the chair, the outer side of your arch should be on the pedal. So you may have to scooch back just a smidge. Both of you. Yes. Okay. Put your hands on your hips. It's a light spring for all of these. It's one metal. They're standing tall through the body and they just press the pedal towards the floor as bull flakes, try to scissor together and their core lifts and then a lift the pedal again.

Press the pedal, standing strong and lift the pedal. Very nice. Press the pedal lift through the waist, and two more. Press the pedal. Grew up tall and lip and one more. Press and lift. Now hold the pedal up. Just lift your leg off the pedal and touch it down. Lifted off.

Try not to lean back, low, lifted off. Stay up then your knee and put your foot down on the floor. Other side, very nice. Left leg comes up so the leg is externally rotated and then they're on the outer edge of their arch. Press the pedal to the floor using the back of the leg and then let the pedal lift. As you pull with this leg, the opposite leg goes forward against it and lift. And then the Belize, oops. And the lift. Very nice.

Two more press and the lift. One more time. Your hip lowers as you pull the pedal. There you go, Maria. And lift. Now three lifts up. One that's right. Lift up to lift up. Three, bend your knee. Replace Your foot by the other foot, right, right where you are.

Just turn around. Okay. Pushups front. So bend over and place your hands onto the floor. Place a one foot at a time. Carefully up onto the pedal without pushing the pedal to the floor. So you're in a pike. Walk your hands forward. Find Your pushup position. All right, keeping the pedal still do three pushups with just your arms.

Three and two. Elbows in and on. Yes. And now move the pedal down and up a little bit, three times so it'll shift forward and up. Shift forward and up. Good. Shift forward and stay there, Maria. I will help you. Kay. GL. Go onto both arms and legs so both arms and legs. Go Bend and up and pedal in.

Arms and up. One more. Paddle in arms. Good. Now lift your hips to the ceiling. Walk your hands all the way back under your shoulders so you have a straight line. We'll have a little further back from hands to hips. Now very small movement of the pedal three pulls down and up. Good. A little scoop of the belly to do it, and a deep control hold.

Step one foot to the floor, the other foot to the floor. Roll all the way up, reaching your arms to the ceiling. Take a big breath in and exhale. Open to the side. Right? You guys are done. Give me five. Nice. Scott.


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Fantastic class. Slightly beyond my skill level. I paused often and enjoyed trying the exercises. Great sequencing. Bravo to these two ladies! This class was not easy!
Wow, that was rough but good. Nice transitions and cueing!
Thank you, Mary and Holly, for trying the challenging chair workout! Keep working on it - you will get there :)
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I love your cueing, Carrie! Great class!
Thank you, Lauren!
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What can I say that I haven't already said!!! Carrie rocks!!!
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Great combinations of exercise groupings.
LOVE the trio's!!! Great class!
Thank you! Wonderful class and challenging without being crazy :)
Wow! Great class. One question: how many springs for the push-ups ? And if too light for me ok to make it heavier ? Thanks
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