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Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Show your body some love with this lovely Mat workout with Diane Severino! She works on using contractions and releases to get you moving and to work your entire body - including your feet. You will be sitting up taller than ever after taking this class!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi everybody. Thanks for taking my class. We're going to start with the diamond shape now. The diamond shape in my class, the heals of far enough forward from your hips that your entir...

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Unique instruction! Engaging and personal style coupled with some great exercises. Thank you.
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Great class. I could tell that this incorporated the Martha Graham dance technique. So wish someone would put her floorwork on dvd. Thanks for breaking down the movement with great explanations. More of Diane please!!!
Diane, you are wonderful ! Love your style :)
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Excellent instruction! I also enjoyed the way you teach with lightness and humour and inspiration! Thank you!!!
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I just did this class. OMG wonderful, wonderful. Please, please more classes like this. Makes me wish there was a Martha Graham dance class in my area. Exactly what my middle aged body needed.
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What a joy to be in her company. Even if it's only over cyber-waves. :) In today's world that's no small matter. Thank you for sharing your verve and joie d'vie, Diane. And yes! Makes me wanna take a Graham class!
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Thank you Diane, for providing a Fletcher style Pilates class with us. You are a role model for all to admire. This class reached the deeper hip muscles, strengthened the obliques and rejuvenated our feet.
Thank you Diane, I feel so much inspire and the joy of movement. Love de floorwork! You go girl!
Fabulous class - remind me not to attempt it again when my body is broken from Circuit Training..... Huge thank you.
I absolutely love this class! I wouldn't know a Martha Graham class if I was in one, but after this class I'd bet she'd notice me! This class moved me in ways my body is not used to and yet it was somehow effortless too. Your way with me while I was at home was fantastic. Can you actually see us? Thank you Diane!
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