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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Start your day with a simple movement practice in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She is joined by Anisha, who is from Dubai, along with Nicole and Sarah from Santa Barbara. They work through flowing sequences that will lengthen and strengthen your entire body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I'm so excited today because we've got some fun people here, we've got Aneesha who is here all the way from Dubai. Dubai. And my friend Sarah who y'all know, and Nicole from behind the...


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Woo-hoo!! Always great to start the day and see there's a new Meredith video
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Thanks Mer! A perfect class and what a great way to start the day!
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3am on this side of the pond ladies. I'm eager to take this class too a few more hours!
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Excellent class! I think it's closer to a 2/3 class though :).
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Jessica ~ Thank you for your feedback. Even though this class is challenging, we have made it a level 2 because all of the exercises would be safe for an intermediate student.
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Stralike !!! Txs !!
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Haha yes, you definitely feel the burn with this one, I had to hit the pause button once Especially the controlled rolling down and up in between the exercises, nice idea!
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It was over so quickly - thank you
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love your style,that was wonderful.
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Challenging! I liked it! You have a good sense of humour about your sounding like a flight attendant *belly laugh*

Feedback: Lots of back-to-back flexion movements, I actually needed to take a pause to stand and centre myself before I continued with the initial floor sequences. (Note: a few years back, I herniated my low back, so I take precautions to avoid too much flexion in one go.)
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