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Mat for Back Pain

35 min - Class


Focus on hugging the midline with this Mat workout by Monica Wilson. She teaches her friend Tara, who has had a disc herniation as well as hip dysplasia. She uses the Magic Circle to help pull her into her powerhouse so she can begin to build strength so she can move safely in the other activities she enjoys.

Monica starts with an assessment to find out more about Tara's injury. The movement part of the class begins at about 5:20.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle


Okay, so I'm here with my friend Tara. And I've been wanting to work with her for a long time, because she actually practices some Pilates work on her own. But I've never been able to ...


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So good to see a class dedicated to working with back injuries.
Excellent class.
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This was really helpful to me as an instructor. It's our population more and more---herniated discs, spinal arthritis and injuries. Great video!
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Very helpful! Thank you.
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Thank you !
Flexion was the choice for this client.There is plenty of flexion in Pilates Mat.
Would you show how we should choose moves for "extension" pron with herniation. I was told 25% belong in this group.
Some of this group feel pain even in "imprint". They are happy in extention.

Unfortunatly, some people are not aware enough to figure out if they feel better in flexion or extention. So we chalange them in "neutral", till able to feel their preference.
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I thought if you had herniation that you had to avoid flexion and go for extension, is this per client or did I just have it all wrong??
I am also confused.... I was taught if a client has a lumbar herniation the protocol is no lumbar flexion as the annulus fibrosus will be compromised leading potentially to further leakage of the nucleus pulposus ? That is if it is a posterior / posterior lateral herniation . Perhaps this client has an anterior herniation?
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Yep, I am having the same question about the C curve and bending forward of the head with a herniated disk. I thought that was a no no.
Hi Everyone! Such great questions and I love how this video has everyone thinking and coming up with protocols. I purposely have sat back this week to see all the responses come in. I hope I can answer your questions here:) I was a human anatomy T.A. at UCSB prior to moving to New York and doing an independent study with my aunt, Romana Kryzanowska. I came from a complete scientific and analytical background and wanted to approach Pilates in the same manner. My aunt had a gift and an intuition which put all my anatomy education to shame. She reminded us that we were Pilates Instructors, not doctors, physical therapists or any other medical professional. Instead, she spoke with her client and checked their range of motion in a safe manner. Once she took the time to truly understand what movements caused her client discomfort, she was able to design a customized workout to help strengthen her client.
Comment Part II: This class is an example of how to do that with your client and the exercises I gave Tara are specific to her back injuries. This is not the Pilates system for every back injury. Get to know your client and find out if it hurts them to bend forward (flexion) or backbend (extension). Or perhaps it hurts them to side bend. All your questions above are definitely on the right track! Where in his/her back is the herniation, slipped disc, degenerative disc...the list goes on and we really don't need to know the exact terminology, the exact vertebrae or diagnosis. What we need to do is make sure we don't aggravate their condition, keep them safe, teach them how to strengthen their powerhouse which will support their back injury and make them feel normal and alive again!
Finale: It stinks to progress to quickly with someone and feel vulnerable and unsafe. But it also stinks if you focus so heavily on their injury that they feel like an invalid and like they will never be able to move again. You want to earn their trust and help them enjoy life again! I hope that helps answer a few of your questions. Monica:)
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