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Karen Sanzo is back with another 30-minute (33 to be exact) Mat class focusing on the basic exercises. Special attention is placed on the fundamentals of each exercise to help you build your strength and gain a deeper understanding of the work. Don't let 'basic" and "fundamental" fool you though, you will get a great workout from this class as Karen moves rather quickly from one exercise to the next offering insightful cues all along the way.
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Uh, this is a 30 minute mat class basically with beginner exercises, so we may hold some exercises a little bit. We're not going to do tons of repetitions, but we're going to do fundamentals that create the exercises and put them all together into the exercise. It's going to move kind of quickly, but they're all very basic exercises. All righty. Let's start lying on your back. I'm going to join you. This, this workout also assumes you know your basic fundamentals. Okay? Take an inhale. As you exhale your feet gently press down, your belly pulls in and start to curl your tailbone up just a little bit.

Just gonna warm up that lowest vine up and then roll it down. Belly pulls in your ribs. Stay heavy as the tailbone curls up and you roll it down. Let's do that one more time. Roll it up and then roll it down and then pause.

Now people don't do this next one very often, but I want you to go into extension. As you take your pubic bone in, roll it away from you. I only want you to extend your lower back and don't want your chest to live. Don't want anything else to change. Just lower that tail bone away from you and then sink the abdomen and then curl it all the way back up into flection. Bring it down to neutral pause and then take it away from you and then bring it back in a neutral arms down by your side. Again. Take an inhale here.

Exhale, drop your chin towards your chest, lengthen the back of your neck. Look right back up at the ceiling, and then take your eyeballs and look over your eyebrows so that your chin floats up to the ceiling. And now you're extending your neck. And then bring yourself back to level. Take your head not at to the left. One time back to center. Take it to the right, nod at to the right one time and come back to center. Big Inhale. Exhale. Press the feet. Lift up into a neutral bridge.

A Nice neutral bridge lifts you up. Nice firm legs. Get Nice and connected. Hold this for the count of five, four, three, two, one. And then lie your spine all the way down. Keeping connected through the thighs as you take the time to unwind that spine down to the mat. One more time. Big Inhale. Exhale. Press the feet neutral. Lift neutral. Lift this time.

Inhale, exhale, articulate down. Just like we do the exercise called breathing on the Cadillac. Sometimes we do a neutral lift and an articulatory down. [inaudible]. Very nice. Let's close the knees. Close the feet.

Take the arms down by your side. Palms down. Now breathe in for five counts. Breathe. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Blow out, two, three, four, five, two more sets on your own. Last set hundred beats. Leave your feet down. Lift your head, curl at your ribs. Reach your hands past your yields. Hold right here. Only the breath portion. Inhale, exhale.

Inhale, and exhale. Pump the arms. Go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Exhale. Start to lift the left leg up to tabletop. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Right leg lifts, a tabletop leg. Squeeze together. If your neck gets tired, support it with one of your hands. Press back a little bit.

Curl forward a little bit. Regroup the scoop. Two arms pumping again, see how that just gives you a little bit more regrouping to give that neck a little rest rather than letting the head look up like this. Ooh, accident. Don't want to do that. Take time. Support your head. Keep pumping one arm while you support your head. Regroup a little bit more. Last set. Big Inhale. Big exhale. Lower right leg. Lower left leg. Lower yourself down.

Now roll to your side and sit yourself up from the city beginning level class. That's bend the knees. Arms out in front. Take an inhale. Let's flex your feet back. Big Inhale again. Exhale, shoulders, come back. Roll your tailbone underneath. You. Lie Yourself partway down. Stop. Inhale, exhale. Curl yourself up three times. Inhale, exhale, shoulders, back, belly and curl and unroll just to the level that you feel comfortable and then bring yourself back up. Try not to be ahead and dropper. Just roll your spine down.

Don't let your head counterbalance work from your trunk. Pause here. Here's the tricky part. Two arms reach to the right center. Two arms reach to the left center. Sit yourself back up. How is that? That's pretty good. Hunter and your palms up. Inhale. Exhale. Roll yourself partway down. Straighten out the legs. Point your toes, give your hips a little rest. Pause here, right arm opens out.

Looks at it. Hold Center, left arm center. Sit yourself back up. Inhale. Exhale. Lower yourself all the way down to the mat. All the way down. Arms down by your side. Single leg circle. Take the right leg into a tabletop position.

Take both of your hands and lace them around that right thigh. Pull your shoulder blades back, pull your belly in. Let's stretch that leg five times up and down. So the kicks up, the heel reaches to the ceiling and then bend it in. Here's two and three, stretching out that leg and four and last time. Five and now take your arms down by your side.

Gently point the toe. Single leg circle. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Cross the leg around, out to the side. Come back up. Stop it at the top, around and down. Circle ups stock. Here's the third one. Here's the fourth one. Last time. Five, come back up and pause. Take your arms up in the air. Inhale, reverse direction out. Whoa. Come back up. Stuff tidy up those arms. Be Sure and press that left leg calmly down as you circle that right. One, two more. Last time. [inaudible] fold the knee into the chest.

Don't lift your head full that knee and just stretch that leg out. Take that same right leg up in the air. Arms down by your side. Slowly lower the leg down as if somebody were pulling it long right out of the hip and rested down on the Mat. Left knee bends in hands. Lace right behind that fi and then kick that shit up and down with a flexed foot. Stretch. Little dynamic work here. Stretch and bend. Three more.

Stretch and bend two more and Ben last time and bend and now reach the leg to the ceiling. Soft point of the Cho, a little bit of extra rotation, the thigh, just how you know how to do the exercise. Inhale, prepare. Exhale, cross over around. Come up, stop. The arms are down for this one. Just notice how much you may or may not be using your arms to more. There's a little marble in the belly button. Don't let that marble move last time. Come up to the top and pause. Take your arms up in the air. Inhale.

Let's take the leg out to the side. Cross it over, come up. Right leg is pressing down firmly as the left leg is circling. Stable trunk. Your circle can't be as big last time. Bend the knee in. Give it a nice hug, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and then put that leg down in law. Flex both your feet long, nice, long hips. A lot of times when people press their legs long, they tend to arch their back, so you really want to pull up on the abdomen and reach the legs away. Take that right leg up in the air again. Again, if you're needs to bend in order for your thigh to get to vertical, then you go ahead and bend that knee.

The most important position here is the position of the thigh. Scoop in the belly. Take your left leg in a match. Yet. Maybe your legs are straight, maybe they're not arms down by your side. Double leg circle. We also call this corkscrew, but we're just doing baby ones now. Baby ones. Circle to the right around. Come up and stop to the left around.

Feel a little bit of the weight shift in the back side of your bottom. One more time and then lower one leg down in the other one. We did that as a fundamental swing, the knees side to side, so we might as well add that little double leg circle right there. Take an inhale. As you exhale, press both of your feet. Lift up into a neutral bridge. Pause. After my legs are up in the air, I like to insert a basic bridge to kind of lengthen the front of the hits.

Engage the back of the buttocks and now lie your spine down on the mat. Keeping engagement in the legs. Lying down, lying down, lying down. Let's take both legs into the chest. We're going to prepare for rolling like a ball. Lift the head, curl the trunk, push into your thighs. Bring yourself up for rolling like a ball. Let's take a bigger ball today as it beginner hands behind each of the thighs. Lift one leg up, match with the other one. What are you doing with your legs?

You're pressing away. Press your legs away from you. Go ahead and hold your thighs. Pull your belly deeply. Don't just automatically drop the head. Let's get a scoop. Enos in the belly and now you can balance here or you can roll. So let's inhale. Roll back. Exhale, roll up balance.

Scoop the belly in. Tip over and come up and pause. Now let's squeeze the heels together. Let's close the knees a little bit more. Put your hands on top of the knees. Tighter Ball, harder exercise. Don't be in a hurry to drop the head. Come on, pull the knees up. Pull the belly back. Now press your shins into your hands.

You should almost feel your biceps. Yeah, and here we go. Three times. Press your legs. Press your legs. Keep pressing your legs as you roll back. Keep pressing your legs. As you roll up, you must. You must press those legs two more. Last time. Come up and balance. Hold yourself right here. Take your legs out.

Long arms out in front of you. Role part, way back hold. Turn your right palm. We're doing this one again. Oh boy. Come back in. Left arm. Come back in. Lie yourself down. Ben, both of your knees getting ready for a single leg stretch with the head down. Take the right leg into a tabletop scooping in the belly. Left leg matches.

Let's take your right leg up in the air. I call this also screaming baby. It looks like this. Switch and switch and switch and switch. Now for some of you, this doesn't feel like much of a challenge. For some of you it does. Stop the exercise. Put your hands on your knees and pause when your hands are on your knees.

Don't pull them into your chest, but press your legs away from you. That kind of takes the tension out of your back. Can you kind of feel that a little bit? Now go ahead and flex the feet. Take your arms down by your side again and now kick your right leg up in the air. Now lower your right leg down to the distance that you feel sufficiently challenged today. So Palabra is meet your body where it is. Some days your legs May, your position may change more than others.

Take that leg back up in the air. Bend the knee in, left leg lifts up, lowers down, it matter the size of your belly. It matters what it's doing on the inside, and then lift it up and bend the knee in. Hands on the knees. Pause right there. Lower the feet down. Just a little worried about that exercise. For some people that are shaped kind of round, it's almost easier for them to do the exercise curled up because their body is already in that shape. So I encourage you to do that exercise with the head down like we just did, and also with the head up. Let's take the hands behind the head.

Curl the trunk as if you're doing a hundred beats because our body already understands that position. Curl the trunk. Two legs come into tabletop, single leg stretch up and down. Not Fancy, but just getting the challenge. Now, pause. Now. How about out a little bit more? Stay curled in the trunk. Gently press the head back as you regroup the curl forward. Last set, and then two knees. Come in, lower yourself down and rest right there and then we can add the arm pulling in and doing all that fancy stuff later. But this just gets the body to work in a long position and it gets it to work in a trunk. Flex position. Next exercise. Double leg stretch.

Let's take the right leg. Match it with the left one heel. Squeeze together. Arms down by your side. Two legs. Press up in the air. Exhale, pull in three times. Here's two and last one. Hands on the knees. Pause hands behind the head. Lift the head. Curl your trunk to the a hundred beats position. Hold two legs out and in three times press and pull.

Create resistance and resist. In last time. Come in, lower your body down, lie down and rest right there. Arms down by your side. Press your feet, lift yourself up into a bridge. Take an inhale. As you exhale, press really deep into that left leg and think about lifting your right leg up. You don't have to, but just think about lifting it. Feel it.

Build the work behind the left leg. Can you feel that? But don't lift it up. Just don't lift it up and then stop. Press the right leg down like mad. Think about lifting the left leg, but you don't have to. Just think about it and then put it down and then lie your spine all the way back down, all the way back down, all the way back down. Very good. Fold your knees in towards your chest.

Put your hands behind your thighs. Roll yourself on up to sitting for spine stretch. Now spine stretch is one of those interesting exercises that if you don't have tight hamstrings, you can sit up nice and tall. If you do have tight hamstrings, the best modification is to sit on something. Okay? The other modification is to bend your knees, but oftentimes what happens when people bend their knees is this.

They just roll forward on their [inaudible] and they end up arching their back and sticking their chest out. So the ideal modification is to sit on something in the event. You can't sit on something. I come to the knees because it still gets the spine stretch focus. Okay, so take an inhale. You can stay how you are taking. Inhale, as you exhale, the head gently nods and you round forward as if you're peeling away from a stick, peeling away from a wall.

Pull the waistline back as you come up and over like a barbed wire fence. Take an inhale while you're there. Exhale, unwind the spine back slowly, slowly, slowly, and then stack up your spine. The head is the last to come up three times total. That's one. Inhale, exhale. Belly pulls in around your spine, round your spine like somebody pulling the crown of your head forward and then unwind your spine. Bring yourself all the way back up. And then last time, inhale, big exhale. Belly pulls in.

Rounding the spine, rounding the spine, and then bring yourself back up. Now take your hands, put them behind your back. Open up your elbows. Open up your chest. Take an inhale here. Exhale spine, stretch forward. Now you can't round your shoulders. Yeah, so pull the waistline back right there. Where that rib packages, pull that back as you round forward. You're not going to go as far. Can you see how you're not going as far? Minimize your head dropping everybody. There you go. Now get longer. Flex those toes backwards.

Pull your waistline deeper. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. There you go. And now, right where your hands are, unwind your spine right into those hands and unwind yourself all the way back up so you feel how that awareness there kind of gets you out of your shoulders. Okay, let's do Saul. Take the legs, arms out in front. Take them out to the side. Open the chest. Might need to straddle yourself there. Good.

Now let's twist yourself to the left. Inhale. Exhale, spine flection over. Take your forehead towards that left Shin. Okay, so that's it. There you go. Sit equally on your bottom. Reach one reached to reach three. Lean backwards with the waistline. Stack your spine back up, arms to the side. Let's twist the body to the other side and then go over, turn that back palm upward as if it's pushing up on to something very nice and then blowing lead back with the waistline. Buying yourself all the way back up.

Very good. Hands behind the head. Twist to the left, twist to the left. Do the same exercise, but no hands. Roll your spine forward. Take your forehead towards your Shin. Nice job. No resting, no resting twisting, twisting gun, and then stay in the twist. Sit back up, come back to center, twist to the other side. One more time, curl and those ribs. Stretch out those backwards. All stripes. Make the front horizontal stripe shorter. The back one's longer, and then bring yourself all the way back up and come back to center. Very good. Arms out in front, palms up, legs together. Inhale. Exhale.

Roll it back. Who said that? Beginners don't get good trunk. Curling. Hold yourself there. Maybe you can go back further, maybe not. And then curl yourself back up. If you have to hoist to come up, it means that you don't get to go all the way down. Okay, roll back. Take your right arm out, twist and hold the twist. Now this time come up in that twist. Come up in that twist.

Bring that arm to center, roll back, left arm out. Turn and look at it. Come up in that twist and bring your arm back to center and then roll yourself all the way down to the mat, pulling your belly in all the way down, all the way down, all the way down, and pause right there. Bend your knees. Separate your feet as wide as the mat. Roll your right knee in towards your left ankle, and then unwind your spine all the way back.

One time with the left knee rolls in, left shoulder stays down. Inhale, exhale. Pull your belly in. Roll yourself all the way back. Very good. Let's turn over to her hands and knees. So one little journey here to extension and then we'll lie down and just one, take your hands, pull them towards your knees, and then take your head. Look towards the front edge of your mat just a little bit. Press Your Shin is down. Pull your belly up and now let your heart sign forward.

So go ahead and go into thoracic extension without sticking your butt out too far lifted in the pelvic floor. Hold right there and then nod your head. Look between your hands. Bring yourself back to level. Lie yourself down on your tummy. Take your arms down by your side. With your palms up.

Let's turn your head and face me. Let your shoulders rest down. Now take your shoulders and lift them up by pulling your shoulder blade towards your spine, press your feet down into the mat, but lift your thighs up. Lift your thighs up as you press your feet down, and then turn your heels towards each other. And now lift up your arms. Turn your face to look at the mat, lift your arms higher, and let your chest shine forward. Your feet are actually pressing down.

They're not. Your thighs are off the mat. Your feet are pressing down, lengthening out the crown of your head like a rocket ship. And then take that time to lie your spine all the way back down, all the way back down. Turn your head to the other direction. Relax everything feet. Press down, thighs, lift up. That makes a butt thigh connection to support your pelvis. Keep the thighs engaged. Squeeze your heels together.

Shoulder blades attract arms. Lift up head looks at the math. Turn on those triceps like mad. Lift your arms. Hold yourself right there. Breathe hundred beats and Reversi. Inhale and exhale. You're looking towards the edge of the mat. Your new necklace is shining across the room.

One more set arms working, chest in extension, and then lower yourself all the way down and pause right there. Take your hands underneath your armpits. Let's curl the toes up underneath you like so. Reach your heels so long that it engages the thighs even more, and then let your toes go down. Squeeze your heels together. Use Your hands to help your spine lift up.

Pull your hands towards your pelvis as if you're going to pull your chest through, and then take that time to lie yourself down. Two more times. Inhale, shoulder blades come back, elbows by your ribs. Lift up. Exhale, lower yourself down. The thighs are squeezing together at the groins. Your buttocks is not pinched and tucked really hard.

It's your hip sockets that are squeezing together and then slowly lower yourself to him. Bend your knees, press yourself up to a plank. Leave your hands exactly where they are. Sit your bottom back. Take yourself back out to quadro pet again. Your hands are already in sh in the position they are. Take your right leg out behind you.

Curl the chosen are neath you getting ready for plank. Try to pick that right leg up, but you can't feel where that connection is at your buttocks and your thigh. Keep that connection and then match your left leg out. Big Inhale. Big exhale. Hold scooping in the belly. Drop the left knee in. Drop the right knee in and pause. Take an inhale.

Left leg comes out right leg matches. Strong, strong, strong. Drop the right knee down. Drop the left knee down. Sit yourself back and pause right there. Take yourself forward. Curl the toes underneath you.

Weightbearing into the shoulders. It looks like this. Take an inhale. As I exhale, I curl my tailbone. I think of that little fundamental curl. I pull my belly in so deep I do. Knees off on the Mat. Count to five, four strong arms three, two, one and drop down. Inhale. Exhale. Belly Poles. Belly pulls in so deep that knees just float up off the mat.

What are those arms doing? They're pulling in a diagonal for three, two, one and lower yourself down. Last one, big inhale. Exhale, belly pulls in. Tailbone curls, lift, lift, lift up, hold five. Hold for hold three. Hold to hold one lower than knees down. Lower your feet and sit back.

Lie On your side. As a beginner, I like to keep the arms out because sometimes I don't. You know people, they come and get all saggy in their body and don't know exactly what to put their arms. So sometimes you might need to put a towel roll or something underneath there. Take both of your legs, lift them up, and just slide them forward.

The corner of your mat and very common action here. Pull your tummy in. Only going to do two exercises here. You're going to take your top leg, reflects the heel and reach it long. Now when you were in Quadro pet and I said tighten up the knee cap, lengthen out your knee so the leg is long from your hip. It's not on top of this other leg. It's in a pure coronal plane if you will.

Let's take that top arm and put it right on your pelvis so that when you lift that leg up and down, you're not making wrinkles in your tee shirt. Makes Sense? Okay, so up and down we'll do ten nine seven [inaudible] five and three and one lift whole. Now that bottom leg, what the heck is it doing? Pressing down into the ground and you will feel the same muscle working in about the same area. Let's do 10 more ago. Ten nine it's a small range of motion. Eight seven where's your stick behind you? Head needs to come back.

Read packaging needs to come back on four and three and two and one. Now rest the leg on top of the other leg and pause. Let's take the leg back in line one more time. And now this time we're going to do bend and stretch. So it's bend and kick away. Bend and kick away.

As I bend my knee. What exercises this? It's a knee fold, right? So I'm not going to go do kick front and kick back just yet because I want people to feel the stability lying on their side two more times. And last one, let's bend both knees in. Let's bring your body to the front edge of your mat just a little bit. Bend your knees, take your bottom arm out in front of you.

Put your top arm on top of it and trace it along your spine and open up your chest to trunk rotation. Big Inhale. Exhale. Bend that top arm. Scrape it across your chest and take it over that arm. One more time. Nice. Inhale. Squeeze your thighs together. Take this time to unwind your spine like your a washcloth. Just wringing out.

So don't let that top arm just hanging down, but let the twisting come from your trunk and your ribs and then bend that elbow in and bring yourself back. Prop yourself up on your bottom forearm. It looks like this. Take your top leg, bring it in front of you. Take your bottom leg back in line with your hip. Take a look at your left elbow. Try to make sure it's under your shoulder and then move away from it a little bit so that way when you come up into the plank, your shoulder will then indeed be over your elbow. Follow. Okay, press down with that bottom leg.

Take an inhale as you exhale, pressing down into that leg. Lift up the pelvis. Now your arm is over that shoulder a little bit. Your foot is pressing down. Your, your bottom inner groin is actually pressing up. Hold there. Take your arm up in the air. Maybe, yes, maybe no big inhale, big exhale, lower yourself down.

Then the knee again and pause and rest a second. We'll do it again. Inhale, exhale. Bottom leg comes out, left leg in front. Feed that shoulder. And then lift yourself up, pull your tummy in, bring your head line, bring your rib packaging back, top, arm up in the air. Press Down with your foot down with your elbow up with your trunk and then slowly lower yourself down. Very good. We'll turn and face in the other direction. Legs are at the front corner of the map. The Belize pulled in.

The top leg is reaching, its not behind your your hip. It's just behind the other leg. Reach that leg long. Pull in your tummy, right hand on the right pelvis, reaching long and then up and down 10 times you're looking straight ahead. Five more, four, three, two and one and then rest that leg down just a second. The bottom leg needs depressed to the floor and away from you simultaneously. Take the top leg lifted up again.

Bring it back in line with your hip and we'll do 10 more pressing the bottom leg down simultaneously. You almost feel the same muscle on both legs. Five more, four, three, two, one. Bend in, stretch and bend and kick away. Bend and kick away just a knee fold and sideline belly, staying in control. Lift up that pelvic floor every so often. Give that core a little more attention from down below and we'll do three more and two more and last time and lower the leg down.

Bring yourself up to your forearm. Put your top leg in front. Bring yourself away from your elbow just a little bit so that when you lift up, your shoulder becomes in position over your elbow. Take an inhale as you exhale, lift up. Bottom leg is pressing down. Bottom Groin is actually pressing up top arm up in the air.

Big Inhale, hold yourself right there. You might have to think side bend towards the ceiling just a little bit to lengthen out your torso and then lower yourself down and rest a second. Inhale here. Exhale, press down with the bottom leg up with the bottom growing. Hold yourself strong. Lift, hold, hold, hold. Nice weight bearing into the shoulder and then slowly lower yourself down and lower your leg down and turn around and then lie yourself down and then lie back on your side.

Face the front of your mat because we have to give all the attention to the same side. Open up that right arm, twist that trunk, keeping your knees heavy. Feel the twist in your spine like a washcloth. Wringing out. Bend that top arm over your chest to bring it out over your arm. Inhale, exhale. Again. Arm comes back. Pull the belly in, reach away, and then bring that arm all the way back and now lie on your back feet. Press down, arms down by your side. Take an inhale as you exhale, lift your torso up. Look right at the ceiling. Big Inhale here. Exhale, lie your spine down, section by section all the way down, all the way down, all the way down, knees and feet together. Let two knees drop over to the left side. Let both of your arms reach to the right as if you're holding a big beach ball between your two hands.

And then pull the beach ball up to the ceiling and let the arms sway to the other side, and your legs sway to the other side. And then push that beach ball all the way back up to the ceiling and take your arms down by your side. Separate your feet as wide as the mat. And one more time, right knee falls in towards the left ankle. This is so good to get the hip open and the trunk to twist from the forces of the leg and then unroll yourself back. And then last time, left knee in towards the right ankle and then bring yourself right [inaudible] full two knees into the chest as you pull your knees towards your armpits. Try not to tense your upper body, leave your head down. And then rest.

Who knew you didn't have to do a roll up or a rollover, right? Or teaser.


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Love love LOVE Karen!

btw, freezing for me around 29:00. even at lower quality. I've noticed these things get ironed out tho, after they've been up awhile.
hung up there for me, too. And I was really curious what was going to happen for that exercise, it was new to me!
I just checked it at 29 and it ran fine for me. I'll pass it on to Ted to see what he can make of it….
I too just had the workout freeze for me around 28 minutes. I hope this gets worked out.
I love all of the modifications of the basic exercises! Sometimes I feel a beginner workout can actually be the most challenging to teach because of the many various body types or physical ailments of your students that you may have to work with, so I really appreciate Karen's extensive knowledge of the human body and how it moves. I especially love the kneeling position for spine stretch forward instead of bent knee position... very enlightening! Also, the little neck work at the beginning is great... gotta give the neck some love and attention too! Love this workout!! I learned a lot and will definitely re-visit this workout at least a few more times! Oh yea... and yay for a great workout with no teaser! :o) (The video didn't freeze for me, so it must be fixed.)
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Dear Miriam, Pegggggy and Khatwoman ~ I have sent you an email with some suggestions about how to solve the issue you may have experienced.
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Karen thank you for such a smart class! The mind-body connection was totally there for me with the simple, precise cuing. PA thank you for all the wonderful instructors you've brought to us, but I'm really enjoying the perspectives of Karen and Brent Anderson.
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Love Karen's cueing, also froze for me at the beginning of side plank. Looking forward to seeing what's next.
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Dear Jill ~ I have sent you an email with some suggestions on how to fix this problem.
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great video, it also froze on me at the side plank and that was on low quality and all bufferred... any suggestions for a fix would be great as would love to see the end..thanks in advance
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