Class #3238

Bone Safe Mat

15 min - Class


Focus on bone health and balance in this quick Mat workout by Amy Havens. She works on the ABCs (abdominal engagement, breathing, and centering) so you can connect your mind to your body for the entire class. This a great class for anyone as you can tag it on to another class, or make this your workout for the day.
What You'll Need: Pilates Pole, Theraband


Hi, everyone. Here for a really short little mini class. This is very good for bone health and balance. I've got two props here that you're going to need. Well, three, if you wanna use...


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Thank you Amy. A lovely short class with great ideas to share with my bone health and balance class.
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Thank you Amy for 15 productive observation minutes! Really good exercises I can incorporate into my class write ups. I also love your down-to-earth presentation and willingness to get out in front of a camera.
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I really appreciate your mini classes, Amy ! Very functionnal and energizing.
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Thanks Amy, will integrate into my active aging class!
Hi Amy! Thanks for this. Really timely in preparing a band class for my older clients tomorrow. Lots of ideas to use here, perhaps with the exception of the jumping at the end (but then they quite often surprise me)!! Best wishes, Sarah
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thank you Amy , it was very great class!!!!!
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Great bone health mat work. Do you have one for reformer and or tower?
Hi Maryann -- I do have a Tower class out now, it's for Active Aging. You can search for it -- just went up a couple months ago. Reformer, not yet, but I'll put something together soon! Stay tuned!
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Thanks Amy, I have been ill for weeks , and wanted something not too strenuous to get my motivation back. The last section of jumping made me realise I definitely need to get my fitness back!
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