Class #3302

Recovery Reformer

30 min - Class


Mobilize your entire body with this Reformer workout by John Garey. He teaches his favorite exercises that he does on the off days from his more strenuous workouts. Having a recovery day is an important part of progress, and his class will help you recover more efficiently.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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<v Instructor>Welcome, everyone. This time, we're gonna be doing a recovery workout, so this is really perfect for any of your athletes, or you yourself, if you are really workin...

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Just what I need today! Awesome, as always. Now I have a directed recovery workout. Thanks!

We need a “Love” button in addition to the “like” button.
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My intense cyclist will love this! I see him 2x per week and always on days following his hard rides. So he will say “nothing to strenuous today”. Thank you John!
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That was awesome! Will incorporate that tomorrow with my clients. Thank you John..
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Just what many of my clients need. John, your cueing is fabulous as always and thanks for being very clear on the spring tension.
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Great class. Thank you!
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Thank you John. This was lovely 👍😊
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Fantastic.....great recovery or great session for those returning from hiatus! thank you thank you! can't wait to share
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Thanks John that was a really good class. One of the shoulder stretches was new to me and I will definitely incorporate it in my classes. You have such a nice way of communicating with your audience.
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Just beautiful 😍
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Such a beneficial class. Love your instruction John ! thank you
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