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Cadillac Release

20 min - Class


You will release the tightness in your spine with this Cadillac workout by Joanne Bezzina. She uses the Push Through Bar to work the hips and shoulders so you can find relief in your back without going into forward flexion. She encourages you to find strength from your center so you can create length without compromising alignment.
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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Hi everybody. It's Jo. I'm back here at [inaudible] anytime. So lucky to work with Amy here to take you through a series of exercises on the Cadillac. We're going to be using the push ...


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Hi Joanne, what a wonderful series! And how special to have Amy to demonstrate. What an awesome team! I have a tight lower back and these movements are just the ticket. I so enjoy your cuing, flowing, fluid and full of imagery. Thank you!
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Love this!
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That felt amazing . . . Thank You!
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Loved this and just what I needed today! xx
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Amazing, felt so good.
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Thanks for such beautiful work. I loved the new variations. It felt great. My spine feels lengthened.
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Perfect and effective cueing, in a very sweet and kind way, loved it, and i loved the clarity of work towards a precise goal, getting out the most of every single move. Awesome.
Thank you to everyone that has watched this class so far and for the lovely feedback. I really appreciate it xxx
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Can't wait to try it all tomorrow! Love your work Jo!!! Congratulation. Fernanda xx
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Thanks much for a well cued and carefully paced class. I especially liked the cuing on the lat pull.
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