Class #3822

Beginner Mat 3

35 min - Class


Let go of the tension that prevents you from doing what you want in this Mat workout with Cara Reeser. This is the final class in her Beginner Mat Series and she focuses this class on stretching. She uses props and breath to assist you in the movements that are new to you so that you can bring your attention to the sensations that you feel in your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Towel


Hi everybody. I'm Kara Reeser and we're going to do a beginner mat class together. Um, here are the prompts. You're going to need a hand towel and, um, let's go ahead and get it preppe...


Love your classes and you make it look so easy when it is not!
Loved this workout today! I’m using with my client! Pacing was perfect!
I love all your 3 class :P hamstrings are starting to loosen up !!!
Yoga class??
This was awesome! Now I am ready to head into anything that comes my way. Thank you.
Thanks for this class Cara! Love the 'letting go' and stretches! 
The letting go is key to good movement. Breathing is so under valued. It's everything! Thanks for a lovely class cara.
Thank you so much for your careful and caring classes.  I have studied Pilates for years, but really appreciate your clear cues and focused intentions.  I love all three of your classes!

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