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Creative and Fun Mat

20 min - Class


Welcome to Class 5! Since it's the end of the week, Gia invites you to play on the Mat and have fun. She teaches creative variations to exercises like Double Leg Kick, Teaser, and much more.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, my name is Jia Calhoun, and today we're going to do a fun class. It's the end of the week. So I thought it'd be great for a little creativity. Um, some fun variations and we're just gonna play. So...

The Pilates Daily: A Class for Each Day of the Week: with Gia Calhoun


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A great, short class.  Excellent teaching cues.  I rarely had to look up to the screen for guidance.  I love your very easy teaching demeanor.  You have great energy without being intense.  I can't wait to take more of your classes.  Thank you!
Thank you so much, Nicole! I hope you like my other classes too!
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Great class! excellent cueing! thanks. I love this series
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You are great with the excellent cueing; short, effective, fun class...thank you
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Me ha encantado esta clase y las demás !!! y siempre tienes una voz muy bonita!!!
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Wow, this was the toughest one for me yet, a sweaty sundaymorning. Thanks for cuing so good. 
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Thank you all! This one was tough for me too Lisette-Anne!
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Fantastic class - short and hard! My style :D
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I love that your knees click. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only knee clicker out there. Loved this class. Thank you.
Julz There are definitely more of us! Hope you liked my workaround for it!
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