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Class #3861

Unwinding and Releasing

25 min - Class


Welcome to Class 7! Today, Gia invites you to release any remaining tension from the week by doing restorative work on the Parasetter®. She teaches exercises that will unwind your body and prepare you for the start of a new week.

If you don't have access to a Parasetter®, Gia shares a list of alternatives that you can use at the beginning of the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Parasetter®


Hi, I'm Jia Calhoun and today we're going to do a class focusing on unwinding and centering and just releasing any tension that you had from the rest of the week. I'm using the para setter. If you don...

The Pilates Daily: A Class for Each Day of the Week: with Gia Calhoun


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Where can you purchase a parasetter?
Jane ~ You can purchase the Parasetter on the PhysicalMind Institute site. I hope this helps!
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The Parasetter makes all the difference with this class! My chest and shoulders feel open and stretched, and It feels like I just got a back massage!!!! 
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After 2 all nighters only catching some sleep in a hard chair THIS was a lovely welcome back into an unwound and released body. Thank you. 
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I used foam roller and felt the relief of my chest and shoulders...You keep telling chin away from chest; but what about chin to chest position ? Thank you Gia you are great...
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This is my favourite tool! I have been in the Pilates industry for over 20 years and the parasetter is the only piece of equipment I use on the Mat or the reformer at all time. My clients love it! I use it for rehabilitation and also to make a Mat class more challenging. 
Thank you all! Cigdem - I have a habit of keeping my chin too close to my chest in certain movements which brings my neck out of alignment. I have to remind myself of this cue to keep my alignment. The chin to chest position is important too in chest lift and other exercises! Just make sure there is still space so that you are not compressing your cervical spine. I hope this helps!
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I have loved this whole series. Thank you. You make us work hard but your calm demeanour makes it relaxing at the same time. Lots of yawning and tension releasing whilst working out hard. Thank you for this lovely series. 
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Lisette-Anne Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed this series!

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