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Fundamental Reformer

40 min - Class


Work on finding key connections to the fundamentals in this Reformer workout by Karen Sanzo. She gives the experience of moving on a Reformer to a beginner adding progressions and regressions as needed. After focusing on the basics, you will be able to add more complex movements to your routine.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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This is a reformer session to give an experience to somebody that is a beginner, uh, the experience of moving on the reformer. At some point during the session, I'm going to ask the cl...

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Thanks for a great fundamental class. I always learn something new in these classes.
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Loved it! Great tips for beginners.
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Thank you Karen! The emphasis on connections thru a heavier spring setting has been so helpful when creating sessions for a Parkinson's client. There’s been great success! Thanks again for presenting this work. I look forward to more! ❤️
I think Karen is a superb teacher.  I’m always learning from her.  I wish I lived near her studio. Keep making the videos Karen. 
Very helpful class for my beginner and larger bodied clients.  Helpful cues and corrections to deepen connection.  Thank you!
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Extremely helpful to me as new instructor, thank you
Thank you for this flow! Great cues for newer clients, especially as I am finishing my certification.  I loved it!
Thank you Karen, very helpful, informative and fun to watch. I like your cues and hands on teaching!
Thank you, Fundamentals Queen!! 
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Love these fundamentals.  It's always good to be reminded of going back to basics!  Thanks, Karen.
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