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Fundamental Reformer

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Work on finding key connections to the fundamentals in this Reformer workout by Karen Sanzo. She gives the experience of moving on a Reformer to a beginner adding progressions and regressions as needed. After focusing on the basics, you will be able to add more complex movements to your routine.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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This is a reformer session to give an experience to somebody that is a beginner, uh, the experience of moving on the reformer. At some point during the session, I'm going to ask the client to change your own Springs, kind of doing it in real time. We'll give a couple of regressions and a couple of progressions. Go ahead and lie down starting first with our infamous foot work. So go ahead and lie on your back. Put your feet up on the bar. We have three reds in one blue spring on, I'll give you the spring edge as we go along.

Heals are on the bar about hip distance apart. Take a couple of breaths in and then exhale. Seek the belly. Remember, inhale, exhale as if there were a sandbag on your belly. Remember some past sessions, some past tutorials, teach you how important it is to fill your body with a breath. And then exhale. At no time do we want to create the exhale monster.

We want the inhalation to fill your back, lungs, your side ribs, and then exhale. So keep that buoyant filling. And then as you inhale, push yourself out and then come in. The first couple of repetitions in a footwork sequence are just to kind of get the body used to going out and in big inhale, big exhale. Let's do two more. Inhale and exhale. Last time out. Last time in, and pause right there. Now just inhale the breath again. Feel the chest rise. Exhale, sink the belly in a little more detailed now to the legs. Take both of your heels gently.

Press them down to the floor to feel the backs of your thighs. Can you feel that 10 times kind of briskly go out and in. Now your inhale goes out and in. Exhale out in, in good, big inhale. Exhale, I'm exaggerating the breath. Inhale. Exhale. Fill your breath up to try to move the carriage from the lengthening of your entire spine and we'll get to more of these sets.

Good. And then last one, come in and stay in sliding your feet down to bird feet. You've done this before. Again, this is a connected workout. Three red Springs, one blue, 10 times out. And in paying careful attention that the toes are curled bird feet. So important to get the four foot flection. I know this can get crampy in the feet. Come on, PRS those toes down.

Tighten up the legs out and in. Now the different breath. Inhale out and in. Exhale out and in boy at your breath. So don't be an exhale monster. I know I've already said that, but my clients really respond to that because we tend to over exhale. We'll get one more of these and bring yourself in and pause. Slide yourself now to the balls of your feet.

And let's be kind of picky about this. Let's lift the heels and squeeze the heels together, making your little V without changing your heels. Inhale out. Exhale, squeeze heels, zip the legs together. Pull the knees apart. Let's do three more like this and then come in and two more relaxed the shoulders. And then last one, come in, adding that breath challenge quicker. Inhale out in, in. Exhale out in, in.

Inhale out in, in. Very good job keeping the heels locked in space. Inhale out and then exhale out. And in one more time. Inhale out in, in. Exhale out and in, and pause. Progressing right now to abridge heels are on the bar. Thighs are together. Press the arms down, lift the chest up. Good, and then lower your bottom. Now when I said lift the chest up, I mean the heart, so let this part rise towards your chin a little bit. There you go.

Now hold yourself right there. Feel the back side of your bottom just like a good Matt connection and then roll yourself down. Let's do two more of these. Inhale, fill your back lungs. Exhale, come on up and pause yourself right there. Can you take one leg off and put it down and then the other leg off? Put it down. You keep doing this if you can take a leg on and off. If not, the client is just going to shift their weight and feel the challenge right into one side and then the other. Let's do this about four more times.

If you need to come down and rest, you come down and then come right back up. You add home. Practicing keeps switching the legs. It's really important to get that back body connection. Very good, and then lower yourself all the way down. Very good. I'm going to change her spring this time since she's lying on her back. Changing it to two red Springs reaching behind you.

Grab your handles. There you go. Take your arms directly to the ceiling. Shimmy your shoulders away from the shoulder. Rest just a little bit. Good. Now use your feet in order to get your arm set up for success here. Okay, one leg comes into tabletop. Okay. Other leg matches. Heel squeeze together. Feel the connection in the center of your torso, right?

Just hold this. This is the part of the exercise that it starts in. You start to feel that little quivering. Okay? This part is the exercise. We're not just teaching dead bug. We're teaching connection, key connection, arms to trunk, hips to pelvis. She's not tucking. She's not arching, breathing, exhaling. Good. Let's see. One more breath. Inhale here. Wide exhale. Scoop the belly. Put your feet down on the bar.

Rest your arms for literally one second. Okay, one, 1000 arms back up again. Push the arms forward a smidge. Take your two legs in. Now push the arms till they come about to your knees. Hold yourself there. Now listen carefully. Feel how you're, you're kind of tied to your hands here. I want you to get more into the shoulder. Yes ma'am. And then scoop in the belly. Hold yourself right there.

Try to pull your face back without. There you go without jutting the chin. Very important to know that the bridge of the nose goes back to the back of the skull. You'll see that on a tutorial as well. Now pull the arms all the way down to the mat with your arms all the way down to the new map. Pull your knees in a little bit more. Hold this right here. Now straighten the elbows and push the arms longer. Keep the elbow straight. Push them longer.

Keep the elbow straight on this one. Push them longer. Straight elbow, straight elbow, straight elbows. Now straight arms up to the ceiling. Straight. Arms down. Bend the elbows, straighten the elbows, arms come up. Exhale down. Inhale, bend. Exhale, straighten. One more time. Inhale up. Exhale down. One more time. Bend the elbows. One more time. Straight in the elbows. Arms come straight up, feet come down on the bar and rest right there. Arms tied to trunk.

Such an important part of this session. Now arms reach long. One more time by your side. Give it a go. Press arms all the way down. Legs come all the way in. Now you feel my hands right here. Push me away from you. Push from the back of your shoulders all the way through your pinkies going.

You going to hold that? Not going to move your arms. Relax your face. Relax. There you go. Hold that right there. So important legs sway to one side and then return. You can sway with bent knees. You can sway with straight legs building a little bit of rotation.

Connection into the trunk. Is it true that you feel this old bleak system? Yes. And we'll just do this a hundred more times. Keep pressing the arms long. Come on. Get those shoulders away from that. There you go. One more time to each side. Arms slowly come up.

Feet come down on the bar. Restaurant. There are you feeling arm connecting to trunk? Okay, move your shoulders away just a little bit. Last variation here with arm circles, getting ready for the a hundred beats, so pressure arms all the way down. Legs come in. We are not going to curl during the hundred beats, but she's going to press her arms way long and now start to circle the arms. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. Big inhale.

Try not to shrug the shoulders but push underneath the armpits. Good and stop and now reverse. Good. Pull the knees into the chest. There you go. Now you get the legs connected to the trunk. The arms connected to the trunk. There you go. And then raise the arms. Put the feet down. Rest right there.

Don't be fooled. You don't always have to curl the trunk to get a good session of the core connection, which is actually a key connection. Arms to trunk, legs to trunk. Last exercise here is the hundred beats with your head down. Arms come all the way down. Reach the arms long. Open that cha. Yes, very nice.

Pull the legs a little bit deeper and take an inhale and take an exhale. Now we're going to do a hundred [inaudible]. Four counts. Inhale, so it's easy. Inhale, two, three, four. Blow out. Two, three, four, knees. Come in. Inhale, two, three, four. Push longer through your arms. Four. Inhale, two, three, four. Pull your knees a little bit more. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, lift your pelvic floor. One more set.

Three, four. Exhale, pause. One last. Reach with those arms. Come on, stretch them out. Very good. Arms straight to the ceiling. Legs come down. We've never been looking forward to feed and straps more, right? Okay, hang up. These straps. Inhale. Exhale.

Coming down to feed in straps. I am going to add a blue spring to these two red ones and we're going to take the foot strap and put it in here. There you go. Okay, so take your straps, get yourself in these straps. So important you've already connected your arms to your trunk. There you go. Get that foot in there and then push it away.

Take the other leg in. Push it away. So important. Teach your clients how to get into that position. Now heels will come together and then reach yourself any bit longer. You'll feel your pelvis flatten out that way a little bit. Good. Get longer, longer, longer. Keep dropping this hip crease down longer. There's a little bit more length in there. There's a little bit more length.

Now reach your arms long. Who knew there was so much length in there? Good. Now with those long straight legs with control, raise them up, but don't lift your bottom. Hold yourself right there. Good job. Feel your feet point over those straps a little bit as you go down. Curlies. Piggies like bird foot. There you go. And then let them come up. Good. And then let him come down. Reach the legs long.

Try not to jam your chin. There you go. Long arms member. When your arms were in the straps, can you press your arms like you did when you were in the strap? Very good. Inhale, come up and then exhale. Go down. Now find a spot in this section that's challenging. So not all the way up, not all the way down. If you have, there's a little challenge in there without moving the carriage open and close your legs. Inhale, open legs. Exhale, close, open, close. Can you open them wider? It's okay if the answer's no. You make the decision on how far you open and how far you closed this time.

Open and stay open. Pause right there. Reread those arms. Please regroup the scoop and you're telling me. There you go. And then pull the straps all the way together again, five times in a row. Inhale, pull. Exhale, push apart at it like your legs are wrapped up with ACE bandages and you get tight legs all the way along here. Very good. Last one, legs come all the way in. Bend your knees into your chest and then pause right there with the knees into the chest. In this position, we're going to allow the spine to curl a little bit.

This is flection from the bottom to the top. This is kind of a passive lumbar flection because her hips are deeply flexed. Straps pulling in. Hold that right there. Now start to press your heels away. Roll your bottom down first. Pause right there. No neck exercise. There you go. Broaden the shoulders. Reach your arms long. Okay.

From here you're going to press out straight out to a frog. So press out, resist in good. Press out, squeeze, and then slowly resist in good job. Press away, and then come in and you're going to do this two more times. Give it a press, and then exhale, come in, and then last time, go out, stay out, pause right there. Open and close the legs.

Bend the knees in. Five times in row, a little bit. Brisker so press out, open, close, bend in, press out, open, squeeze, bend in. Here's the third one. Press open, closed. Come in. Here's the fourth one. Press. Reach those arms long. Come in, bend in. Last one. Press out, open, close, bend in and pause. Allow the buttocks to curl up a little bit. Okay, as she's resting here for no more than about five seconds, giving that spine a little stretch. The next exercise is a little bit tricky. We're going to press the legs away a smidge. That way. Pause right there.

Bend your knees and please just a little bit to about 90 degrees. There you go. Hold yourself right there. Can you feel the pressure you have to submit onto the stretch? Remember, she's on too. Um, she's on two reds and a blue spring. This could be a little challenging for some of your clients. We'll talk about a light and heavy Springs in a tutorial, but in this position right here, I want her to feel the anchoring down at her thighbone into the pelvis. Okay.

The next exercise is going to be an active posterior tilt without moving the thighs. So what that means is you're going to scoop in your belly and start to curl your buttocks up off of the mat a little bit, but don't move your thighs. There you go. That's it. And then roll your butt back down. It's a tiny movement, but it's an action of your belly and not an action of your thighs moving. Can you feel that a little bit? Okay, so this is a short lever. Here you go.

And then roll down. Now press your legs straight out. Now let your legs come towards vertical. [inaudible] now drop your butt South down to, there you go. Hold right there. Good. Now. Oh, there's a good quiver in the legs. Can you feel that? Reach your arms long please. Good. Now holding this right here.

Let your toes gently point okay without moving the legs. Okay. I want you to try to scoop your buttocks underneath you like a little baby's diaper change. So scoop in that belly. They go and lift up this buttocks here. Push the straps to the ceiling a little bit. Come on. Curl, curl, curl. Yes. And then really about five times in a row, okay, so the feet really want to pull in that they really want to start short spine.

They really want the legs to take you. That's okay. And some exercises. But what I want to teach this body right now is not the shoulders, not the neck, but a reaching away from the straps as the belly pulls in. So I almost want you to feel like I'm pulling you this way as you curl your pelvis upward, come on, curl up, word good, and then release. And then one more time on your own. Press the legs. Tip that. That's the best one yet it, that's it. That's it. Good. And then bend the knees all the way into your chest and restaurant there. Okay.

Put your hands on the straps. Take your both of your feet out simultaneously. Make it be an exercise. Come on, make it be an exercise. Otherwise we're going to have to do this five times repeatedly. It's okay. Come on, take them out. And then the feet cone downs. Nice job. All right, because that's all part of an exercise.

So now please roll up to sitting and we're going to get our long box on. Okay. So you're going to go ahead and put on one red spring. Take everything else off. And I'm going to take this box and we're going to put it here. So you notice in the first part of this workout, we didn't do, um, a a hundred beats against gravity.

So what we're going to do here is have a seat on this box. Put your feet in the headrest here. [inaudible] and I'm going to change now to the handles. Once again, I like the handles. I think it's important that we maintain our idea of a grip on the handle or on the bar. I think it's important that the grip gives us information to the flexors of our arms.

So I'm going to have you hold this and just reach your arms out in front of you to start with. There's not going to be any tension. Palms face each other. So lift up the chest. There you go. Keep your low back right here. Press your feet down and now we're going to start to do flection as you roll backwards. So you're gonna pull your belly up. [inaudible] keep going, keep going. Pause right there. Now pull your shoulders back a smidge. Good. I'm trying not to micromanage, but I really want you to work that part of your belly to roll this part of your back. Back. Good. Pause. [inaudible] now pull this front rib backwards. Pull it backwards, pull it backwards. Good.

Hold yourself right there and then bring yourself all the way up. I'm making an executive decision to add a blue spring to the red one. It needs a little more spring edge to make sure we get this feeling of this flection connection. Okay? Arms come up, tidy up your arms. Squeeze this. Press your feet down. In a way there's the flection connection. Did you feel that?

See that? I hope you saw that. She felt it. Hold right there. Bring your bridge of your nose back to my hand. There you go. Drop your shoulders. There you go. Now, flection connection. Right here. There's your quiver right there. You got the quiver there. Good. Now you're going to hold that for two breaths. Inhale, don't be an exhale monster. Exhale occur, and then one more. Inhale, and then one more. Exhale.

Let the quiver bring you off. Very good. Okay. You feel that connection? We get five of those in a row. Arms out long and strong. Big inhale. Exhale, tip the pelvis flection. Connection yourself back. Good. Keep the beautiful position. Just like that. Take one. Inhale while you're there. Exhale, scoop the belly.

Bring yourself up right over that ribs and then roll yourself back. Good. Press your feet down. Press your feet away. Feel the deep of the belly increase and then bring yourself all the way up. Roll down. You're going to stay down on this one just a little bit longer. Pull both of your arms to the right if you how.

That's a little rotation connection. Pull both of your arms to the left. Good. Come back to center. Elbow. Stay straight. Curl yourself back up. Rounded spine. Last one. Arms reach out. Long in form those arms. Squeeze, tip and curl back. Yes, very good. You have to do. That's it. You've got it. Hold yourself right there. Now. Two arms over there. Good. And then you're going to do it twice. Two arms over here. One more time.

Two arm. Squeeze those handles. One more time. Over here. Back to center. Big inhale. Exhale, curl. Good. Quiver yourself all the way up. Okay. Rounded spine on the way back. This prepares also for short box, but in short box we just have our feet blocked in our arms, not loaded. So this helps in one way. Challenges in another way. Okay. Arms come here to a high, what we call a high bicep curl.

So you're going to be in 90 position. Okay? So you're going to hold yourself there. Little message, little bit lighter spring edge. So I've taken the red one off left. Excuse me, I've taken the blue one off. Left the red one on. So in this shape here, we want a monitor that we're not arched to. Start with. Lift those elbows. Now lean your body back without rounding yourself right there. Keep your arms where they are. Bring yourself forward. Three of these. As you go back, act like you're going to pull your arms to the ceiling.

There you go. Hold. Got the quiver. Yes. And then return. And we'll do this one more time. Can you go back on an inhale? Can you stay there on an exhale? Can you think your arms go up over your head on an inhale? Exhale. Sit yourself all the way back up. Arms come directly down by your side.

Pull your straps. Chest expansion, pull. Hold. In this position, press your feet down in a way. Front ribs, two back ribs. No shrugs. Ease of the show. Oh, nice job. Do you feel that connection back here? Hold yourself there. Beautiful shape of the spine, and then return.

Okay, five times straight pulling. Go. Inhale, pull in. Form the breath. We're never gripping. When we inhale, we want to inhale to fill you up instead of this gripping, this rigidness. Very good. Your face is looking really good here. Whoever said that to a client, your face is looking good, but it works right because it's not gripping and grabbing. Good. One more time. Pull and hold. Squeeze the handles. Depress your shoulders. Grow up tall. Turn your head far to the right.

Don't move your left shoulder. Turn your head forward to the left. Don't move your right shoulder. Look forward. Release your arms. Put it all together. Twice. Inhale, pull straps. Look right, look left. Look, center release. Last one. Inhale, squeeze, pull, look and look.

And center and release. Little quiver. Alright, very good job. Let's hang up the straps. Okay. Building now on two spinal extension means you're going to lie on your belly face this way. The exercise is called pull straps, okay. Onto your tummy. So we want exercises to be challenging. We want them to be a little bit complex sometimes because complexity is actually good for the brain, but complex doesn't owe, doesn't mean confusing.

Sometimes we confuse people with a million different ques. Complexity could be hip extension, spinal extension, arm extension. Those are three actions that are happening, which is what we're going to build here. So pull those arms deeply by your side. Very close to your pelvis. Good. Lift up the thighs a little bit here. Feel that connection between your bottom and your thighs. Now lift your chest, squeeze your shoulder blades, lift your arms a little bit higher, and then everything lowers down on your own five times one. Inhale, pull arms, lift legs, lift chest, squeeze blades.

Exhale down. Good. Two more. Last one, Poland. Hold. Exhale, stay there. Squeeze those straps in form those arms. Squeeze. Make a fist. Make a fist. Let me see that fist. Good.

Now pull your shoulder blades together and a bit more. Hold yourself there. Flutter. Kick your legs 10 times go 10, nine, eight. Hold the arm. Seven, six blades, five. Four. Beautiful job. Three, two, one. Enough. Backup, body connection. Fabulous job. Hang up. Those straps come onto this box on your hands and knees. This is actually a little tricky, but it's a nice place to throw in. Just a little bit of mat work here to remind the client.

So the further back the shins are right, there's nothing underneath here. So we're really working on here, making sure that's it and making sure that sacrum is flat. You are just fabulous right here. Shoulders in line, arms long and strong tightness muscle right here. Look at this head position. Understands where the bridge of the nose goes, meaning that head package pulled all the way back. If I had a stick, I would put it on your back, but I don't have a stick, but that's okay. Keeping this still take your right leg directly behind you.

It does not matter how far it lifts. You're gonna lift the leg up. If you at home want to go ahead and do opposite arm and leg reach 10 times. You go ahead. We're going to build it here. You'll notice her body is leaning to me. I want her to lean away from me. Go away from me. Got to get your hip over there. Good switch legs.

Go back and forth. Get the feeling before you can make any change at all. You have to understand where you are. You have to make a notice before you make a change. One of my key things I say all the time, switch your legs one more time.

Notice it's harder for you to lift this right leg, isn't it? So the left leg pull away from my hand. Come on, pull away from me. Lean to the camera at lean to the camera. You got it. Three more. One, two, three, lower down. Adding the arms. Now let me have this arm out. Way out here. Give it to me. Way out here. You're just going to hold. Now you're going to be long and strong like an arrow.

You're going to tighten your arm muscles. You're going to pull your belly muscles. Reach that back leg and then switch. Just one more time with the other side. Reach and hold. That's beautiful. Alignment. Buttocks, engaged, thigh, engage. Very good. Everything comes back. Come back to lie on the box again.

Face down. Adding T pull this time. So I, I interjected a little bit of quadrat pet arm and leg reach between the two sets of pulling straps because some people that are newer or a little bit weaker in the arm sometimes need that little bit of break arms out to the side, like a T [inaudible]. So let's get that letter T. let's get it. Yeah, you're gonna reach your knuckles long. Yeah, you go. Now you're going to lift up your chest. That's it. And now pull the arms all the way to your pelvis. Very good. Palms are going to stay facing down. I'm going to help you here. Good.

And then pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, lift up that chest, reach these arms, and then they sweep out to the side and then come down two more times on your own. Go in here. Exhale, lift the arms, keep them, keep them, keep them. Come on. Last one, lift the arms, keep them. This is last one, I promise. Good. And then when you return them, keep them lifted, keep them lifted and then put them down. Whew. Nice job. Step on off your box. Okay, please add two red Springs to that blue one. Okay, next series we start here is our long stretch series.

No flection of the spine working on our plank. I'm making a decision now to actually change the spring edge because the first awareness that I want this client to have is no carriage movement. So I've added, I'm going to put on three red Springs just for this one. So you're going to face your foot bar and I want you to what we call assumed the position. Okay? So you're going to get right into your plank position. Feet right in the middle there, chest over the bar, and you're just going to hold that. That's really good. Your arms are straight, your fingers are actually gripping underneath there. This is ideal.

Do not think you have to drop way down low. You could even lift your, your plank a little higher and it'll actually even be a little bit harder. Step off rest. Okay, so holding the plank is so important. Please know that we're going to do it again and we're going to take one red spring off. Now she's on two reds and a blue. Assume the position, no carriage movement. I can tell by her body that she's going to hold this and it already. It's a little bit harder. So you're going to inhale, push back, exhale, come forward five times.

Push the arms forward and then pull the arms back as your body goes forward. Here's the third one. Look at this. Not moving at all. That's it. Lasts two and then come on in and then last one come. Oh you are going to come down, step all the way to the floor, all the way to the floor and come off of there. Long stretch. No spine and movement. Fabulous job.

All right, coming onto your knees. Knees here. Feet their hands here. Preparing for knee stretches. So in this exercise, knee stretch, we have two positions of course, where three, we have a round flat back, knees off. But what I want to reinforce for the client is this flexed position from the posture, your ribs down. So you, she's gonna pull her back, ribs back. I'm just guiding her, her, her abdomen back and curl your buttocks underneath you. Yeah.

About this finger. Fists, distance, hook. 'em horns, Texas position. Right here. Right there. Good. Now you're going to nod your head. It's a little bit to set up. Drop the shoulders here. Good. Now hold yourself right there. Don't do anything. Okay. I'm going to resist this carriage. I want you to try to push it back. Good notice it's not going anywhere. Good. Very good. Now.

Now I want you to push the carriage back a smidge. Go ahead and push your carriage back a little bit. Good. Now hold that there. Now try to pull the carriage in. I'm going to resist it. Pull that. Tell me back. That's it. Come on. Pull that. Tell me about more. Now hold yourself right there. Big inhale. Continue to pull the tummy.

I'm going to allow the carriage to come in. And so now you felt the resistance out and the resistance in going to give you a big hug here and now you're going to start your exercise. Knee, stretch, thighs, push belly pulls, push the thighs. Now you can give a bigger range of motion, but you can't change your spine. Right? So the buttocks and the thighs push out. The ribs in the belly pulled backwards to return it. Good. I'm going to move. You're going to get 10 more. Drop your shoulders here. Go ahead and pull. Inhale, look right here. Inhale, pull. Squeeze.

He, yes. Nice job. Nice. Pushing all the way through the heels. Round this low spine. Fill up the breath. Two more. Good. And then last one, come in and rest right there. Leaving your hands here on the bar. Sit yourself backwards. Hmm. Good. Now keep ya. Just relax here. Just nod that head a little bit.

I like to do this now. Give me this left hand and put it behind your back. Now turn your torso to the left. Let this shoulder blade come back. Let your trunk twist. Let your head go with you, please. Yeah, you go. Now hold yourself right there. Do you feel weight evenly on both of your feet? Knees. So make it be even in. Twist your thorax. That's it.

So you get this idea of flection in here while you're twisting the thorax and then bring yourself down. Do that one more time. Carriage, not moving, just a little mobilization of the thorax. It's one of the tricky areas that I think we need to keep. Yeah, you go and then come back. Switch sides. Push with the left carriage. Not moving, but twist your torso towards me. Exactly. So the heads in line with the spine this way, these, these bottom ribs, they come around like they're wrapping good. This shoulder blade chases this one. There you go.

And then look down and then one more time, come on up and then down. Very good. And then one more time. Very good. And then bring yourself all the way down. Hands on the bar. Next in this knee stretch is a flat back. So remember when we were sitting on that long box and we curled yourself back?

That was this curled one. Now your buttocks is gonna stick out behind you a little bit and you're going to crease back in your hips. Gather your shoulders, right, head in line with the spine. Trying not to micromanage too much, but sometimes it helps to give that feedback. Strong arms, strong fingers gripping. [inaudible] let me just pause for a second. Sometimes the flexors of the fingers actually have to Griff, and that actually performs a flection, a connection in the forearm so that you're not just resting on the wrist. So it's important to understand that sometimes the squeezing actually helps that a little bit. Okay, in this shape now, legs move back. Thighs pull in spine doesn't change. It's now in an extended position, so stick your booty out. Please stick your booty out.

Stick it out when the knees come in, there you go. Stick it out when it comes in. Good little bit. Brisker good and out and pull. Arms stay, legs move and five and four. Good job and three and two and one and rest.

Even in a fundamental workout. Knee stretches are a great exercise. Your left foot is going to come where your left knee is. It's going to go right here. Lift up that heel for me. Please. Put that ball of your foot right there where your knee was. Move it back. That's it. Okay. Now you're going to go back to a rounded spine.

Hold that carriage in tight is. Matter of fact, I'm going to stabilize the carriage. You're going to pull your belly way back here and hover your right knee up off the ground. Maybe. Yes, maybe no. Give it a try. Hold for five. Hold for four. Hold for three, two, one, and rest. Now that you know you can do it, relax your shoulders. You're going to do it one more time and you're going to move that carriage out in, in at least three times. Ready?

Press and lift and go. One and in two and in three and in. Lower down switch legs. Move that foot a little bit further forward. [inaudible] all about the hips here now. Scoopy. Doopy that belly there. Good.

Broaden shoulders here. You got it now. Big inhale. Just hover the knee up off the ground. Show yourself. You can do it. You're going to hover. You're going to hold gonna hold and lower down. Last time. Hitting the home. Stretch here and lift up. Stay up. Hold yourself right there.

Three pushes out and in and two N in last one. Come in and rest. Whooo. Nice job. All right, step off of there. We're going to go ahead and lie back down on your carriage. There's two red Springs head right there. Hmm. Feed on the bar. [inaudible] yep.

Okay. Separate your feet apart. You're going to do a tiny little bottom lift here. Okay. What that means is you're going to tip over your pelvis just like you're gonna lift. That's it. Just like that. And lower down. Feel the action of your belly. Kinda tilt your pelvis. Very good. Just like that. Attract your heels together. Pull your toes way back. Good. Do that two more times.

Very good. And then last time. Good. And now bring your feet all the way together. Curl your toes forward like a bird foot position. Squeeze these thighs. Good arms down by your side. Curling your pelvis. Upward. Lift up into a bridge. Lighter spring.

Now you should feel a little bit more into here. Into your backside. Rhett. Curl those piggies. Curl. Curl. Curl them. I know that's hard. Curl. Good lift. Wait for it. Okay. That's all right. Okay, Carolyn lift. There you go. And then drip the ribs down and just do that one more time. Come on.

Try to curl those toes. Very good. Now for the finale, take your hands here. So now we've saved the trunk flection against gravity today to the very end. Once the spine got all warmed up and its different shapes. So now shimmy yourself away. [inaudible] load the arms, pull the knees into your chest, pull the arms all the way down by your side.

You've done all this before. Press your arms long, there's the shoulders coming down. Could you feel that? Now? Lift your head up. Look at my hand. Now press the straps any bit longer and start your pumping. Go. Good. B, very good. Straighten the legs to the ceiling.

You'd got this? Yes, you've got this curl. This is your last exercise. Exhaling, good. Inhaling, exhaling good. Bend the knees back into the chest. Two more sets you'll be done. Reach, reach, reach, press those arms. Give them one final squeeze with your fist.

One final squeeze and then everything comes in. Very good. Hang the straps up. Now push your carriage out. And I'm going to add one other spring three red Springs. Now for running, press yourself all the way up. Push down to the balls of your feet here. Good. First, a little tendon stretch. So just drop your heels all the way down. Field them lengthen, and then feel them. Lift. Good.

Now I want to pretend like there's an iron on your thighs and you're getting nice. Don't squeeze your bottom. Otherwise your, that's it. So that when you keep your, your buttocks from squeezing, it won't bulge your thighs so much. So this is not a posture. Your tilt at all. It's a length and pelvis. Good. Now go into your running. Good re reach the arms please. That's it. Drop the shoulders. Reread. [inaudible] good. How low can you let one? He'll go. That's it.

Five and four. Good and three and two and one. Then the knees all the way in and rest. Nice job. Very good. Fundamental doesn't necessarily mean easy.

Try to keep the kind client connected. It's a, it's a challenge sometimes to not do a lot of things for them. I had said she might change her own Springs and then going through it for the ease of the filming. Even I wanted to change the Springs a little bit, but play with the session a little bit and find the challenging spots. Maybe add an extra repetition, maybe an extra spring and see how that works works for you. Thanks for watching.

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Thanks for a great fundamental class. I always learn something new in these classes.
Kathleen M
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Loved it! Great tips for beginners.
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Thank you Karen! The emphasis on connections thru a heavier spring setting has been so helpful when creating sessions for a Parkinson's client. There’s been great success! Thanks again for presenting this work. I look forward to more! ❤️
Christine Lamb
I think Karen is a superb teacher.  I’m always learning from her.  I wish I lived near her studio. Keep making the videos Karen. 
Very helpful class for my beginner and larger bodied clients.  Helpful cues and corrections to deepen connection.  Thank you!
Cass H
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Extremely helpful to me as new instructor, thank you
Thank you for this flow! Great cues for newer clients, especially as I am finishing my certification.  I loved it!
Gosha McClung
Thank you Karen, very helpful, informative and fun to watch. I like your cues and hands on teaching!
Thank you, Fundamentals Queen!! 
Michael Mary S
Love these fundamentals.  It's always good to be reminded of going back to basics!  Thanks, Karen.
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