Class #3896

Me and My Reformer

50 min - Class


You will create an experience that moves your fundamental practice to a more advanced workout in this Reformer class with Karen Sanzo. She builds on skills from her fundamental classes, bringing in more cues and concepts so you can see how to progress. The entire class will feel clear, concise, connected!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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In this reformer session today, I'm creating an experience that moves a fundamental workout past beginner, maybe to advanced beginner, and I'll talk you through it. As I perform the se...

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Love love love your teaching! Thank you for this class.
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Always love your classes. You are the epitome of a great teacher! Thank you.
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Great job!!! Really enjoyed for adding challenges to my essential Reformer classes!
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Thanks , just what I needed this morning
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Thanks Karen, I love how you explain each exercise! Makes it all come together with such ease. Love your classes!
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I SO look forward to Karen's classes. She is such a great teacher. Love her cueing and her ability to clarify movement to body connection. Keep them coming!!! ??
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Such an awesome teacher. Wish I was actually in the class. Sending you good vibes :) Adrian
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Wow- this was such a challenging class for me! Switching it up in all the right places. Thank you!
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Wow what a great class. As you say, fundamental does not mean easy!! I have just introduced group reformer classes at my studio so most of my clients are reformer newbies. Karen I was so delighted when I discovered this video. You really are a fantastic teacher. So many really helpful cues, tips, alignment instructions etc, all of which are going to help make me a better teacher. I'm off to search for more of your classes, thank you so much!
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Amazing cues and connections. Thank you Karen!
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