Class #3892

Fundamental Mat Connections

30 min - Class


You will build a strong foundation with connected, clear, and concise information on the fundamental elements in this Mat workout by Karen Sanzo. You think it'll be simple, but it's not. She teaches movement basics with key connections that will be reinforced as you progress in your practice.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


This is going to be a fundamental session and fundamental doesn't mean easy. Fundamental to me means connected. We made clear, concise connections to take you through this workout. Joi...

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Absolutely loveeeee Karen Sanzo  
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You are the best Karen!! Adoro suas aulas!! :)
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Wonderful instructions! I love how simple the exercises seem to be and how hard we need to work to do them correctly. Thank you Karen!
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Great class, thank you !! ­čÖĆ
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I love Karen too!  Your way of instructing resonates with me.  I love your shirt!!!
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This was great! Thank you!
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This is a great fundamental class ; thank you Karen
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Thanks for this fast passed, fun fundamental work out. So glad you are back at Pilates Anytime. . . Love your classes!
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Really enjoyed that Karen, fundamental, essential movement that was also challenging, loved the regressions as well, will be using some of these in my classes this week!
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Hi Karen!  Great to see you! IÔÇÖll definitely be using some of these tips and cues!  
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