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Day 2: Balance Burn

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Welcome to Day 2! Courtney builds on from the previous class, adding a new HIIT sequence to get your heart rate up. She also teaches variations to help improve your overall stability and control.

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
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All right guys. It's day two. Welcome back. We have a similar format. We're going to start with our warmup, so standing towards the back of your mat, feet, hip distance, arms up. That's a deep breath in. Exhale for full touching the floor, the toes, whatever you can reach with soft knees rebuild. So we're just taking this time to find our breath. Inhale through the nose. Exhale, take it down.

Feel the length through the back body through those hamstrings. Feel your feet rooted down into the ground. Rebuild your spine and this time arms go up. Let's do that cactus. Wake up that back body. Little tail tuck. While you're here, gaze up. Reach and flex down with soft knees.

Ribel think it's just stacking the bones. One over the other. Last one, arms up and there's your chest opener. Reach and take it down. Alrighty guys, we have a new hit sequence today. You can come onto your mat or off your mat if balance is a little bit off today I'm going to show you. Option one is no jumping. The legs are separated nice and wide. You're turned out, you're going to sit down into a low squat and as you rise up, you're going to come up onto your toes. So sending the hips back, chest is lifted and swing those arms back as you rise up to come up onto your toes. Option two is adding the jumps so the feet will come together.

Heels together, toes apart. There's a bend while you're here and then wide. Okay guys, let's go. 45 seconds in and out. Try to sit those hips low as you come up. Knees right over toes and chest is lifted. Swinging the arms back gives you a little bit of momentum to get that lift in and down. Keep pulling the belly in.

We got this hips low to the ground and and out. 10 seconds. Stay with me. Five more to go for three, two, and one. Nice work. Let's take it down to the mat. To get into our core, take a seat in the middle of your mat. You're gonna want to have some room behind you.

Separate your feet about hips with an anchor them on an exhale. Roll your hips back. Finding your half rollback position. Inhale into your back and sides. Exhale over the thighs and then rebuild the spine. This time, no arms. Find that half rollback position.

Inhale and exhale. When we reach over the thighs, keep those shoulders down away from the ears. Roll back. Inhale and exhale up and over the thighs to more rock and those hips back. Just sort of testing. How low can you go, but still recover.

Rolling back and deepening that abdominal engagement to come over. Did I coming back again this time? Knees don't move. Feet don't move. We're going to win. Meal one arm open, and then the other look towards the hand that's opening and tighten those abdominals as you come back through center. Inhale, open. Exhale, twist. One more each side, deepening that C curve, taking the elbows down so the elbows are right underneath your shoulders.

Turning your palms up. Find that C curve, so pull your hips towards your ribs and floats your legs up. We're going to start with a single leg stretch, pulling one knee in and sending one leg out, pulling the belly in and up. Little shift. We're just going to change the feet. We've got five, four, three, two, and one. Take the legs into a diamond, top, one leg down.

Pull it back up to meet the other leg lift. I want you to feel like what's lifting the leg up. Are those low abdominal muscles. Inhale down and exhale, scoop. Notice if you've got some tension creeping up in the upper body. Let it go.

Inhale down. Exhale up. The challenge is to disassociate that leg movement with the spine so the spine does not move. One more and then the other. Bend those knees in. Take it down. Give yourself a little 11. Curl up into an abdominal crunch and take both hands behind your head. Send both legs up to the ceiling and start to lower them. Lift them back up.

Only send your legs as low as you can. Keep the tummy flat. Inhale down. Exhale up to modify. Bend your knees a little. Send the legs down with knees bent. Five more, four, three, two, and one. Bending those knees in. Great job, guys. Rock. Let's get that heart rate up again. So coming up to a standing position.

I'm going to remind you of your two options. If you're not jumping, you're doing a low squat. Knees are turned out. Those arms swing back cause you come up to your toes. Otherwise you're hopping the seat in and adding the jump. Let's get started in and sit. Blow chestie's listed. Breathe deeply. These hit circuits are meant to push you to your edge so you'll feel it.

Sit low, deep squat, swinging those arms back and moving all the way through to the end. Feeling those glutes working yet. Inhale down and exhale out. We're at our ten second Mark. These are almost there. Five more seconds guys. Stay with me. Five, four, three, two and one. Awesome. We're going to bend you back the other way, so line onto the mat.

In our day one video, we learned how to swim just with the lower body. Let's recap that. Hands down. Chest is lifted, their chest is lower. Legs are lifted. Opposite leg lifts. We're trying to keep those hips heavy and the thigh bones lifted off the mat. Five [inaudible] four, three, two and one legs down.

Now let's learn the opera body part. Arms go forward, pinkies down. Before you begin, I want you to pull your shoulder blades down and away from your ears. Keep your legs anchored, lift the chest, float the hands off the mat, one arm up, head and neck doesn't move. Just those arms. Lifting, breathing, tummy. Tighten five, four, three, two and one. And now we're going to put those two movements together. So this is all about staying stable in the middle.

Stretch long through the fingers and the lungs through the toes. Lift your legs. But if your arms, opposite arm and a leg lift, alternate, you can go as slow or as fast as you need to. Stay stable. Look down, keep your neck long and keep breathing. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. Press back into a stretch. Well done. We've got some pushups to do.

These pushups can be modified by keeping your knees down onto the mat or you could do the full expression and lift your knees off. Hands are down. Spread your fingers. Middle finger points forward, rock forward. So your shoulders are right over your wrist. Keep those feet anchored or the knees can come up. Inhale, three steps to go down. One hold two, three and exhale up. One, hold narrow. Elbows two, three and exhale to come up.

Inhale down. Yeah. Pushups or whole body exercises. So feel how those abdominals are working to stabilize the spine. Three more sets guys. One, two, three. Push up.

One, two, three. One more time. One, two, three, and push back. Nicely done. We're going to challenge our stability a little bit more, kind of like the swim, but we're going to be up into a high plank position. Hands are down onto the mat. Spread those fingers. It helps with weight distribution. When you have the fingers spread, bring your shoulders right over your wrist, knees right underneath your hips.

Curl your toes and hover your knees. Keep your spine neutral, nice and flat, and your tummy in. Let's practice stepping your leg back and bringing it in and then the other and and bringing it in step. So I want you to set your shoulders on your back. Don't let those shoulder blades pinch together. Yeah, I think about your chest foam pushing up.

Tommy's staying tight. One more and bring it down. We're going to add the upper body into that lifting opposite arm to leg. It's just for a quick moment. It goes back down to the mat. The wider the stance, the more stable you're going to feel. Spread your fingers. Walk back to a high plank.

Opposite arm and leg lift and lower lift and lower and lower and down. Down. One more and [inaudible] take it down. That was awesome. Back to our hit. Let's get our heart rate up. Standing wide stance. Feet are red underneath those hips. Sit down. Rise up to those tip toes or to a jump. Let's get started down and then, huh?

Let those arms feel relaxed. Belly tight. Sitting in those hips, Steve and low each time. [inaudible] think of your feet like little Springs. Push up. Push the floor away. Almost there guys free and stay with me.

10 seconds. How you doing? Fine on five, four, three, two and one. Great. Taking it back down to the mat. We're going to get into those glutes. Your knees are separated hip distance. We're going to send one leg out to the side. Just mobilize a little before we go into the full expression.

Fingertips to the forehead. Anchor that foot. Inhale, stretch to the side. Exhale, side cinch to that leg. Inhale down. Exhale up. So just pretend. Pretend like you're between two walls. You can't go forward. Can't go back just side to side. Two more and one. Now as you go down, you're gonna take that hand closest to the floor, right under your shoulder.

Keep the other hand to your forehead, top the ground. Find length through that leg. Lift and tap. Think about shoulder stacked over, shoulder, hip over hip, tummy tight, down and out for five, four, three, two, and hold that leg up. Little pulses up. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and 10. Take that foot down. Take a stretch. We're not done. We're going back into that side. This time we're drawing circles down and around.

As you circle that leg, try to keep those hips stable down and around. Keeping your hands on your hips helps reverse your circles down and around two and one bring it all the way in. Great job guys. Other leg goes out to the side, so find that anchor. Lean away from the leg and side. Sanchez is a great time to find that breath again.

Inhale down and exhale. The ribs are closed, filling those old Bleaks working to pull you up. The next time we go down, we're going to stay down there and put the hand down. Good hands goes to the forehead, leg is lifted. Tap the ground and lift up. So our leg is just an extension from our core.

Fill on that side booty and those abdominals working as we lift and stay up. Tell little pulses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. The light goes down. You come up. Quick little recovery. We got our circles to do hand down and up and around and stabilizing the middle and circling that leg. Okay. And their direction. Up and around.

It's hard to give out. [inaudible] three, two, and one. Bring it all the way in and take it down. Guys. Day two amazing job. You made it. I will see you next time for video number three.

Ready, Set, Glow!: with Courtney Miller


A real Winter warmer - feeling the glow and definitely looking forward to getting stronger. As always I really appreciate your sequences Courtney and your calm under pressure voice.
I wanted to go to the second video on day one, but I wasn’t allowed to. So much for a challenge.
Amazing what you can do in 16 minutes!
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Perfect challenge to start the day. Love that each day is unlockef and opened once a new day starts. Challenge come from within.
Courtney, I’m in love with you, thank you so much! Perfect challenge
Another great quick workout!
Omg hips on fire ! This is fun
Addressing Amy, me you’ll want to do the first one first. The titles of the videos are deceiving. “Breath is fuel” is NOT an easy, breath exercise class.
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Great mix of exercises, and perfect length of time - enjoying the motivation of having a new one to try each day.
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Courtney your cues are always so great.  I literally keep my notepad next to my mat/reformer when I do your workouts and write them down and then re read them before I teach! So thankful for Pilates Anytime :)

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