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Class #3920

Day 2: Balance Burn

15 min - Class


Welcome to Day 2! Courtney builds on from the previous class, adding a new HIIT sequence to get your heart rate up. She also teaches variations to help improve your overall stability and control.

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


All right guys. It's day two. Welcome back. We have a similar format. We're going to start with our warmup, so standing towards the back of your mat, feet, hip distance, arms up. That'...

Ready, Set, Glow!: with Courtney Miller


A real Winter warmer - feeling the glow and definitely looking forward to getting stronger. As always I really appreciate your sequences Courtney and your calm under pressure voice.
I wanted to go to the second video on day one, but I wasn’t allowed to. So much for a challenge.
Amazing what you can do in 16 minutes!
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Perfect challenge to start the day. Love that each day is unlockef and opened once a new day starts. Challenge come from within.
Courtney, I’m in love with you, thank you so much! Perfect challenge
Another great quick workout!
Omg hips on fire ! This is fun
Addressing Amy, me you’ll want to do the first one first. The titles of the videos are deceiving. “Breath is fuel” is NOT an easy, breath exercise class.
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Great mix of exercises, and perfect length of time - enjoying the motivation of having a new one to try each day.
Courtney your cues are always so great.  I literally keep my notepad next to my mat/reformer when I do your workouts and write them down and then re read them before I teach! So thankful for Pilates Anytime :)

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