Class #5541

Spine Lengthening Tower

45 min - Class


Join Amy Havens for her invigorating Spine Lengthening Tower class that incorporates a variety of spinal movements. With the assistance of a Magic Circle, you'll also engage your arms, establishing a deeper connection with your back. Get ready to feel open, strong, and tall after this transformative Pilates experience.
What You'll Need: Tower, Magic Circle

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Genius spinal everything movement, Amy. You can’t help but feel fantastic ! Thanks for another great class 🥰
Rebecca S
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Thank you so much for a new tower program! This was excellent! Always a joy with Amy. More tower and Cadillac, please. 
Robin S
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awesome as always. so nice to have more tower classes and always a bounce when you are the teacher . MORE PLEASE
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Great queing Amy, really a great class!
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Really delicious!! My spine feels refreshed and light. Thank you Amy. You're always inspiring!!
LOVED it! I feel great.  Thank you Amy. Love your teaching style. XO
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Much of this was extremely challenging.
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Thanks so much Amy! Loved the extension!
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I loved that. Just what I needed. Thank you so much. x
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Amy, you’re cues are always on the spot and I love you’re calm speed! Wonderful twisty class, - my spine says Thank You!
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