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Advanced Mat Workout

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Join Laura Hanlon for an invigorating Pilates class that flows through transitions and tackles challenging Mat exercises. With detailed cueing, you will move with precision and control, using the power of your breath to guide your movements for a sense of flow and ease. This straightforward class will leave you feeling energized and strong.
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Hello. I am Lara Hanlon here for an advanced math class today. We'll meet standing on our mats facing either direction. We'll start with a nice balance. So bring those feet into the pilates stance. Take a deep breath in as you reach the arms up overhead and start to the heels and inch or 2 from the floor right away feeling the whole body activate a zipper feeling in the core, a little tuck of the tail deep breath in. Exale belly button pulls back to the spine where ribs knit together.

From here, we'll lower those arms to what I like to call I dream of jeannie position. Upper arm, bottom arm pressing towards one another, one foot, either foot steps slightly behind, and we'll slowly elevate or lower all the way to the mat. With as much control from here as you can make your way to a seat. Bring those feet towards the front of your mat. Reach your arms forward.

Take a deep breath in. And begin to roll all the way down onto the floor, vertebra by vertebra with control, lower the palms by the sides, take a deep breath in, As you exhale draw the right and left leg up to a tabletop position, low belly pulls down to connect into our core right away. Thinking about those seat belt muscles, nice neutral pelvic position, float the arms up to the ceiling. Deep breath in to prepare. Excel will curl up to the tips of the shoulder blades, legs extend long, and a nice high diagonal to begin pumping those arms reading in through the nose for 5 and exhale out 2, 3, 4, 5 inhale.

As you exhale, maybe you start to take those legs a little bit lower. Deep breath in. Keep her reaching long through the fingertips, through the toes, lengthening through the limbs, inhale. Think of a tight corset tightened more across the waistline for a 4 and exhale out 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, maybe a little lower with those legs and 2. And exhale out 2, 3, 4, 5, last breath.

And and exhale out 2, 3, 4, 5, stay hold and reach breathing and curling up a little higher who legs back to parallel. Lower heels to the mat, head to the back. Arms reach long overhead, flex through those heels, zip up tight through the inner thighs, arms reach to the ceiling deep breath and exhale to around and roll up chin over the chest, belly scoops back in and reach those fingertips past the toes, head towards the thighs, belly continues to scoop back in and deep breath and exhale to round and roll back bone by bone. Lengthening through the back of the legs through the waist, through the crown of the head, and the fingertips in halo arms reach up. Axle to round and roll up.

Enjoying this moment in our forward stretch and heal. Axel to round and roll back down, shoulder blades slide away from the ears. Imagine you're pressing those arms, those palms down onto something here engaging in the whole body. Inhale. And exhale, use the breath.

Use the belly to round and reach. Inhale at the top. Axle to roll back down vertebra by vertebra, pulling the belly button a little bit deeper towards the floor one more time. Arms reach up on the inhale and exhale to round and roll up. Stretch a little further past those toes.

Take a breath in. And exhale to roll all the way down this time, pointing through the feet, lengthening out through those toes, reaching all the way out at the bottom. Alright. We'll lower our arms all the way down by the sides, pressing those palms into the mat, opening up across the chest, take a deep breath in. As you exhale begin to pull that belly button down to hover those legs away from the floor in how to lift them up to perpendicular. An exhale to roll up and over toes reach to the back of the room.

Chins stays lifted away from the chest. Legs parallel to the mat. Open the legs about shoulder width as you inhale and exhale to roll down vertebra by vertebra through the upper back middle back, low back, lowering legs to your point of control, zipping up tight through the inner thighs, inhale legs lift, At exhale, we roll up and over. Enhale to open. And exhale to roll down vertebra by vertebra.

Opening up through the spine, lowering with control. One more this direction. Legs lift and roll over. Inhale to open and exhale to take it back down one bone at a time. Keep pressing into those palms using your arms for support. Flex through the heels reverse.

We open and lift and roll up and over. Think heels to the back of the room. Legs still parallel to the ground. Squeeze your inner thighs together as you inhale and exhale to roll back down chest away from the chin, open up through the waist, lower in length, and through those legs. Inhale. And exhale.

Squeezing, inner thighs together. Feel the glutes and legs connect. Open up through the back as you roll down, lengthen through the crown of the head all the way out through those heels one more time inhale to open and lift axle to curl up and over using that scoop from the low belly. Squeeze the inner thighs to get there at the top take of breath. And and exhale begin to roll down vertebra by vertebra. This time we'll keep the right leg up towards the ceiling, lower left leg all the way to the floor.

Pressing into the back of that left leg and palms point up through the right toes, breathe in to prepare, and exhale to circle the right leg across the body down out and story back up over the hips inhale at the top, exhale to circle across, down out, length, and to left for 3, stable across the hips and pelvis. Think about that seat belt across the low belly and to and lift One more this direction. Zip up through the waist, lift, and stay, inhale, exhale reverse out down across length, and that outer thigh lift a little bit higher at the top for 4, zipping up through the waist to lengthen and lift up through the toes for 3. Around and up. 2. And lift 1 Marwee circle, lift and hold flex up through that right heel inhale.

Excel scissor and switch the legs right leg lowers to the floor. Left toes reach to the sky breathe in. Axcel to circle across down out length and to left around. Nice even circle that we're drawing on the ceiling here with those toes. 3. Melley pulls a little bit deeper down and in to support us too. And up one more around lift and stay inhale, exhale, River.

Out down across keeping those hips anchored. Think of lengthening out inner and outer thigh. Lift a little higher at the top of your inhale. Axel belly pulls down toes lift dot 2. Once more, we circle.

Lift and hold, flex up through that left heel breathing, and lower the left leg all the way down to meet the right at the bottom reconnect the inner thighs, float arms to the sky deep breath in, and exhale to around and roll all the way up to a seat. From here, we'll sit up tall, hug those knees in nice and close to us. Think of creating as tight of a little ball shape as you can. We'll keep the inner thighs together. Forehead to the knees, palms pressing into the front of those ankle shins, start by pointing through your toes, hovering them an inch or 2 from the mat. Draw those elbows wide, tuck the chin over the chest, breathe in as you rock back.

Breathe out as you rock up finding that balance form times knees towards the nose, belly back to the spine, inner thighs, and connected towards one another for 3. And 2. One more time rocking back. Find the balance at the top to hold. From here, lengthen up through your spine.

Pull those shoulders down right knee stays and left leg extends long. Left hand right below that right kneecap opposite hand to knee other hand by the ankle. Take a deep breath at the top. Begin to lower down. Left leg hovers off the mat.

Shoulder blades hover off the mat. Keep pressing hands in a shin, shin into the hands. Breathe in here, and then exhale to curl right back up. Right knee stays in close to the chest. Left toes reach up to eye level. Their side, left knee and right leg long opposite hand to the knee.

Other hand by the ankle, shoulder pull down heart lifts up inhale. Acts, they'll start to slowly roll back. Imagine you're drawing your inner thighs together here. It will help you roll evenly on your spine inhale at the bottom. Pull the belly down and then exhale to lift up. Switching back to the right side one more time each side. Inhale.

Ex a lowering with control. Zip up through the waistline. Pull the right knee in closer towards your chest. Reach the left toes longer away from you inhale, exhale to left, think of that zipper through your waist, shoulders, pull down, heart and shin, lift back to that left leg inhale, exhale to lower with control. Think of keeping those right toes at eye level.

Pull the belly button a little bit deeper. We'll stay here right into that single leg stretch. Right leg inhale. Left leg exhale. Switch. And switch.

Breathe in. Breathe out for 3. And 2. Last set. Draw both knees in towards your nose. Stay lifted. If anything, curl higher over the ribs. Arms by the year's legs long inhale, exhale circle and hug knees to nose, keep zipping up tight through the inner thighs, all the way up to your belly button.

Reach to the limbs. Zip up through the waist for 2. One more we lengthen. Stay lifted right leg to the sky, left leg long inhale and switch, exhale switch, and switch breathing and twos. Can we curl a little higher option to through those heels, lengthen through the calves.

Last set. Breathe it out to both legs to the ceiling to hold. Hands behind the head elbows wide, squeeze your inner thighs together, slight turnout pelvic, stability here across those hips, try not to tuck, lengthen through the sit bones, curl higher over the ribs, lower the legs down as you inhale. Break of the hips and lift the legs up as you exhale, and he'll reach down and away. Zip to lift.

3 more. Lower elbows. Stay wide ribs knit tight for 2. Pull the belly a little deeper. Use your last time, exhale to lift back to parallel, bend your knees and curl up another inch, back to our double breath twist right inhale. Switch inhale, exhale.

Moving with fluidity here, keeping that lift over the ribs, breathing in. Breathing out. Twist and switch across right and left for 4. We get a little higher. 3 reach longer through that extended leg.

2 more breaths. One more sec and exhale. Come back to center. Hug those knees all the way in to rest. That should get our heart rate up.

Take a breath in. Relax your shoulders. Squeeze those knees and give yourself a rock back and up to a seat. Moving into our spine stretch here today. Extend the legs out.

Heels reach towards the front corners of the mat. Spine nicely lifted here. If you're tight in the back of those legs, maybe a soft bend in the knees. Arms reach forward, shoulders. Stay down away from the ears.

Deep breath in. Axel chin tucks over the chest, think of curling over a big ball here. Open up across the shoulder blades without lifting the shoulders. Feel the scoop from your abdominals. Lengthen to lift back to vertical, still imagine you were pressing those arms down onto a tabletop inhale, exhale round and curl. Two more times length and to lift.

Round and reach. Once more inhale and exhale. Come all the way back up, sitting tall on those sit bones, reach the arms to the ceiling, and open those arms out to a tee. Moving into our saw, twist to the right using those obliques, we nicely warmed up, reach left fingertips towards the right pinky toe. So if you can flip that right palm, reach it to the sky as you reach left l ear towards your right knee.

Coming back up, palms down, shoulders down through center. Lift out of the hips as you twist deep breath in. Round and reach up and over, opening up through the waist, through the shoulders, through the spine, lifting up a little taller. And center one more each side inhale, exhale reach, pull back, and that waistline reach the crown of the head and the fingertips sand center. Last time left, up and over all the way back up.

And center. Point through your toes. Reach forward. Take a deep breath in. Pull the belly back. A little tuck at that tail.

Float those legs find your balance. Whoo. Bend those elbows. Chintox over the chesting of gazing between your thighs of the mat. Chins stay stuck so we never head our head towards the floor. We rock back on the inhale legs pressing the hands, hands into the legs, rock up and find it. Inhale back.

Pull the belly back, rock it up exhale for 3, and lift. And to think of squeezing the glutes here to help stabilize at the top one more time and heal back. Exhale to lift and hold. From their length and up through your spine, draw your inner thighs together, finding our first maybe teaser of the day. Stay holding on if you need or reach towards your toes.

Take a deep breath and lift a little taller. Legs don't move. We roll all the way down through the spine and for Take your time. Pull the belly deeper. And 3, how slow can you go? Control the belly deep as you hover at the shoulder blades to palms lower down head lowers back on one toes to the sky moving into our cork screw here, start to take the legs to the right deep breath. And sweep them down and around as you exhale pull the belly deep.

Legs lift back up high at the top. Legs go left inhale. Down and around as you exhale. Use the breath. Use your core again to the right, maybe slightly bigger. Maybe that left hip starts to lift a little bit.

Only if you can anchor it back down through center, finding it nice and square at the top to the left inhale. Axel down and around. Think of that tight zipper through the inner thighs through the waist. Pause for a moment. Open those arms out a little bit wider a v will take it one more time each side a little bit bigger.

Left hip lifts as the legs go right down around. Pull the belly deep. Squeeze the inner thighs together. Hold at the top one more to the left inhale, exhale down and around. Lift and stay.

Lower those legs back down to 45 degrees, bend the knees. Hold on if you need. Arms reach to the sky, deep breath. And axle to curl all the way back up, find your teaser, lift through your heart, and then lower those legs towards the floor. Back to parallel here, flex through those heels again, soften the knees if you need to find that beautiful lift through the waist, open the arms, shoulders down, and back deep breath in. And exhale twist to the right, inhale center, twist to the left.

Can we take the gaze back towards those back finger to center and left one more each side inhale. A little further center. Left back to center, reach the arms up, and reach all the way forward towards the legs. Enjoy a moment in this forward stretch point, flex the feet, whatever you need, inhale, and exhale. Rolling all the way up.

We'll spin around for a little bit of extension, hyper extension of the spine, legs extended back behind us. Arms off to the sides of the shoulders, maybe slightly off to the sides of the mat if you need. Wanna make sure those feet are on the mat here so I can firmly press them down to the floor squeezing in the seat. We'll begin by hovering the hands. Take a deep breath in.

And then hover the forehead and chest as you breathe out. Squeeze the glutes together. Squeeze the shoulder blades together, inhale hold or lift a little higher. And exhale to lengthen through the crown of the head lowering with control. Again, palms hover on the inhale.

Chest and back begin to hover as we exhale. Keep squeezing heels together elbows into the ribs inhale to stay or lift and exhale to lower. Adding on palms, begin to hover deep breath in. Chest begins to lift as we breathe out. From here, lower those hands underneath the shoulders.

Keep hugging the elbows in tight by the waist. Breathe then to prepare. And then exhale, use your arms. Use your back to start to lift up a little bit higher to your point of control here. Easing into this hyper extension, pull the shoulders back, open up across the collar bones, take a breath in, and then exhale thing of that tight zipper in the low belly. Pull your belly button up away from the floor.

Keep those elbows bending straight by the sides hovering at the bottom before releasing all the way down. Again, like that palms hover on the inhale, squeeze glutes and shoulder blades together, exhale to hover through the chest. Press the palms into the floor inhale. Excelling of pulling your belly button up and away from the mat, knitting those ribs together, keeping our core and our glutes engaged to support the spine. Hold the shoulders down, lift a little higher, take a deep breath in, on the exhale we move into our dive, arms reach forward. Inhale lift, exhale lower for 3, for 2, for 1, touch at the top, lift up, up, up, up, up, and exhale to lower down with that same control, elbows hugging. Bellie pulls up.

Releasing at the bottom. From there, sit all the way back into a child's posed rest position. These could be together or apart. Whatever your body needs here for a deep breath in and for that deep breath out. Alright. Moving forward into a forearm plank, reaching fingertips forward, I like to think of the number 11, two parallel lines from elbows to fingertips pressing the floor away to lift the heart between the shoulder blades and then extending those legs back one at a time, tight zipper sensation from the ankles through the knees, through the thighs, all the way up to the low belly.

Little tuck of that tail. Squeeze your sit bones and butt cheeks together straight line from ankles through the hips, through the thighs, all the way off the crown of the head, deep breath in. As you exhale, press the floor away, lift up in the heart, pull the shoulders back and lengthen through the back of the neck, 2 more breaths to stay, inhale. And exhale, think of connecting those legs towards the midline ribs towards the midline, one more breath inhale, and exhale belly up and in. Keeping that pressure down into the forms, down into the palms, gently start to lower the knees, butt and tuck your toes, and then pull your heart forward through your arms here, pull the shoulders away from the ears, opening up that same swan sensation in the chest will move into our single leg kick right heel into the loop.

Excel length and press into the top of the foot left. Pull the belly up, press the foot down, squeeze the seat, inhale. Excel keep pressing the floor away left. Excel reach. One more each side inhale.

And exhale switch, press the ground away, lifting the waist, pull the belly up and into whole and then exhale slowly lower right face cheek down. Palms will clasp one over the other behind the mid back. Try not to be too low here. Really lift those elbows up so you can open them all the way out wide, squeeze the inner thighs together, start to hover those legs zipping up, reaching through the toes, take a breath in, and then kick both heels towards both flutes for 3. For 2, keep pressing the hips down, lifting the belly, lifting the thighs, lengthen back through the legs, lengthen back through the arms, lift through your heart, open up across the collar bones deep breath in.

Left face cheek down. We kick for 3. Lift those knees to one, lengthen up and out. Switch the clasp of your hands one more time each side. We kick for 3 for 2. For one, lengthen up.

Left face cheek down, kick, squeeze inner thighs together, lift the thighs, squeeze the buns, reach, and stay. Lift everything up one more inch. Squeeze your glutes and shoulder blades to the midline. Reach back through your fingertips. Keep that neck in line with your spine. Pulse your palms towards one another for 5.

Squeeze those triceps for 4. Little higher, lifting the legs. 3. 2. Stay up on 1. Reach those arms all the way out and around overhead. Pull those elbows back towards your ribs.

Find your left. Palms press into the floor. Toast tuck underneath us, balls of the feet press into the floor. Now please use those knees if you need more support. We take a breath in to prepare.

Okay. So pull the belly button up first, press the floor away, push up into your plank position. Those inner thighs are connected. Low belly is connected. Press the heels to the of the room as you inhale, shift the shoulders forward over the fingertips as you exhale. A little challenge by the shift of the weight. Shifting it forward as we breathe out to inhale.

Zip up through the waistline length and through the crown of the head one more time. We'll go onto our leg pull facing down, right leg lift, shift back into the left heel. Shift it forward and lower. Left toes left shift back into the right heel, inhale. Squeeze the seat, zip through the waist.

One more each side. Shift back. Deep in the belly shift forward once more inhale back, exhale forward, lower, and hold, reconnecting the inner thighs, press the ground away, deep breath, and and exhale gently lower the knees with control. Again, taking a moment to sit back into a rest position. Give your wrists a little shake, your hips, your head a little wiggle, whatever you need here, deep breath in, and deep breath out. From there, we'll walk our hands back up and in towards our knees.

We'll move into some sideline work on the knees. So I will face you making sure those hips are right under or over my knees, knees under my hips. Little tuck of the tail, so I'm really zipping up through my waist. We'll start working our right leg first. So bring the hands to the hips for a moment and reach that right leg out.

The tendency to let the hips shift back here is pretty great. So keep that tuck of the tail. Keep that zipper sensation by really squeezing the glutes forward then open the arms to a tee. Pull your shoulders down. Take a deep breath in and then begin to shift over until the left fingertips. Maybe the left palm touches down to the mat.

I wanna think of a long vertical line from left to right hand. Now can we press the pelvis a little further forward? Pull the belly button back. Reach right toes and knee forward. So we're not turned out. Stay parallel. And hover that right leg away from the mat.

Now our goal is to lift it up to about hip height on the inhale, lower it back down to hover on the sail length and imagine sliding the sole of that foot up that side while shoulders stay down. Chins stays lifted for 3 and lower. Keep engaged in the core, pressing the floor away. Much more engagement here than when we're lying on the mat. To use the whole body, lift that leg up to hold, small circles forward around and back for 5.

Furr4 accent is up, lifting higher each time, 3. Connecting that corset around the waist to circle around 1, reverse back and around for 5. Reach through the heel for lengthen through the 5. 3. Last 2. And one. Hold at the top.

Lift up 1 more inch. Lower right leg all the way back down. Now press into that inner side of your right foot. Press the floor away out of that left palm and extend the left leg back behind the right feet will stay staggered here. Can we press the hips a little further forward?

Find that long line of the body. Lower the hips to hover off the mat right palm to the ceiling, gazing towards those right fingertips, start to lift the hips up arm overhead inhale, exhale, pike the hips up, right fingertips, read for our left heel or left calf. Reach back overhead as you inhale and lower to hover the hips and gaze to the right as you exhale. Lengthen up. Reach and twist.

Inhale to lengthen overhead and exhale to lower. Two more times. Press the floor away, twist underneath, pull back in that left oblique, inhale to lengthen, exhale to lower. Last time, and twist. We reach and lower all the way down bend those knees in.

We'll take a mermaid stretch here, right hand towards right shin or ankle. Left arm reaches up, shoulder blades pull away from the ears. Lift through the waist deep breath and and exhale to reach up and over. Holding it here, deep breath in. Maybe take your gaze up, reach a little further. Stretch out the side of that body.

One more breath to hold. Axle to lengthen. Coming all the way back up, and then we'll meet on those knees once again. Again, stacking hips over the knees. Tucking that tail underneath us, connecting into the core arms, reach to a tee. Left leg extends out long. Make sure we're parallel here versus turned out much harder to work that outer thigh outer glute in that position deep breath in. Acts, I'll be gonna tip over onto right fingertips, right wrist, whatever you need here.

Can you squeeze the glutes further forward, pull the belly in the ribs further back, and then begin to hover the left leg just an inch or 2 from the floor. Make sure you're pressing into the top of that right foot and shin. So we stay square. We lengthen to lift and resist to lower. Inhaling up.

Keep reaching toes and knee straight forward. Feel the stretch and the engagement in that outer thigh. We're both lengthening and strengthening those muscles at the same time here. One more lift and lower This time we lift to hold. Press the floor away.

Pull those shoulders down small circles forward around and back for 5. For 4. He pulling that waistline back in and 3 working that whole body, 2, and 1, whoever's backing around for 5, lengthen through fingertips. 4, press the floor away. 3, and 2, and one, hold at the top. Lower it down pressing into that left foot now. Press the ground away.

Take a breath in. Right leg extends back behind the left. Squeeze the glutes forward, pull the shoulders away from the ears, lowering the hips with control, gaze to the left fingertips, palm to the ceiling, inhale. We lift up Exhale, pike the hips up, reach left fingertips towards right leg, inhale to reach back overhead, and exhale to lower. Again, we lift, thread it under, lift those hips up, inhale to reach, exhale to lower. Try not to sink into that right wrist or shoulder. Use your right back muscle, your arm muscle to support you here.

Reach overhead. Squeeze the glutes in and earth eyes tight. One more time lift and twist and center. And lower. Slowly lower the hips all the way down, bend those knees in for our side stretch.

Holding onto the shin or ankle, reach that arm up, pull the shoulders down, find the lift, take a deep breath in. And exhale to stretch up and over. Breathe into your stretch, relaxing here into it, inhale. Exhale a little further. One more breath in and exhale.

Come all the way back up. And then once again, we'll sit in the middle of the mat. Legs extended out nice and long. This about hip distance apart, give them a little shake. Try and relax. We just worked them.

Let them not do the work right now. We're gonna move into neck wall. More about the core. Try to get those thighs to let the core do the work instead. Flux through your heels. Dig your heels into the mat.

Maybe a slight bend in the knee. Maybe a little squeeze in the seat to help you get out of those hips, hands behind the head elbows wide, zip up through the waist to prepare on the inhale. Begin to hinge back as you exhale, lengthen the crown of the head to the back of the room, take another breath in. Think of that corset sensation. Keep it tight as you lower a little further.

One more inch to go, use the breath inhale, exhale a little lower. Hold it, fight for it, breathe in. Now roll the rest of the way down. Pull the low belly back. Get into your low back into the middle of your waist.

Hover at the tips of the shoulder blades. Can you pull the belly deeper? Before releasing the head down option to always have the hands over the chest, maybe up to the ceiling, do what you need. Dig your heels into the floor keep them there, hover over the chest shoulder blades off the floor, breathe in, exhale dive all the way up and over forehead between those knees. Use your hands behind your head here to gain a little more deepening of that stretch for the upper back cervical spine. Link them back to vertical.

We do it again. Bree then, exhale to hinge. Another breath to hold. Can we lengthen a little further through the crown of the head? Ribs draw away from the hips. Heels reach forward and down. Fight for it and heal.

Ax a little lower. Keep that long spine. Deep rough here. Axle to lower. Pull the low belly back. Think of that tight zipper.

Open up through your spine. How slow can you go? Find your hover. Release at the bottom. One more time. Inhale thing of imprinting face up high to the sky, exhale dive all the way up and over forehead between those guys.

Enjoy this moment in your forward stretch, length, and backup. Hold at the top. Can you grow longer through your waistline? Breatheen. Ax out to hinge, inhale grow longer, exhale to hinge further. One more inhale. Shoulders stay down, heart stays lifted, exhale lower, fight for it, use your breath, inhale, exhale, pull the low belly back, pubic bonus sacrum, naval to spine, vertebra by vertebra, dig those heels down, pull that belly deep, find your hover, and release at the bottom.

One of my favorite exercises never really well, it gets a little easier, but not much. Bring those feet in line with your hips. Finger tips reach to the heels. We'll stretch out the front of the body, work a little bit more on the back of the body with our shoulder bridge. Fingertips reach long. Palms, press down, heels, press down, deep breath in. Axcel pull the belly down always.

Initiate this tuck of the pelvis from your core, and then squeeze your seat. Sit bones butt cheeks together. Pelvis high. Were ribs connected belly down and in. Chinsdays lifted away from the chest to get deep breath in. Excel, can you squeeze your seat a little tighter and lift your hips maybe a little higher? From here, we transfer weight into the right foot.

Start by hovering the left at just an inch or 2 from the floor. Make sure nothing else has shifted. Fire up that right butt cheek. Now draw left leg to table topics and then it high to the sky. Flex through the heel lower till thighs meet parallel to one another breathe in. Pull the belly down. Lift the leg up as you exhale for 4.

Zip up through that waistline. Keep those hips square. 3, lengthen to left. 2, keep squeezing that right seat tight. One more. Lift and stay. If anything boosts those hips a little higher, then the left knee in with control and place that foot back onto the mat drive that left heel down to the floor.

Retuck that pelvis if it's dropped. Start by hovering right foot just an inch or 2 from the mat. Fire up that left butt cheek. Now draw left leg to tabletop. Extend it high to the sky. Reach through your heel.

Link them to lower on the inhale. Deepen the belly down. Kick that leg up as you exhale for 4 lengthen to lift. Keep that gaze up, open neck, and throat. To and lift once more.

Lift to stay. Can you squeeze the seat a little tighter, lift a little higher? Bend the right knee. Place the foot all the way back down. Squeeze both glutes. Lift both hips. Take one more breath and press into the heels across some of the palms open up through the collar bones, exhale roll all the way down vertebra by vertebra for Draw the ribs together in 3, squeeze the inner thighs together in 2, lengthening nice and even through the body.

On one. Release the hips heavy. Feel the pelvis heavy and anchored to the floor. Keep it there as you draw the right leg to tabletop Pull the belly down a little deeper as you draw the left leg up to meet it. Arms reach to the ceiling and heal and exhale to curl up to the tips of the shoulder blades.

Think of gauzy between your thighs, reaching those arms along in a diagonal. Legs can always stay bent. You can always hold on or reach along with those fingers and toes. Deep breath here. We begin to curl up for our teaser. 1, pull the belly down. Legs don't move.

Maybe there's tabletop maybe they're parallel. I like to have a little pilates stance turn out of my legs here. Lift a little higher through your hard inhale. Begin to lower to the tips of the shoulder blades. Legs don't move. We roll through that waist, slow and controlled, keep the gaze, keep the reach forward through the fingertips, inhale to pause, Excel. Just scoop through the belly and lift back up 1 more just like that. Inhale. Axcel to lower.

Inhale to hold. Exhale to lift. Teaser too. Legs lowered down on the inhale. Zip through the waist. Scoop. Lift those toes up like little the tear strings inhale down, pull the belly down, float the legs up.

Shoulders stay anchored into the back one more time. Legs lift to stay. Reach everything up a little higher, deep breath, and start to lower everything down in 4. Pull the belly back first. 3, find the hover of the heels and the shoulder blades, 2 float arms by the ears, lengthen everything in one piece on one moving into our full teaser here. Do what you need.

Listen to your body. Regardless, use that breath. And he'll arms to the ceiling. Axale, curl up chin over the chest, pull the belly down legs, hover. Everything floats up with control. Reach for those toes with your fingertips and your gaze, inhale, exhale to take back down bone by bone.

Think of reaching those legs a little longer squeezing those inner thighs a little tighter, find the hover arms by the ears, lengthen out at the bottom, again, inhale arms float up. Exelt to curl up. Think of a corset around the waist here, that tight zipper sensation in the low belly, using those analogies to find a little more connection in your waistline, lift a little higher, lower all the way down, Keep it tight. Keep the tension out of the neck and the shoulders. Pull it low into that waistline.

Reach up. Links and back. Last time inhale arms lift. And exhale to curl up. Flowed up. Reach up.

Stay here. Arms by the ears. Flip the palms reach back either to the mat or the sides in the mat. Lift through your heart. Hip circles legs go right. Think about your cork screw.

Down around. Little to knowing those fingertips to the left. Pull the belly deep and down and around option to stay here with those arms. Or add the arms. Legs go right. Arms go left.

Think of a reverse of the circle 1 more time each direction, inhale. Exhale. Lift and hold. Flood everything up 1 more inch, maybe arms by those years, take a deep breath in for the last time we lower in 4. Can you pull the belly a little deeper three? Find that hover length into and release with control on 1.

Shake those legs out feel that link through the fingers through the crown of the head, through the toes reach up in here. Legs stay where they are. Tech exhale to curl all the way up. Keep those toes reaching forward. Bring your hands underneath you here.

We did our leg. Pull facing down. We're gonna do a self facing up now. I like it after teaser. It's a nice stretch for the front of those thighs. So press into the palms, squeeze your shoulder blades together, lift your heart, take a breath in, press down into your heels, scoop through the waist, squeeze into your seat, and lift those hips up.

Maybe you choose to hold here, adding our kick, right toes to the sky, inhale, exhale, lower squeeze, the right glute as you press into that left heel, left leg up. Axle to lower. 2 more each side. Think of a string from your heart, from your pelvis, lifting you higher to the guy keeping the gaze up without letting that head drop back. Press the foot down last time left. Lower squeeze inner thighs, lift up one more inch, breathe in, and exhale to lower with control.

Alright. We will flip over onto our stomach for a little bit more extension work for the back here. Let the feet separate so they're about hip distance apart. Arms reach forward shoulder distance apart. We'll start with a nice slow swim easing into this, lifting the chest and the head, right arm and left leg up as you inhale. And exhale to lower with control. Left arm right leg firing up the glue and hamstring to lift, lengthen through the fingertips toes back of the neck to lower. Both arms and legs together, floating up on the inhale, draw the ribs together, pull the belly up and then as you exhale to lower one more time we lift and hold inhale.

Excel to stay. Shoulder blades slide down the back, lift a little higher, breathing, and twos, we swim into out to keep lifting from the glutes, lifting in your heart, breathing in. Last two breaths. One more. Hold at the top.

Lift everything up 1 more inch. Squeeze your inner thighs together, draw those elbows back to the ribs we've been here before. Press the palms into the mat underneath your shoulders. Tuck your toes underneath. You press into the balls of the feet.

Squeeze your elbows to the ribs. Pull the belly up and then take a deep breath to prepare. Lift your abdominals up first and press the floor away, finding our plank position, deep breaths to stay, exhale to hold. From here. Pike the hips up and back. Begin walking your hands back towards your toes.

We will meet in a forward fold here. You can stand on or slightly off your mat, heels together, toes apart in our pilates stance. Let your head release. Give it a little shake. Yes and no side to side.

Take a deep breath in. And exhale, let it go. From here, weight into the toes, hover the heels an inch or 2 from the floor. Find that connection between your inner thighs and glute. And begin to roll up through your spine one vertebra at a time, lifting the knees and thighs, lifting the low belly.

Imagine you're rolling back down onto the mat. Same idea here. Working bone by bone through the core. Arms reach forward. And then all the way up overhead, standing tall, reaching through the crown of the head, reaching through the fingertips, a little tuck of that tail.

Can you lengthen up through the spine, pull the belly back in in deep breath in? Excel. We roll right back down lead with the fingertips lead with the crown of the head and zip up through that inner thigh and waist connection. It'll help you roll evenly and controlled here. Taking our time, making our way all the way back down. Once those fingertips come close to touching or tapping the mat, Let them release.

Walk your hands out about 4 to 6 hand steps. We'll find a plank position once again. Try and keep those heels together toes slightly apart shoulders down away from the ears, long spine. We have 5 tricep push ups, bend the elbows to the ribs as you inhale, exhale, press the floor away. Modify if you need for 4. And 3.

Stay lifted in your waist line 2. Tighten up through the glutes. 1. Press and hold. Take a breath here. Excel begin piking those hips up, walking those hands back those same 4 to 6 hand steps.

Folding over. Keep those heels hovering, lifting your waist, deep breath in, exhale to roll it up, bone by bone. Squeeze the inner thighs and glutes together right away. I think of pressing the hips forward. Pulling. That belly back.

That balance is tough. Connect to your core. Pull your shoulders down. Take a breath in. Now keep this lift through the crown of the head, lower the heels.

We'll go into our single leg. Left toes reach back first today. Can you keep them hovering away from the floor? Keep that lift in your waist. Deep breath in.

Begin to lead through the fingertips in the crown of the head, rolling down bone by bone, lifting your right knee, lifting your right thigh for support, squeeze that right glute, keeping those hips square. We walk those hands back out option to always modify here. Single legged push up for 5 inhale. Exhale. 4.

Lift from that waist along through the spine. 3. Use the breath too. One more. Hold it. Take a breath in. Pike those hips up and back, walk those hands back.

Now can we keep our left toes hovering? Right heel stays flat. Lift from your waist. Take a breath in. Start to roll up vertebra by vertebra right away. Press the pelvis forward.

Pull the belly back, strong standing supporting leg, find it hold, lower that left foot, draw the ribs together, zip up through your waistline, right toes on new back. Maybe they hover. Take a breath in. Last time here rolling through the spine. Fingertips, crown of the head.

Zip up through your waist. Lift through that standing leg. Roll is slow and controlled as you can. Once you arrive, we make our way out. Final 5 push ups here.

Think about your core. Think about your alignment elbows hug into the ribs, inhale down, exhale up for 4. 3. Inhale. And exhale all the way. Hover 2.

Last one. Hold stay. Deep breath in. Exhale, walk it back, left heel down, right toes stay hovering if you can, right away, pull up in your core, deep breath. Exhale, roll back up, bone by bone, arms by the ears, lengthen through the spine, lift hauler at the top. Lower that right foot.

We're gonna finish with the balance here, pull the belly back, zip up through the waist, hover the heels, take a deep breath in Feel your spine longer, your whole body activated, lift in the thighs, lift in the waist, lift through the heart, deep breath in. Slowly lower your heels, open your arms, but keep the link through the crown of the head in 4. You make the choice to lower here in 3. Work against the gravity 2 and release on 1. Thank you so much. I hope you feel your whole body very much activated. Have a great rest of your day.


Activation achieved! Thank you Laura for such a beautiful and inspiring Pilates class ☀️
Nice challenges and great instruction! I will definitely need to do this class again.
Patricia H
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Simple class and good one to do if you are tired - I would say it’s moderate, not advanced
Maria B
It was advanced indeed for me!!!
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Lovely!  exceptional cueing and instruction
Anne M
Right up my alley. Thank you so much!
Great class, Laura! Went by really quickly.
You are spectacular Laura. Thank you for this masterful and challenging class. There is so much good work here for us, in the transitions and use of breath. Grateful to return to this.
Another amazing class! Clear clueing, definitely very challenged! Always a treat taking your classes.
Moorea P
Love this class Laura, the slow teasers are something I still need to work up too especially the added arm circles!
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