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Advanced Mat Flow

45 min - Class


Note: For safety reasons, Michael and Ton (and PA) ask you to please watch their short tutorial of the 5 seldom taught exercise variations that will be used in this class at least one time prior to taking this class. Click here to watch the Tutorial.

Let the journey begin! Michael and Ton bring us an advanced Mat class. This class should challenge you but you are always invited to take another path on the journey and modify where necessary. You'll get to practice all your favorites like scissors and bicycle, plus Michael and ton offer up some vintage variations that aren't often performed like the Wide leg Open Leg Rocker.
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Nov 19, 2012
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Hi, I'm tone. I'm Michael. So advanced mat you who um, it's gonna be challenging. So first of all, but like we always said, honor your body, you know, so you know your body best that might get two exercises that are not right for your body or doesn't feel right and you just sit it out, don't do it, don't worry about it. Um, we are all at some point going to get into trouble because we all have our weak points. We all have our strong points. So, um, that's okay. Don't worry about it. Well, that's the process of the whole thing. Um, so do the best you can. Sit it out, join us with the next one. It's all relaxed. We all, um, it's a journey. So let the journey begin.

But before I began, if you don't like the path we've chosen, meaning the version of the exercise, if you don't like the version we're doing, because since there's so many different classical ones, do the one you want to do as long as you're doing the exercise. Like when we get to the rollover and things like that. If you want to change it to a simpler one, you're more comfortable. If I say parallel and you always like to do it in plotty stance, go for it. It's your journey. It's your adventure. So that said, we're starting from there. Standing up.

You're gonna come to the front edge of your mat. Cross over from there. We slowly lower yourself down all the way. Place your hands down from their place, both feet together. Slide back just a little bit. Grab onto the backs of your thighs. From there, just start to roll yourself down.

Leave your arms down at your sides. From here, legs are pointed, feet are long. Inhale, slide your hands along. Lift your legs, lift your arms up and bring your arms right across your thighs and start pumping. [inaudible] two, three, four, five. Yeah, good. Now really get the arms pumping across your chest cause it helps you drop into the stomach. Good in and out and in. In a perfect [inaudible] world, remember we're supposed to have the legs and I love home God and ind out.

Keep pumping in out and nine and out. We are almost there. 10 and out, and relax. Bring your arms straight above your head. From there, point your feet, arms long. Inhale, flex the feet, lift the arms. Exhale up and over. Inhale, rolling down until your shoulder blades or right down. And then inhale up. Inhale, lift the arms and legs and roll yourself. Good and exhale, roll it town and again, inhale, flex those feet. Roll yourself up. Keep that scoop going. Inhale, rolling all the way down until your shoulder blades and stretch it all out.

Inhale, bring it up, ax. Hell over. Inhale, exhale, roll it down. And last one in health, flaccid. Exhale up an over in. Exhale, slowly roll it down from there.

Bring your arms down to your side. Legs are together, feet are pointed where remain pointed throughout the whole exercise. From here, inhale up and over for the room over and touch the floor. If you can touch the floor, open your legs, why? And slowly roll down through your spine and bring your legs together and up in the over. Don't slow down too much. It makes it really hard and burning it down and again over at man and lower it down. Now the reverse. Open, wide and lifted up and over.

Touch the floor, brewing it together and roll it down open wide and Heather and brewing it down last time up and slowly bring it down. From there they go like circles. Bring both legs down. Flex the left foot. Point the right. You're going to inhale. Bring the like up. Exhale, Cross your body. Keep your shoulders on the mat and bring it up. Exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale down.

Inhale up. Keep your shoulders down. Last one. Then bring your legs straight down from there. Flex that foot. Point. Other one. Inhale, bring the leg up. Exhale, Cross your body. Inhale up. Exhale, cross. Inhale, exhale, cross. Inhale up four and up. Last one, five and up. Bring that leg down.

Flex the left foot. Point the right. It starts down from here in him. Bring it up and exhale and down. Inhale, exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale, round. Inhale, and exhale.

One more. Inhale and exhale, leave down. Stay down, put it on the floor. Flex that foot point. The other one from there. Inhale, bring up. Actually inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale, round. Inhale, so round.

Watch those shoulders last one and bring it down and bring both legs down and together. From there. Bring your arms up overhead. Inhale, roll yourself up. Place your hands right by your buttocks. Lift your buttocks up. Come to the front edge of your mat, rolling like a ball. Grab onto your ankles and let's rock and roll. See Rough and up and hold it and rollback and up and rolled back and up. Two more back. Don't forget to breathe. Last one, and up and hold. Hold it there. Place the feet down.

Place your hands right by your biotics. Slide yourself back to the front edge of the Mat. Left leg out as long for leverage. Oops, there goes the Mike. Grab onto the leg, going down for single leg. Stretch with a little pulse, so we have in, in, in in two, two, two, three, three, four, four, four, four, five, five, five, five last time, six, six, both legs in from here. Inhale, stretch arms. Stay down. Exhale, squeeze, and to squeeze. Inhale, stretch it out long. Bring it in, and five, bring it in. Six, bring it in from there, right leg up, grab onto it, stretch the other one out. Pulse in, in, in two, two, two, two, three, three, three, three, four, four, four, four, five, five, five, five, six, six, six, six.

Hold a therapist likes up, shoulders open. Inhale down. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale, up. Inhale down. Exhale, up. Inhale down. Exhale up. Only two more. Inhale, exhale. Last one in. Exhale, criss cross end one and one and two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five, six, six and we're in. Lie down on your back. Stretch like straight up to the ceiling. Bring your arms straight up to the ceiling. Lift your head up and cruel yourself up a teaser position. While you're here, open the Lexus with wide as you can to place them down.

Place your hands behind your head, elbows open. Take a big breath in. As you exhale, bring the elbows forward and roll yourself down all the way. Roll back up and lengthen the spine and open the elbows. Now at the bottom. Don't let your elbows touch cruelty, elbows towards you so that you for arm touches. Inhale, elbows in and roll all the way forward. Try to get the elbows towards you and the four arms.

Go to the floor and then we're all back up for air. Exhale and scurries every little molecule out and roll back up for the final time. And Vernon Kirlian, Carolyn, Carolyn, and Guerlain and gorilla. Then don't pull on your head. Roll back up and relax. Now stay here. Hold onto the inside of your knees, cruel yourself back and bend it in. Now hold on to the ankles open like rocker, but remember we're going to open the legs as wide as possible.

If you have the room at home, try it. Keep it at legs wide, roll back as far as you can, keeping the legs wide, you can touch the floor and come back up and roll and roll back. I'll be as you can do that or roll back and come up two more times, which I'd fill your head. Yeah, you're running out of Matt and coming back up last time. Roll back. Overall a lot and find the balance. Hold it. Bring your legs together. Find your teaser, roll yourself down.

Ready for your corkscrew in the corks. Who you first gonna roll up until the weight is on your shoulders. So lift the legs and hips off the mat a little bit rolled down on the right side of your body. Come to the left side of your body and lift up to the shoulders. And down in the left and up on the right, down on the right and up on the left. Down on the left and up on the right. One more set.

We go down in the right. Don't let your legs go over your head. Go Up to the ceiling. Go around and lift them up. Land in the middle. Bring the arms back up. Lift your head back up. Come up into your teaser position because we can never do enough teasers.

Open the legs as wide as you can. Open the arms all the way to the side. Squeeze your shoulder blades together now as you do so, make sure that the rips do not go forward. The rip. Stay in. Keep squeezing the shoulder. This you touristed to right and then exhale, saw off your toe. Sod of more sod, more end. Come back up for air. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, twist and go. Exhale, one. Exhale, two. Exhale. Three, come back up for air.

A little bounce in your step on the way home. Twist and go. One, go to, go through and come up again tourist and go. One, go two and three. Lift yourself up and re Lex, swing your legs over so you're lying on your stomach. Place your forehead on your hands from here. Press the forearm into the floor and lift the chest of your mat. Three. There we go.

Come up a little bit higher by bringing the elbows more underneath you. So cruel them in a little bit. There you are. So from here we're going to go into the swan dye from this position. Now you're going to lift arms up to the side and turn the palms up for the swan dive. In this version [inaudible] go alon. Angle up and up and up and up. Keep going, keep lifting and relax.

Just take a couple of breaths while you're here and joy the movement to come up into your sphinx position, onto your elbows for your single Lek. We going to do two kicks. We're going to do them slow because we're going to change them. So right let goes in first kick, kick, and then left. Left, right, right now the first kick is going to be with the flex foot.

The second kick is going to be the pointed foot. So you're going to flex point, flex point, flex point, flex point, flex point, flex points, flex point, flex point, flex, flex and relax. Hands are behind you. Elbows down both legs together. Three cakes kicking on, kicking to kicking three and stretch everything open again. One, two, three. Now in the relaxation, bring the hands as high as you can and the elbows all the way down to the floor.

Kick one kick to kick three lift up. Bring the hands up. High elbows low kick one kick to kick three. Lift up and relax. Sit back on your heels. Relax your spine for a second. Then roll yourself up for your neck. Paul. So you're gonna lie down.

Your back legs are hip width apart. Hands. Our elbows are open to the side. Light on your back. We starting down. There you go. Try to keep your elbows as wide as you can. Lift your head up and roll yourself up. Disappear between your legs as you roll over.

Roll up and sit up nice and tall. Now keep your whole body long. Just Krill, one for the Bray down and then the next and in the next and then the next and then the next. And tried to keep everything as long unless it's there, it's turned to curl under or roll yourself. Disappear between your legs. Roll up and reach for the ceiling. Now each vertebrae has to wait for its turn so it can curl under. Don't cheat and we try it again. Roll up and disappear or roll up in length and make a small waist while you sitting here and now roll down. Reach the feet towards each other. Heels, heels, reach, heels, reach, heels, reach, heels reach, heels, reach.

And one more time for perfection. Roll yourself. Roll disappear length in the spine. As you come up now reach the heels towards each other. As you go over, keep reaching. He's like parting the seas and roll back down.

Relax the arms. We're going to do the scissors. So bring the legs together. Move forward. So your head is on the mat. Now you're going to place your hands like so as if you putting your hands in your back pockets so it's not high on the ribs. Your hands are supporting your hips, not your back. So from here, lie down, lift the legs and the hips up and support your hips with your hands.

Now the leg, one leg goes down to the floor, away from you, not over your head. And then go the other leg. The leg that is going down away from your head is the important one. Don't let the leg go too far over your head. Work on the leg that's going to the center of the room.

Now stay there both legs together. We're going to do the bicycle. So one leg goes down and bent and then the other leg goes down and bent. And two and two and three and three last time, four and four. Bring both legs up. Roll yourself all the way down and just shake out your wrists for a second and bend your knees. Getting ready for the shoulder. Bridge the shoulder, which we're going to start with the arms slightly aside. So give yourself a little space.

Now we're going to place the hands underneath our waist again or underneath our hips. But this time the fingers face out. Okay, so lift your hips up and then bring the our hands in the back like so. Yeah, but keep your elbow slightly open, which don't like elbows come in so far because they will push you up into an arch. So you want to be instilled in the diagonal. Stretch the right leg, straight out to the center. Lift it up and bring it back down. Lift it up and bring it down. Lift it up, bring it down and place it on the floor show. We can do the other leg reaching out, long down on the floor, and then kick it up and bring a towel. Kick it up, bring it down. Third Time Up. Bring it down, place the food on the floor.

Get rid of your hands and roll through the spine. Back Down. Bend your knees in towards your chest so you can stretch them up to the ceiling. Lift your arms up, lift your head up, sit up into your teaser. Then slow motion going down. Open the arms, lift and spine twist.

Exhale, twist, twist, and come center. And exhale, twist tourists and come center. Stay Long, longer and go longer. Longer. It's like a washcloth being emptied out. Schoolies all the air out of that spine. Last time. Twist, twist, come. Center and twist. Twist to be even and relaxed. Jackknife. We're going to lie down. Start with you like straight up in the air.

You're going to go all the way up in one inhale, so it's inhale, lift, exhale down. Inhale down. Exhale, relax and inhale up. X, hail in hell and and in Elif go slow Leigh down so you enjoy it and it up. Exhale in inhale last time. Inhale up and exhale in hell and just relax from there. Bring your arms straight up towards the ceiling. Legs is still there. From there, use that leverage to come up in that beautiful teaser position. From there you're going to place the hand down. We'll place both hands down.

Since you can't see what I'm doing from there, you're just going to slide over to this side. So everybody's had, you'll swing around. You guys will do a full swing. You'll have swings down. So we're all on the mat with our heads down towards the ocean. From there in the obtuse angle from their legs are long. From here we're going to start the kicks. Bring this arm up. Since we are advanced, make sure this is not hanging. That's lifted and we're going to start to the back.

So a kicked back and front and back and front and back and front. Last time and front, bring the legs back together. Rotated out naturally. Natural rotation, hot potato. So we're going to start by bringing the heel in front. Two, three, four up, back to three for up. Now tap three up, back to three up.

Tap to up, back to up. Tap Up, tap up last two and bring it down from there. Bring the legs back together. Bend the top leg for inner thigh. From here we're going to lift the leg up. Lower down, lift it up, lower down, lift up, lower down, lift up and hold it. Little circles, four front, two, three, four hole and reverse two, three, four. Bring that leg back down. Then that leg in as you bring the other leg on top, coming up into the Mermaid Mermaid can be either this way or like we talked about this as my journey, my mermaid's a little open from there. Grab on here.

Inhale up, exhale over as you stretch over mixture. The downside of the waist does not collapse and just enjoy the stretch. Inhale, brewing it up. Place the hand down. The other one in. Inhale, slide the hand out a bit. I don't get stuck in the mat a bit up here and the same thing here. Make sure the downside of the waist does not collapse.

Inhale up again, back to our wonderful teaser position from their legs. Just slide over. You go right down into it and we're ready to kick and back and front and back. Front, back, front. Last time from their hot potato rotated out.

Tap Fun for two, three, four, up, back to three, four up. Tap, two, three, up, back, two, three up. Don't Mash it, girls up. Back two up. Tap Up, two up, three up, four up. Bring it back together. Bring the legs back in top like bands. Grab onto the ankle, inner thigh, and we lift up. Lower down. Lift it up. Lower down, lift up, lower down, lift up in home circles. Four front, two, three, four, stop. Weavers, two, three, four.

Bring it back down from there. Draw that like in, coming up for the mermaid. Grab onto your ankle. Inhale. Keep that oppositional. Stretch going. Don't let the downside of the waist, as we call it, collapse. Push the hip in. Stretch out long. Bring the arm up. I'm can slide. It gets stuck in the mat a bit, but that's okay.

Think of that opposition or stretch. Push to the hip as you stretch it out. Enjoy it. Brewering it back up. Back to our fabulous teaser position. From there, slide around [inaudible] mat. Now we're ready for the real teaser from there facing me. So we're all together. I'll even face you to from there, just starting at the side, you're going to inhale, you're going to roll down, you're going to get to that point where your legs start to fall off and you'll just be here. Then you're going to inhale, come up to that beautiful teaser.

Then keeping the arms and the relationship. You're going to roll down only to your shoulder blades and inhale up. Exhale, roll it down. Try and keep your legs right there. Inhale up. One more. Good and calm up. Hold it there. Bring the arms up.

Now just lower the legs and lift and we lower and lift and lower and lift. Hold it there. Now everything goes down and everything comes up. Lift the arms up, everything flattens out and everything comes up and everything goes down. Last time everything comes up and hold. Photo time. I'll wait photo, bring the arms up.

Then back behind you. We're ready for hip circles. Nobody said break. We go right around. End Up left around and up, around and up, knees to nose and up. Try it. Last time these 2000 we go down around and up and hold it there. From there we're holding. You're going to flip to the center.

Down onto stomach. Ready for swimming, arms land, fem. In inhale, lift the arms up like you're doing. Chest expand. Circle around it. List your arms and legs up and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and relax. That's enough. Bring your legs together. Cool your toes under. Bring your hands right on the neath. Your shoulders.

Create a strong body, a piece of steel. As you push yourself off the mat, burring your right leg up. Press the left heel back. Bring it back up. Please. Sit down. Left up, press lift. Lower. Inhale, exhale. It's not a drop of the heel. It's a lift. It's a push. Bring it up and then relax from here. Stay in this position.

Bend the leg. It's away from me and place it underneath. You. Make a quarter turn. So now you face me. Let this foot go underneath you. Lift this leg up, kick it to the back and to the front and two to two and three to the front and for to the front. Stay in the middle bicycle. Bring it to the front. Bend the leg, bring it to the back to stretch. Bring it to the front.

Bend it in to the back and stretch and front bend to the back. Leave it in the center to reverse. Go back heel to the bottom. Knee to chest and reach to the back. Heel to bottom, knee to chest. Stretch to the back. Heel-Toe bottom knee to chest. Stretch it out and leave it in the middle. Place it on the floor.

The other foot joints it as you without sitting on the mat. Come to face the ceiling. Kick the right leg up and bring her down. Left like up. Now make a big circle right leg goes up and around. Left leg goes up. Now reverse your circle.

Circle it up to bring her down. Circle it up. Bend the other knee and face away from me to phase the other sidekicks. Lift the leg up, kick it to the back. And to the front and to the back and to the front and three to the front and for to the front. Meet in the middle for your bicycle. Bring it to the front. Bend the knee in and stretch in the back.

Very nice to the front knee to chest and bring it back last time to the front. Then the knee, bring it to the center to stop, to reverse it. Go to the back, heel to bottom, knee to chest, sweatshirt out him back. Heel to bottom. Need a chest last time you to the bottom. Bring it in. Stretch it out and relax it down.

Come face me for a second so we can move on to the side. Bend. [inaudible] so sit on the edge of your mat. Just face me. Um, just yes, have you feed them that tight. There you go. Now make sure you're all lined up so your feet, your hips, and your shoulders and your wrist. Don't have your feet too close. Push them away.

Then lift the knees up and the hand is on your legs. You're going to create strong feet, strong arm. So perse, the arm into the floor. Now push your feet away and come up into a side plank position. Lower to hips issue. Exhale. Inhale, come up, exhale, and inhale. Exhale. Inhale, come up. Stretch the arm up.

One strong body. Bend the knees and bring it down. Lift the legs up. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, a little cancan in the middle. So line yourself up, knees up, strong feet, strong arm and precious self up. Exhale, lowered hips. Watch out if you don't lower in the shoulder and bring it up and lower the waist down and bring it up. Feel the difference. Lower the waist down, bring it up.

Bring the arm up as you reach long, and then bend the knees, come back down, go through your teaser to the other side for the snake. So feet are on Toppenish so the top foot goes down so you can turn that in. So you have an anchor with your big toe right now. The hand that's on top lines up with your bottom hip on the other side of your mat. The other one goes in line with it. They both are gonna face through the top corner. There you go.

You're going to straighten the legs out and you're going to disappear. Push the heels away as you lower your body and you come up a Uri, come up in double up danger knees and a soft landing down. Inhale, come up, exhale and hiss like a snake as you come down. Failure. That's what Romana always wanted. Coming up then Unis and come back home.

Now the twist. Place the hand back in line rich. This is like the rising of the sun. You can follow the sun up. The Sun goes behind the clouds, it comes up and now it shines even more. As you twist, bring it back to the center. Bend your knees and come down.

Let's do the other side. Snake first so the foot is curled under. Line up the arm up with the bottom hip and then both angle to the top corner. Very nice. Inhale, come up, press your heels away as you come down into your snake, use your legs. Push those heels, come back up, bend the knees and don't forget the hiss and inhale. Up. Now press the heels away and go, let's come back up.

Then you knees and come back down for your twist. Thank you. I knew someone knew it. There we go. The Sun is rising. Oh, what? Two beautiful morning. Tourists to the floor. Tourists Up to the ceiling, burning it to the center. Bend your knees, soft landing down. Ready for the boomerang. So here we are.

Crushed you like over right over left. We're going to do a different version. We are not going to do the whole Swan Lake and thing. We are going to have a little bounce to wound ourselves up. So the arms go down. You have three little bounces to the front. Go and one going to go in three.

Now lift chillaxing go over, change your legs, come up into teaser, bring the arms down and again, going one girl, girl, [inaudible], go turn around, lift back up and go again on. And to lift the speed of the floor. Change your legs and roll back up and go down and go. Go to live Lexus, Michigan. Push and go back. Sin, change. Roll up in your teaser. Hold it.

And then relaxed that the seal air we go, hold on. Come to the front edge of the mat for this one. Excuse me. Then hold on to the outside of the sheet. Their head is down through Elizabeth. Go in and then out there you got three little bits going. One, two, three, or back. One, two, three, a roll up. One, two, three, roll back. Remember, no texting and driving. No beating and rolling and roll back. One, two, three.

This is also a public service announcement at the same time. One more time back and then relax in the front. Good. We're going to do the crap. Remember how we did that. So before you go, go somewhere in the middle of your mat so you have enough room on the mat to place your head. Hold on, cross your legs, hold onto your toes. Do not change your legs. That's the other version right now. Bringing these into orchard chest and make yourself as small as you can.

Roll back, roll up, place the knees down, place your head down, scoop the abdominals. Keep your feet on the floor and roll back and roll back. And up and place the head. Now Watch out in the top there. Crown of the head is on the mat and your neck is long. Now roll back away and back and roll up.

Don't hang there forever and curl back up and roll back. Roll up last time. Curl. Now sit up for a second. We're going to do a fancy ending. We're going to roll back. Place your hands in the front and jump to your stomach.

Here you go. Try it. Oh, so place. Enter the front end. Go. There Ya go. Oh, ready for Cirque the salon. Oops. Not yet. See that's where you are. Your journey. There you go.

Good. Bend your knees. Hold on. Those lions stomach. Bend your knees. That's why we got there. Yeah, hold on to the ankles. Now the legs are the most important part in the rocking right. So press your feet into your hands and the more you press your legs away from you, the more easy you get into your arch. And now start rocking.

Rock forward and back and keep those legs away from you. Press them into your hands as much as you can and then relax your whole body down almost there. Okay. Rollover to your back. Let's have our feet. Yeah, lets ever feet towards each other. Um, we'll find out. Good. Lie Down on, on your back. Move your arms and legs exactly at the same time as they lift and all the way over to the other site. Hold on to your right leg.

Lift your left leg straight up to the ceiling. [inaudible] leg down. Change your hands to the other side. Lift it up. Bring the leg down. Lift both legs up, roll through your spine. [inaudible] stand up, a sticky landing. There you go. And then rural back down. Now you can keep doing that or you can come up with only one leg.

If you want to win the gold medal, we should point it. No, we go and do one, one than the leg that is up. Is the elected. You're going to end up standing on one more? Yes. Okay. No problem. That's what I said. So here we go. Roll down, go right away.

Over. One leg goes up and it comes down. Other leg comes up and it come down. First leg goes up. This leg is the one you're going to stand down. Yeah. Roll down and stand up. Leave it there. Bend the knee and bring it back up.

Don't know the other site. We go run up and it comes down up and bring it up. That's the like. You're going to stand on Roland. Stand up. We can wait. We go back down. Both legs. Go over, cross your legs. Stand up. Ready for your pushups.

Yes Daddy. I see Harry. Go arms up. [inaudible] that's okay. Walk yourself out of do. Push up. If your shoulders, elbow problems.

Don't do them. Now think of the heels pressing back and your chin going forward as you go down into your pushup. So the heels go back in, the head goes forward, heels go back in, the head goes forward. He does go back and the head goes forward. Stay there. Walk your hands back in and then roll yourself up. Now if you feel inclined to push up one clap, only one, one clap, and then land again.

So the arms go up, you roll yourself down, you walk yourself out, make sure your body's a piece of steel. You go down and you clap and you go down and you're cut. You go down and you clap and you walk yourself back. Now if you are inclined to, you could do two claps before you land. Yes. So you go up land, watch out for your nose.

Here we go. Roll yourself down. Lock it out. You see the floor coming at j. So you put your hands down. Here we go. Push up and go click that. Oh, and then walk yourself back and rollies have it all on the journey. Hairy our gut. Let's face the side. Let's face me. Stand with your legs nice and wide.

Now the trick in this exercise is to keep your heels lifted until you're all the way turned around. So keep that in mind in hell, sir. Lift up. Someone got really scared. Twist over to your right now. Lower the heels down the front leg. Bends the back leg stretches and reach.

Come veer the back all the way. Yeah, and then roll back up. Lift yourself around and lower the heels. Yes. So start with your legs apart, lifted up to waist, all the way around the corner until you see the camera. Lower your feet bent your front leg and reach for your back leg. Come back up, all the up until your balls, you feet come back down.

And one more time. It's side. You go in here as you go up, as you actually, you twist, you reach all the way for the foot. Inhale, come all the way back up and untwist. Exhale, bring it back down. Inhale, lift to raise yourself all the way around. Exhale, touch that back leg. Come back up, up. Come around to the corner and relax. Then on your mat, stand up nice and tall. Take a big breath in. Exhale, grow taller in ax. And I hope you had a good journey today and we'll see you next time and catch the train and catch the train out of here.

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Yo guys rock! :)
Lorie H
I liked the boomerang variation. And I agree that faster doesn't translate to advanced. Kept up but didn't get the connection b/c of speed.
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