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Just what we need! A level 2/3 class that will have us all worked out in 20 minutes! Melissa brilliantly teaches high intermediate exercises slightly modified for those who are still learning them. If you know them keep time right along with her and do the more advanced variation. Teaser, Boomerang, Standing Leg Work are all a part of this invigorating workout.
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Jan 30, 2013
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Okay, we're going to start standing to the front of your mat, bring your feet about hip distance apart, and let's just check through the body real quick. So place the way evenly over all 10 of your toes and your heels. Such a drop on the inner thighs. Your feet are hip distance apart. Abdominals are pulled in and up. Shoulders are back. We're going to take a nice deep breath. Inhale, stretch the arms out to the sides, all the way up towards the ceiling.

As you exit, you're gonna roll your spine down. Hands go to the floor in front of your feet and now walk your feet out. You are in one plank position. One long line from your head to your heels. Inhale, bend your elbows. Exhale, press up and I'll walk your feet with straight legs into your hands. They're hip distance apart.

Tuck your chin to your chest and rural your spine up from here. Sit down, reaching the arms forward into a squat and lift up. Inhale, lift the arms up and over. Half. Exhale, roll your spine down, hands in front of the feet. Walk the fee again, back out into a plank position. Nice long line of the body. Inhale, bend your elbows. Exhale, press again. Bend the elbows. Exhale, press was straight. Legs lift your hips and walk your feet in. They are hip distance apart. Sack your chin to your chest and roll the spun up.

Reach the arms forward. Sit down into the squat two times one and left again. Reach. I'm sward sit back and left. Arms. Reach out to the sides, up and overhead. Active around the spine. Down the hall. I'm going into your belly. Take one leg back, followed by the other again along straight line. Inhale, bend. Exhale, press one. Then exhale, press to bend and press three with straight legs. Lift your hips, walk the feet right in towards the hands.

Feet are hip distance apart and we rule it up. Arms reach forward as you sit down and left again. Sit down, reach forward and left to one more. Reaching forward with the hands and left arms. Reach out to the sides, up and overhead. Exhale, round the spine hall in your abs. Take the feedback plank position four times you lower and left lower and lift three. Exhale left for exhale, lift. Lift your heads. Walk the feet to your hands. Forward bend.

Drop your chin to your chest and roll it out. Views and your abdominals. Pull them in tight and sit down. Reached forward and left. Inhale, pull the ABS in and left. Lower and left. One more and left arms. Reach out to the sides, up and overhead. Exhale, roll down. Hands in front of the feet.

Take leg back, followed by the other. Here we go. Five times down and up. Use your core two left. Three exhale left. Four. Exhale left. Five. Exhale left. Walk the feet into your hands. Hip distance apart and rule up. Up, up.

Reach your arms forward and we sit down. One m left and again to length into the left. 30 exhale left. 4:00 AM left. One more and good from your cross. Your elbows tuck one leg behind. You're going to have a seat so your feet are forward towards the edge of the mat.

Arms reach forward and we'll transition down to the back. Roll down. Keep your shoulder blades lifted off of the mat. Bring your knees to a tabletop position. Take a nice deep breath in through your nose. As you exhale, look at your belly and Holo it out. One more time. Inhale through the nose. As you exhale, draw the abs in Nice and deep.

Now extend your legs to your hundreds position. They are turned out. You pump the arms breathing in. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale through the nose and exhale, pulling the stomach in tight. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, really resisting down in the arms. Every exhale, draw the ABS in deeper. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, two more. And exhale. Last breath on this. Exhale. Breathe out all of the air. Reach through your fingertips. Don't lower bend the knees, the arms and legs stretched out. We go straight to the double leg.

Stretch you reach and lengthen. Circle the arms and bring any is in an hale hacks. Hale. Lengthen. Exhale, draw the belly in. Lengthen and exhale against her. Ouch and pull it and keeping the shoulders lifted off of the mat the whole time and bring an end to more stretch and lengthen. Exhale, draw. [inaudible].

Last one from here. Stretch your right like to the ceiling. Hold lightly behind your calf. Extend the left leg out in front of you. Two little poles. Pull, pull. Use your absolute switch. Pull, pull and switch. Pull, pull on, switch, pull. Pull. Keeping the hips nice and square and engage the muscles behind the thighs. Pull, pull and switch. Pull, pull. We have four, three and two. Same leg action.

Hands behind your head at a rotation. Elbow to me and twist to, we'll do 10. Here we go. Three. Breathe out. Four and five and six form or using your obliques and rotate. Last two, last one and bend your knees. Hug 'em into your chest. Extend the body out nice and long from your fingers to your toes.

Reach the arms up towards the ceiling. Lift your head between the arms and lets rural up, up haul. When your ab stretch forward. Now keep reaching for the toes are pointed. Fingers reach short. Everything is reaching forward as you roll back one vertebrae at a time and he'll raise arms, lift your head between the arms. Exhale, bring those ribs down to your hipbones. Naval pulls into your spot and you stretch and we rolled down.

Reaching forward opposition, toes and fingers forward. Body rules back and one more. Only lift the arms, lift your head, Peel your spine off of the mat, stretching forward. Roll down, placing each vertebrae one by one down to the map and set over there where you're bringing the arms over hat. Lower your arms down to your sides. Using your core control. Left your leg straight up to 90 take a breath in.

On Your exhale. Your hips left and your legs go overhead into the roll over. The Chin is off the chest. You're looking at your knees. Let's keep the feet pointed and ruled it down through the upper back, middle back, lower back, tailbone, legs go to 45 degrees. Inhale, raise them up. Exhale, use your abs to roll up and over. Chin is off the chest.

Look at the knees and we rule it down nice and fluid. Creating flexibility through the spinal column. One more legs. Go up axial, take them overhead and again, slowly ruling down. This time, lower the legs all the way down to your mat. Start to lift your head transitioning. Roll the spine up and stretch forward.

Roll back down onto your back. One more. Here you're going to bend your knees so the feet are flat. They are hip distance apart. Going into our bridge taken. Inhale on your exhale. Scoop your abs and far so deep abdominal connection first.

Then push down into your feet and roll your spine up into a bridge. Stay here. Feel a nice straight line from your knees to your hips to your soldiers. Your chest is wide, your chin is raised. Take your right knee to a tabletop position low or that right knee down hip.

Stay as stable as they can. Lift your left leg to a tabletop position. Lower down hip. Stay nice and stable. Lift your right leg to a tabletop position. Hold it up. Extend that leg up to the ceiling. The right foot flexes and points to more flex and point.

Flex and point. This time as you flex, lower the leg, Pfizer a line axial point and left. Two more. Inhale, lower. Exhale, left lower. Exhale, stay here. POLST your hips up three times. Live one lift to lift. Three bend your right knee. Place the foot down and let's [inaudible] roll the spine down.

One Vertebrae at a time. Tailbone touches a mat. Abs pull in hall out through your center as you roll up, up, up, keeping the way into the right foot. Hips Square. Lift your left knee to tabletop position. Exhale, lower down. Lift the right leg to tabletop. Exhale, lower down. Lift the right ligands. Stay stretched at like up towards the ceiling.

We flex the foot and point. Flex the foot and point. Flex and point adding on lower the like Pfizer. Line. Foot is flexed. Point and left. Inhale, lower. Exhale left. Inhale, lower. Stay here, pulls the hips up. Four, three, two, one. Ben, the knee.

Place the foot down and rural. Let down one vertebrae at a time. Transition. Bring your knees together. Walk your feet further away from your center. Lift your head, hold behind the eyes and make a smooth transition up to seated. Once you're here, you're going to come up onto your knees, so knees are directly under your hips. The arms are straight forward.

Let's just check in with the alignment. Knees, drawing in towards each other, creating an inner thigh connection. Low Abs, pull in and out. Low glutes are engaged. Stay nice and tight and strong. One long line. We hinge back. Inhale, reaching forward. Exhale, pull your abs in and lift up. Growing Taller and again, one long rely on you. Hinge back, and exhale. Come to the center. One more time. Engage glutes, engaged abs.

Keep the spine as straight as you can and left hands. Go down to the mat. Right leg goes out, left leg goes out, feet are together. Create that long line from your head. Shoulders are down, hips are square, stomach is and glutes are engaged. Heels are pressing back. Raise your right leg, point the foot and pulse it for one to lower down. Change one to lower down. Breathe in and breathe that. Inhale. Inhale, exhale.

Inhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. One more on both sides. Last one. Transition. Take your right hand towards your left, nice and easy. Turn your body around so fingers are facing to the sides or whatever's more comfortable in your wrists. Raise your hips, open your chest. You're gonna lift your right leg up, keeping his has the square flux, the foot, and lower down the left leg floated up.

Flex the foot lower down to marbles, eyes and hand left x Halo, or keeping that nice long line. Feet to your head. One marble sides, right leg up. Flex in lower left leg up. Flex and lower. Lower your hips down. Bend your knees, Scoot your bottom forward. Arms reach forward. Transition onto your back.

Rolling down one vertebrae at a time. Keep your feet where they are. They're further away from your center. They're together. Arms are overhead. Inhale, lift the arms up. Exhale, roll up. Inhale, lift the arms up to the ears. Exhale, roll down through the low back, middle back, upper back, shoulder blades, and head. Inhale, lift the arms up. Exhale, roll up, raise arms, draw the belly and rule it down with control, with precision through the center of your spine. Arms left. Exhale, roll up.

[inaudible]. Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale, roll the spine now. Knees stay together. Thighs stay together. Stretch your right leg. Arms left. Exhale, roll up. Raise the arms and roll down and again, arms left.

Breathe in. Exhale, roll up. Lift the arms and rule down. One more with the right leg. Raise the arms. Exhale, roll up. Lift the arm. Stay here, change legs. Left leg, right leg and ruled down. Place the right foot down. Stretch the left leg out and we roll out. Raise your arms. Exhale, roll the spine down.

Raise arms. Exhale, rolling up. Healing your spine off of the Mat. Left and roll it down. One more here. Inhale, lift the arms. Acts. He'll rule the spine up. Lift the arms we change, right leg, left leg and roll down. Three more teasers, both of the legs. Extend. Bend them if needed. Arms left. Exhale, roll the spine up. Inhale, lift your arms. Exhale, roll the spine down. Ideally keeping your legs exactly where they are. Arms Up.

Exhale, roll up, lift the arms and rural the spy. Now last one, arms up. Exhale. Inhale, and let's finish by rolling all the way down. Good. From here we'll do every roll up transition. So bend your knees. I'm just come around. Your head comes up. Hold behind your thighs to come all the way up. You're gonna be on your side, so bring your, if you're on your left side, bring your right leg in front of you. Knees were bent. Heel of the hand is in line with the heels of their feet.

The right arm is stretched out to the side. Take a breath in. As you exhale, go up and over. Stretch. Inhale, lift the arm up towards the ceiling. Exhale, thread the needle. Inhale, reach the arm up towards the ceiling and lower the hips down. And again, axial stretch up and over. Inhale, lift the arm up. Exhale, Gerad, abs and rotate and back to the center and lower down. One more time. Exhale, lift the hips up. Stirrer Rach over. Raise arms to the ceiling. Exhale, draw the belly in. Rotate. Come back to the center and lower the hips down from here.

Turn the legs around to the other side. Right hand is Deana away from the shoulder. Left leg is in front. Palm is up. Shoulders down. Here we go. Up and over and I raise the arm towards the ceiling. Exhale, rotate. Reaching under thread the needle, um, lifts up to the ceiling and lower down again. Exhale, lift up in overside stretch. Raise the arm up. Exhale, rotate your on the belly in Nice and deep. Lift the arms to the center.

Lower it down. One more time. Stretch up and over. Lift the arm. Axial. Scoop the valley. Tighten your abs to west. Reach our back up towards the ceiling and lower down. Coming up to seated right leg crosses in front of the left. Arms are forward from here.

Draw the ABS and roll your spine down. The arms go down to your sides. Your legs lift up. They go overhead. We're going into boomerang. You take your legs, you open and uncross. Left legs on top. Roll down. Start to roll up into a teaser position. Lift the arms up. They circle around, lace your fingers, lift your chest, lower the legs, circle the arms, and reach to your toes.

Roll down one vertebrae at a time. The leg start to lift you. Roll over the legs. Open, uncross change. Roll your spine down. Start to lift your head. Roll up into a teaser. Arms left arm. Circle lace of fingers. Lift your chest. Then lower the legs.

Big Circle with the arms, and we'll do one. Marble sides ruled. Yeah. Legs go up and over. Open on crumps. Rule the spine down. Rural, up to a teaser. Arms left circle. Lift the chest, lower the leg. Circular around last time. Here we go. Rolling down.

Legs up and over. Open, cross, roll down. Shoulders down. Lift your chin. Roll up too. It's either arms, raise, arms, circle, lift the chest, lower the legs, circle around, and then roll up. And we're done.


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Bravo to Melissa Connelly that brillantly give us a tonic class with all the exercices needed to wake up every part of our body in a very short time! well done Melissa! We need more mat classes like for people how have so little time to work out during the week and still want to do some exercices (please take notes of that please, I m sure many will be as happy as me!).
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Melissa ohhhhhh boom bang ! 20 mins COOL!! Like a power workout! Loved it but hate the boomerang! That I can't do but will continue to practice I find it difficult to clasp my hands behind my back. :((
I guess I am a level 2 wanna be 3 but ........ practice more for me. Liked the fast speed, intense but full of very good queing. Thanks so much.
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Fantastic...loved the warmup progression too! So efficient & challenging. Thank you!
Thank you for the positive responses!!! I love the quick workouts because often it is all that I have time to do. Today I did the video with my 3 year old son mimicking me on his yoga mat next to mine!!!
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Awesome!! Definitely going to be a go-to routine when I'm short on time.
Sarah N
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Love the warm up! Great quickie workout after a LONG day!
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This was the first class I tried on and I loved it! Such a good instructor, and I worked up a little sweat. Felt so good!
Welcome Angela!!! Enjoy the many different classes that Pilates Anytime has to offer! So glad you liked my class!
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Great workout! Short and sweet :)
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Yay! Thanks Melissa, love the short workouts I can fit in while my 21 month old naps. Sometimes if she is awake I can get her to "do pilates" with me, but once she starts bouncing on my stomach the workout is over!
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