Release Facial Tension<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3463

Release Facial Tension
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3463

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I don't normally comment but this was just mad! I have known for a while my jaw was locked but have struggled with techniques to relieve it. I literally can't express the difference this has made. Thank you so much Niedra Gabriel for sharing this. What a gift x
Niedra Gabriel
Christina I am sooooo happy this work is helping you. Awesome!
Sandra F
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Thank you so much Niedra. I feel my body renewed.
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That was fantastic - my face feels so relaxed and awake, and my sinuses so opened up! Thank you so, so much for this wonderful series, Niedra - nourishing, healing and delicious for the whole body. I look forward to revisiting these sessions regularly! 💕💐
Niedra Gabriel
Thank y ou Kirsty and Sandra, I am thrilled to know you enjoyed this work. Yes, repetition only makes it all better! You will find your body becomes more and more familiar with letting go of restrictions and you go deeper with the work ( and have less pain) . May you never be the same again...
Wow this class was amazing I didn't realise how tight my face muscles were painful at first but I did feel the release. And yes I could see the difference in my face afterwards. I have loved this series Neidra and this one is my favourite x Thank you x I also loved your commentary on this one too.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Debra I am thrilled that this work made a difference for you.
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This was personally beneficial--the whole series and especially the last one--as well as helpful for a Restore class I was tasked to teach. Now I feel I know what I"m doing and have something valuable to offer my clients. Many thanks!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Rondi for all your posts and sharing. I am really ( really!) grateful to know that this work made such a difference for you personally and you are inspired to use this with your clients. Always happy to know others are experiencing this work positively.
This session was beautiful thanks Neidra. I know I hold tension in my neck, but the face is often neglected. I think it's telltale that I have lost 2 lower teeth due to teeth grinding over the years (that wasn't pleasant) and have needed muscle relaxing meds before now. Now, I can just use the ball!! The whole session was perfect thank you!
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