Make It Strong Mat Challenge

Step onto the Mat, get ready to sweat, and discover the power within you. Join Tash Barnard in her challenge, Make It Strong, where you will experience seven invigorating full-body workouts that will revitalize your entire body. You will sculpt and tone key areas like your abs, back, and legs. These are more than workouts; this is you committing to a challenge, trusting your body, and embracing your newfound strength. Let’s come alive!


Kamilla N
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So excited 
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Looking forward to a Challenge!
Chanda Hinman
This is going to be so much fun! I love Tash!
Nadia V
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I cant wait!

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Con muchas ganas de empezar
Kate V
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Looking forward to this challenge!
Maria P
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Can't wait for Tash! It has been so long not hearing her cheerful voice... A great pilates pro with an exceptional attitude!!!
Taghrid K
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So excited to see hear and exercise with you Tash
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Just finished my first one and so excited for this to continue. That was the opener? Wow... 
Julia S
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Thank you so much for this wonderful Challenge Tash!! 
I just finished day 7 and realized how much I improved during this week :) A great way to finish strong in 2023!
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