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Pilates for Two

Take care of yourself while preparing for birth with this collection of prenatal classes designed for all stages of your pregnancy!


Playlist 1 - Leah's Second Pregnancy - Reformer

This playlist includes the Reformer workouts from Leah's second pregnancy.

Playlist 4 - Second Trimester

This playlist features classes that have different themes to help you along throughout your pregnancy.

Playlist 5 - Third Trimester

This playlist will include classes that will make you feel empowered so you are physically and mentally prepared for labor.

Playlist 6 - Pilates Birthing Series

Learn how you can translate the work you did during your pregnancy into your labor and birth experience.

Playlist 9 - Mamalates for All Trimesters

Prenatal, Mobility, Flexibility, Support

Dec 08, 2021
Thumbnail image
Mamalates for All Trimesters
Wendy Foster
1 min
Prenatal, Tips, Principles, All Trimesters

Dec 08, 2021
Thumbnail image
Prenatal Essential Tips
Wendy Foster
4 min
Props, Prenatal, Tips, Pregnancy

Dec 08, 2021
Thumbnail image
Prenatal Prop Breakdown
Wendy Foster
3 min
Non Pilates