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Foot to Hip Dynamics

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What happens to your feet when they adapt to the ground during movement? In this tutorial, Tom McCook shows how you can upgrade your movement with the Franklin Method and Anatomy in Motion so you can absorb force the way your body should. He teaches exercises to improve mobility and alignment in the feet so that you can improve hip function, spine mechanics, and leg alignment.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board

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Dec 02, 2018
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Hi everybody. I'm Tom McCook. I'm back here at Pilati is anytime really excited to be back for a few lessons this today and tomorrow. And I'm here with j d and with Aaron. And our less...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 1: How I Teach


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This was really informative and I absolutely loved it! It's so important to pay more attention to our feet and the connection between the rest of the body. The visuals were spot on. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of "What the Foot!"
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Thank you so much Tom. Such useful information! I find that most people are only mildly interested in foot mechanics unless they have a foot injury. Once you are living with a foot injury, your interest & awareness increases. While watching the video, I was wondering what had inspired your research on this topic. Ah, yes...around 23:00 we learned you had a neuroma.

I too have suffered a plantar plate tear and dislocation at the 2nd metatarsal. Of course, the injury created other injuries...bunionette, opposite hip, etc. After surgery I'm S-L-O-W-L-Y working my way back. One thing I've noticed that you didn't touch on (in my own body and clients) is the relationship between foot injury and bladder control. I've been wondering if it's related to a weakening in the transverses. I haven't discussed this observation with anyone. It's just something I've noticed.
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...oops...potential weakening of the transverses abdominus due to limited hip extension.
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Thank you! For the first time I connected with my right hip extensors! What a difference when the foot mechanics are moving correctly.
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Thank you so much for this very informative tutorial. I loved the way you used your hands to mirror the actions of the foot and pelvis, it was a great visual aid. Having suffered from plantar fasciitis for many years during my dance teaching career and subsequent knee and hip issues which I am still working through, I am encouraged to explore this foot body relationship even more.
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Awesome 🙏🏻 thank You So mych 🙏🏻🙏🏻💚
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Brilliant. I have a torn ligament in my left metatarsal from twenty years ago that has been quite the teacher to me. This is an answer to a prayer. Thank you.
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Thank you again, it makes such a difference to understand how everything fits together and why I am doing the excercise
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This information is incredibly useful. I’ve been finding it helpful to go through this video a number of times to absorb the information.
Thank you all for your feedback, great to hear you feel and appreciate the lesson! Rachel, great to hear you get the benefits of multiple viewing. It's so important to embody the information while going through it. It's what really creates a change in the nervous system. All the best to you all!!
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