Workshop #3775

Aston Postural Assessment

60 min - Workshop


You will learn how to smooth out uneven movements in this postural assessment for Pilates work by Judith Aston. She gives you tools that you can use to see body patterns so you can understand what is happening in your body. She also shares how you to find your best neutral so that you can experience motion throughout your entire body when you use ground reaction force.
What You'll Need: Yoga Block, Table Chair, Pilates Pole, Reformer Box

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Welcome to asked him postural assessment for Pele's work. I'm just delighted to be back here working with blotches anytime. It's always so much fun to see how this work and the ...

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wow! it was amazing  to see this workshop.
it reminded me the dance, the Schroth method, the gyrokinses. Some time I think that the Pilates method block some natural body movement,. For example a twist doing with a movement of the trunk but not of the pelvis.  I feel free when the all body moves freely! So it is a special gift to know Judith Aston.
thank's very much!
Thank You
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Great to have you back Judith!  Wonderfully presented workshop.  Really looking forward to playing with GRF in my own practice as well as bringing it into my sessions.  It just makes sense and feels so supported yet easeful!  I do have a question about students with osteoporosis.  A lot of the tests had flexion (standing roll down, seated roll back, rotation).  How would you apply this to someone with osteoporosis?  Thanks so much!  
I learned so much from this video. I can’t wait to put it into practice! Thank you.
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Bonnie, thank you for asking the question about low bone density participants.  I also need to know the variations for this large and growing population.
very very informative. Thank you to you and to Pilates Anytime for providing this workshop with no charge. Awesome.

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