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Rotator Cuff Phrasing

25 min - Tutorial


Learn how to achieve the correct phrasing in the dance of your rotator cuff muscle with this tutorial by Lesley Powell. She explains the responsibilities of these muscles in addition to showing how you can train them in different ranges of motion. When you have good alignment between your spine and shoulder blades, you will be able to create more width in your back when you are moving.
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Jul 14, 2019
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So we're going to talk about the rotator cuff muscles and a lot of what we know in our training is doing this movement. And it's a great exercise in, especially if you have a client that is in trauma....

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 15: Embodied Anatomy


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Very nice and interesting work. Thank you, I'll practice ...
How could you know about my troubles? Viera (63)
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Thanks for such great visual and verbal cues, Leslie. "Sucking the bone ... like a cold milkshake." Love that! More, please!
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Thank you!! I'm going to add these exercises to my own daily routine and definitely I'll share this with my clients!!
so helpful, Lesley! Thank you for breaking it into pieces, - it still is such a complicated area! With clients who are stuck with high shoulders, - pulled up and tight in inward rotation, - would you also do this? 
Waking the rotator cuff muscles have made amazing changes in my clients’ shoulders.  Between understanding the bone rhythms and improving rotator cuff function is key to a better shoulder girdle. 
I love the way you explain things clearly with visuals. Looking forward to more. :)
Watching all these videos has been so enlightening, and is most valuable resource for me, thank you for this lovely precise teaching. When are you going to come to London?!
Leslie Powell, I Love You! Great cueing, partnering and encouraging. You have given me a much clearer understanding of shoulder movement. Muchas Gracias!

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