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Cara Reeser is a dancer, choreographer, Pilates Studio owner and protoge of first generation teacher Kathy Grant. If you've taken her classes here on Pilates Anytime, you already know she is a gifted teacher in her own right and always fun to learn from. In this 4 part discussion, totaling 60 minutes in time, Cara offers us a wealth of information and plenty of great stories that shed light on the history of Pilates and what it was like to work with Kathy Grant.

Cara is a "teachers teacher." She is funny, insightful, compassionate and inspiring. We are confident you'll enjoy the discussion. Feel free to add to the discussion by commenting in the forum box after watching.
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Can I just say this is a amazing informative, fun interview. I feel and understand the importance of the teachers that come before us. Kristi thank you again for this site. (You and I met several years ago in Florida at the first Pilates Roundtable where I took your mat class). I'm sure you don't remember.:) It was a conference where I met Lolita and Brent, and several others greats in the industry and first felt that feeling of the importance of those that come before us and giving them the credit they so richly deserve.
Well Done!
Addedum: Can't wait to meet Cara now!
Thank you Elizabeth! I believe I remember our meeting and thank you for reminding me. I just re-watched this discussion with Cara, and I am in love all over again. I find Cara to be a perfect representative of the joy of Pilates. Cara attributes a lot of her way world as part of what she learned from Kathy... That may be true but I also think there is a whole lot of wonderful that is simply Cara, regardless of the great teachers she has had.
I agree, she is a whole lot of wonderful! What an inspirational down to earth person also. She has great humility, and she is extremely gifted. She is what I call a gatherer of knowledge, b/c like most of us we continue to learn and grow:)
Elizabeth, would you mind if I posted this comment from you (using your name) on Facebook?

"Can I just say this is a amazing informative, fun interview. I feel and understand the importance of the teachers that come before us." This comment reflects why we started PA and I am always looking for ways to share that message...

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Bravo you two. What a great interview. So informative and valuable and real. I enjoyed every minute. I think it's so powerful to hear the stories told this way - it gives essential perspective to the industry and helps us all remember what it's all about. Healing so we can live life to our fullest potential. Thank you!
Amy Taylor Alpers
Well that is about as glowing a review I could hope for Amy. Thank you for watching. I hope to have the same experience with you and Rachel. You both have so much to contribute to this tapestry we call Pilates. Please, please, please consider letting us sit down with you and your sister so we can all benefit and learn from your experience with Romana and so much more....
Sending love...K
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Love hearing the stories!
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Thanks Amy, Elizabeth and Yoly!
I am so happy you enjoyed! I loved telling the stories, I love remembering it keeps me inspired. Kristi you are a real gem!
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