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If you don't have much time but still want to squeeze in a workout, you should try this quick Reformer class by Meredith Rogers! She plays with ideas that help you get deeper into your abdominals in a short amount of time. Even though this class is challenging, you will definitely have fun while you are working hard!
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Jan 30, 2016
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Hi, I don't know about you, but I often run short of time and have to squeeze in a quick workout. So that's what I'm doing now. I hope you'll join me. Get ready to work hard though. It's going to be fun. I've got a blue spring, a light spring hooked up to my reformer. I'm ready to go. So turning to face the back of the reformer. Make sure you'll have enough space behind you at least to be able to roll your lower back into the carriage cause that's where we're going pretty much right away. Take your straps, hold on just below the buckles and straighten your back, reaching your arms out in front of you. From there, inhale, bend your arm, lift the spine even more. We'll start a little slow.

Continue to lift the spine as the arms. Reach out to the sides, opening through the chest, and then begin to round this up. Mine is the arms reach out in front of us, so we'll just go down finding our way down to our lower backs. Inhale, exhale. Imagine your body, your back is stuck to the reform and you have to work really hard to peel it off. It stays around, it stays long. The shoulders come over the pelvis and then lift the spine, bend the elbows, hands just in front of the elbows, reach out, press, lift the chest up and then take the arms around to the front, rounding the spine and rolling back, pressing the legs together and exhale. One thing that I've been playing with for, I don't know, I guess recently is the idea of, it's coming in a minute, so I'll talk about it in a minute.

But first we're going to lift and stretch out and around. So as in abdominal work, in rolling work and just inflection, the idea of trying to lift the feet up but not allowing the feet to lift up. So the feet are, we could imagine our stuck stuck to the headdress, but we try to lift him up, especially here in this low place in inhale and XL around, especially as you're moving through this section. It helps a lot, helps me to feel work deeper in my own body. So if it works for you, awesome. If not, that's also fine. Straighten the arms out to the sides around the spine. Reach the arms forward.

We're going one more time. Exhale to roll down. So articulating the spine, moving through the spine. Pause in here and exhale, round reach, lift, open the arms. With that blue spring is so that the arms can my arms have the strength to do that. You could certainly heavy it out, but the nice other, other, other nice thing about the blue spring is that it makes the abdominal work quite challenging. So from here, from the bottom, we do a tiny curl Kirra and Curragh and curl and down. Last to Kirra and one more Kirra and Dan and out to the left and just five lift and an exhale curling.

Feel that the arms are just being pulled forward by the straps. The shoulder blades are wide on the back. Last two, the knees are right in the center, so if you look at your knees, made sure they're not going into rotation with you. Come back through center, rotate across to the other side. Feel the rib that you're rotating towards. Slide towards the spine has the opposite rib comes across. We let five pull your way down. Four pull down.

Number three and five and ta getting nice and warm right away and down. Last time, come back down through the center hold center. Inhale and roll up. Rounding, lifting, bringing the shoulders over the pelvis. Bend the elbow. Let's lift the back. Stretch out. Lift the back even more. Take the arms around to the front around this spine. Forward. Roll back again.

So this time we're just going to do three but we're going to add a leg lift. Here we go. Lift one tiny leg lift. Tiny curl, alternating sides two and two. So imagining here that I have gum stuck to my foot so I can't really lift it up. Very High and three Oh and now we're going to rotate. Let's say left side for lift and lift and down.

One lift and down center over to the other side and lift and and lift and a and lift and three's enough in my opinion or coming all the way at reaching forward, then no, those lifts the back. Stretch the arms out and bring the arms forward. Take bootstraps in one hand and scoop back, so reorganize yourself. I'm just going to drop my knees out to the side. You could also do this with straight legs, so you'll decide.

Arms out straight in front. We're going to add some rotation to our life. Now inhale, exhale. Bend the arm closest to me. Reach the other arm out in front of you. Spiral and inhale to center. Start the rotation from the abdominals, from the obliques, and then add the arm in and center and to lifting the spy and center to list and center last time to each side. Lift. As you rotate, bring yourself back through center. Lift.

As you rotate, bring yourself back through center. Take a hold of the actual handles. I neglected to see if mine are even. They are not still still. It's a nice break for y'all. Here we go. Then the elbow straps in hands externally, rotate the arms distance, a little tough reach up and back, elbows coming towards the strap straps just grazing front of the elbows, Ben, the arms keep the extension of the spine. Elbows towards straps.

Hands behind elbows sit up tall. So I let the straps rotate around in my hand. Inhale into external shoulder rotation. Exos reach up. Try not just to lean, but to use the arms as well. Bend the elbows, reach up and back. So nice to have a little bit of extension after that. Pretty significant flection. Last one in you. Reach up and back then and return.

Straighten the ohms. Set the straps back where they belong and set yourself up for footwork. So whatever spring you choose is fine, you'll make your choice. I personally am choosing to use three reds in a blue spring or three heavies and a light because I want to get my body moving. I don't have a lot of time and I want to maximize my my time. Okay, so heels on the foot bar. Let's start with the head rest up.

Arms down to our sides. Tailbone down pretty quick. Pace today. Tailbone heavy, I think I said that. Stretch out and pull the hack and press away and as you're coming back and feel the body lengthening in the opposite direction, reach and pull, making sure that the body or that both legs are working evenly, working together, that the knees straighten at the same time. Feel that someone's holding the reformer back in. You're having to drag it in last to check in with there's no neck or shoulder tension last time. Hold. Find halfway down now.

Equal work in the back, in the front of the light as you pulse. Pause. Focus on the down. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. We take it all the way out on 10 bring it in. Move the toes to the bar. Presa keeping the hills in that exact same position right here.

They're lifted into their maximum lift and then the feet stay right there as we come in and stretch and Paul and read so there's no loss of energy in either direction. We're constantly moving, constantly working as we move through space, like the body's just floating on the reformer or another way to feel think is that the body glued to the reformer in Hasta power. The reformer instead of the legs powering the carriage. Last two n n last time and in and we pumped. Three, generating work in the backs of the legs is important. Last for three, focusing on the down and one take it all the way back.

Bring it all the way in. Heels together, toes apart on the bar. Wrap through the back of the legs. Feel the press of the heels working to keep the inner thighs in focus. So stretch and then pull, stretch and then pull equal time on the out in the end. Yeah.

Last four, last three, last two last time. Halfway in and out to squeeze in the glutes. Work in the inner thighs, reaching the arms, lengthening the neck. Four, three, two, one. Stretch out.

Bendin keep the knees just that why but separate the heels on the bar. Wide. V Heels. Here we go. Inner thighs, arms stretch and pull and stretch. I like to imagine that I'm trying to glide my feet together on the bar. Glide my feet together on the bar on. That helps me personally to really concentrate on feeling the work through the inner thighs.

Pull last for stretching and then dra stretching. Then drag last too. One more. Here's our palms out, down and three inner thighs strong. Okay. Last four, three, two, one ticket all the way back. Bring it all the way in. Toes on the bar. Knee.

Stay in that exact same position and here we go. Stretch n Paul, stretch and tailbone. Heavy back of the ribs. Heavy. Can concentrating on letting the movement originate from the center of the body, letting that powerhouse move the care. Yeah, we were going for Paul in theory, poor to pull in one pull in and pumped debt and strong.

Six five, four, three. Whoa two don't hit the carers. Meredith has one and in until the center of the bar with the toes reach all the way out and heels reach under the bar and left articulating through the foot so we get a full range of motion through the foot. The arms are reaching. The neck is long. Last five if I need that.

Nice stretch under last three, two more last time. And then alternate drop lift. One heel goes down and then we come back up onto both feet down. Ah, yeah. Ah, down. Up. Okay. So last Fi, nice.

Even rhythm, working in both directions. Here's three, three, two, two, one and stretch. Give yourself just a moment to feel that heel reaching under the bar. Finding that stretch switch side. When you're ready. Of course we're not going to be here that much longer.

Bend your knees, bring the carriage in. Turn to your side, help yourself up. Change your springs for abdominal work and hip work. So I'm choosing a red and a blue spring. That's the one heavy on one light. Lie Back Down and giving myself a little bit of space between my shoulder box and my shoulders. Arms up over the shoulders. To begin. Put a little tension on your straps. Lift your legs up in here. As we exhale, we're going to curl the head and chest up. Hold the lift, lift the arms, and as the arms past that eye eye line, we lower it down. And again, lift up, holding, reaching down and lifting. Not so super challenging.

Choreographically vial you. I love these very simple movements. As you know, if you know me, last two, reaching to the foot bar and last one, reaching to the foot bar. Hold it here. Arms parallel to the pelvis, to the hip. Joints open and together. And we open, keeping the chest lifted and Paul and India. And exhale. Inhale, exhale, and inhale. And exhale. Now stretch the legs. Open the arms, bend the knees, Press Push, open bent, press push, open, bend, pressed, push, bend, open, stretch, pull, ba, open, stretch, pull.

Then holding that flection open. Stretch, pull. Then hold it here. Stretch the legs up, palms down in neo, the legs down. Exhale, pull and inhale. See if you are ready. Shannon touched the foot bar and draw in. [inaudible] oh and three of five coming back.

Uh, and to lifting up. One more time. Lifting up. Now here we just split the legs. Five, five, four, four, sorry. Almost there. Keep fighting for it. Two, one, one. Both. Exam, both knees bend, bring the body down. Put your feet into your straps, starting with some frogs. So heels together. Stretch the legs away and pull in again.

Pull back through the trunk as the legs move out in front of you. Reaching out and dragging. Feel the length of the arm and in and in. One more. Hold here. Take the legs down, draw a circle, reach all the way around. Maintain your external rotation, heals. Come together at the top. Press. See the backs of the legs open all round and together and harass through the backs of the lay and in, yeah, all round and up and tumor. Xn.

Okay. Try to see how low the legs can go without the lower back. Losing stability. I can, depending on where your risers are set. Okay. Maybe you didn't get the straps all the way down to the shoulder blades or the feet.

Another maybe a better way to measure that would be to aim the foot down to the foot bar. Like you're going to reach and stand on that foot bar and in here, open reach to stand on the foot bar. I like that. Keeping equal pressure into both feet. Here's our last two and last one. Holding here. Want us to bend the right knee and reach the left leg out with a straight like now coming back to center. Focus on pulling with the straight leg, not pushing with the bent knee. One more slow. The thighbone split away from the center of the body evenly and then straight leg pulls. Now a little faster. Inhale, split and pull together. Split and pull together.

So I'm using that, that languaging, that slow pull to illustrate the drag that I'm trying to concentrate on. Last to pull together. And two straight leg pose. Here's our last one. Feel this challenge of staying stable in the center of the body.

Come back through center. Bend your knees, take your feet out of your straps, take your head rest down. Bring your straps into your hands. Set the arms just over the shoulders. Again, lift one leg off the foot bar at a time and then take the legs out on a low diagonal. Inhale, bring the legs up and press the arms down. Exhale, roll the spine over. Inhale, flex the feet. Separate the legs. Exhale slowly. Bring the spine down as the body's coming down, reach through the arms.

Keep reaching through the arms, trying to pull the shoulders away from the shoulder box. Point the feet legs together. Lift the arms, press the arms down, lift the legs off. Keep that shape in your spine and your with the pelvis oriented to the legs and roll over from the spine. Flex the feet separate. Press through your heels. Reach the heels in the fingertips and oppositional tailbone touches. Legs point legs come together. Arms Up. One more pressed down. Lift up. Take that position over the top.

Okay. Flex the fee separate. Roll down, pressing through the arms. Boy, the fee legs come together. Arms lift up. Bend your knees, place your feet down, reach back and put your straps away. Take your hands and reach to the a handle that live behind your shoulder blades. Lift one leg up, then the other. Once again, straighten your legs on that low diagonal. Lift the legs up and roll over. So for starters makes, well, I guess I should have said this earlier.

Make sure the head rest is down. Then find your weight over your shoulder blades and then lift your spine like you're trying to stick your tailbone up and back. Take the left leg into the frame and reach the right, like up into the air. Using the right leg to lift the spine even more. Do a double post. Pull the legs apart, change in the air, going slow. For the first one, lift the spine, lift the left leg. Elbows are wide. Double pulse, and now a little quicker.

We reach up and reach down. Reach up and reached out two more times through right you feeling little link that nice length through the spine. Last one, both legs up, both legs over, control it and round down. And as you're rounding down, lift up, roll up, let go turn feet on the floor. I'm going to go down to one spring, one full spring. Now [inaudible] I'm thinking about whether or not I want to take the foot bar down. Yup.

Let's do it. Take the foot bar down. Turn to face the back of the reformer. Heals. Hooked just to the edge of they have a headrest. Arms up in your bend. The elbows, rowing. Xcel. Keep the knuckles touching together. Keep the shoulders down, roll the spine back. Keep the heels where they are.

Go to the lower back. Inhale, reach the arms out, dive forward. Bring your arms behind you. Reach into the well, lift the arms, bring the arms around to the front of you and roll. Inhale, bend the arms. Exhale, roll the spine back. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms forward. It'll a little bit of arm work, a little bit of Ab work. This is a nice full body arm or I'm endeavor.

Reach around all around, all around and then roll up with straight arms. Then bend. Exhale two more times round reach. Yah. Dive forward. Arms reached down. Then up then around to the front and uh, last time, bend around. Hurry Cha around.

At the back and then up and around to the front. Lift the arms up in front of his need to readjust my position a little bit in. He'll bend the elbows, keep that 90 degree and go out the elbows. As you roll down by, bring the arms with you. Pause. Do a tiny hint of lifting up in, around spite, and then start reaching up and forward the arms, lifting the spine and extension, and then bring the body upright.

Inhale to bend the elbows. Exhale [inaudible] round the spine and keep the highs right in front of you. But allow the arms to drop. Inhale and exhale, reaching up and sitting up all the way. Two more. Inhale, bend. Exhale around working evenly on both sides, keeping the shoulders heavy. Reach up, ah, AH, and sitting up to come, finished. And last one round down. Okay, a pause in here. [inaudible] and all the way down.

Retort to set the straps down. Turn yourself around. Instead of doing the rowing friend Sears, we're going to do something just a little bit different. Today we're going to do spine stretch forward on the reformer. So what you do is separate your legs so that they're as wide as your reformer. Take your straps in your hands and I just hook them so that I have reached under the strap [inaudible] under this strap so that my hands are underneath the strap in my, um, strap comes over the top of my whole hand and then I lift up. Inhale, exhale, roll down, roll down. This feels great.

And then let the springs ha so you, they're pulling you up. So what you get to do is you get to work in resistance away from that pole of the springs. As you come up to straight. Inhale, exhale, draw in around over your feet. Reach out, go further than you did last time. Indian and Xcel articulate the spine, reach, ah, up, up, challenging, holding their arms like that in here for me. Exhale around. So last one like this, and then what? That's an extension and articulate, uh, uh, uh, exhale round. So now lift the arms to the years. Bring the backout long. This is nice cause the springs actually help.

You can lean into it a little bit. Lift all the way up open. Come around to the front XL around. Inhale, dive forward. Hold the ribs in. Hold the abdominals and feel that a long diagonal. I lift up open and across the front. Last time. XL [inaudible] round.

Inhale to Cha, continuing yelling as you sit up, open all the way down. Leave the red spring on or the one full spring on that you have there and set the foot bar back up. Yeah, come on to the knees. Okay. Placing the feet up against the shoulder blocks, engaging through the backs of the legs. Bring the pelvis forward, lift the spine through the arms. Press the reformer away. Inhale, bring the spine, the body back up over the top of that foot bar. Come all the way in to touch the stopper. Push away.

Use The abdominals in the back of the legs to help control the positioning of the pelvis. As you dive backwards. One more. Press away. Yeah, reach out. And now from here, round as this spy, sit back, take the legs out and resists the springs. You push the foot part away as the knees come under. And in you push the foot bar away as the knees come under and one more in you push. And now we're going to come by in those two things.

So I want us to flatten the back, press the legs out, lower the pelvis, reach all the way up touch. Pull the carriage in with the abdominals as you round and sit back flat in the back. Press out, drop the hips through. Lift all the way up. Hold the carrot. Still is you round back here. Here's our last one. Flatten. Press out. Lift all the way up. Oh and sit back. Step to one side of her reformer.

Take the knee and put it right up against the shoulder block. Other foot's just shy of the, the foot of the frame. And then you're going to press down lifting the spy. Okay, it was reaching down into that stretch, I'm sure. Thinking of pushing away from the foot bar with my arms, with my body.

So I have my left leg on the reformer. I write legs on the floor and a hold my right hand on the reformer. Lift the left arm up and side bend over the leg that's on the floor. Come back to the PSI, hand comes back down, bring the carriage in and step down. Okay, so positioning the other knee on the roof for me.

Get right up snuggler right up against that shoulder block. So what I'm trying to think about is getting my shin to go straight up and down. Then let the Cybotron drop and press away from the foot bars. It's a little back extension here. Nice hip flexor stretch in my opinion, in my body and my opinion. Okay, so now same side hand of the leg that's on the carriage lifts up the other arm. Mastery work for support.

We reach up and back and then side bend over the leg that's on the floor. Come back, hand comes in, bring the carriage back in, step off to the side. No quickie. Fast workout is complete in my world, in my experience, not in my experience with the world, but my experience in my own world with out, aside over. So that's what's happening now. So we've got the box. We're going to set up some springs to stabilize the carriage.

Get up on the blocks, grab your strap, that's your foot under your strap. Put your hand down on the headrest. I set up like this all the time cause I like to make sure that I can am in a perfectly straight line. First hand behind the head. It has our hand behind the head. We're gonna do four, so make them count. But here's a special, a special treat. We're going to do three with the hands behind the head.

Two one. Now we're going to take the arms all the way overhead. Here's what I want you to do. Reach all the way down. Touch the floor, reach back out again. Arms out to the side. Come all the way down with the hand onto the floor. Four is enough. If you do it like that, push your leg away. Reach your arm. Churn, rotate the spine. Pull forward.

Help yourself up. Turn sides, switch feet. Come all the way round to the other side. Setting up their hand down. Find your straight line hand behind the head. And behind the head. So we go three in knee and reach out and in here and try not to let the leg do your work for you. Keep your like just to your side.

Inhale bias towards the lift in the heel. Exhale. Here's our last one. We stretch the body. Come all the way to touch the floor, reach back up, arms open, hand comes down and we find her a stretch. [inaudible] and then rotate. Pulling the spine out in forward.

Hmm. Come on, step off. Turn the box. Breaststroke is our grand finale today. I like a red spring, a one full spring. Um, my lighter spring is also totally appropriate so you can decide what you'd like. So we stand to the side of the reformer and take the straps. I just hooked the sevens to the straps, pull the reformer, get onto the box and then s positioning the body so the chest is just right at the edge, bending the elbows. Think about it in your start position.

You want the Elvis to be dropping, almost resting, or I want you to feel the straps with your elbows. Then inhale, reach with the arms, lift the spine, open the arms all the way around. As you exhale, lower your spine and try to get the elbows right back down on those straps. Inhale, reach up, opens in the sides and acts out. So on the last two we'll reach out. We'll lift a little higher. Come around if you one and in nothing like a little full backward. Reach up, lift a little higher.

Arms around and bend and lower the arms to the box. Step off, step off. Let the carriage come in. Set the straps back. So we'll walk around to the front. We'll finish on the box like this. Bend over, place the hands down. You know what I mean? It's not about not changing springs for the sake of time, but I really like a light spring for this, so I've just moved to a light spring of a half a spring, a blue spring, and I'm going to start in around its spine. Then we're going to lift the tail on lifter. Reach the body out, following the box with the body pausing. Inhale, elbows, bend.

Let the box come towards the head. XL, stretch the spine longer as the box reaches away, the arms straighten and around [inaudible], [inaudible] and bend. Stretch and pushing the feet into the floor round. And then last one, let's x here in here. Bend. Exhale, straighten. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, come all the way in. Then bring the box home, lift the arms off the box, reach all the way out. Growing the spine taller, taller, are spreading out the fingers, gathering energy and reach all the way out. Big, wide.

Reach through the arms, bringing the arms down to the size of the legs off for the rest of the day.


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Teaching points very clear your work
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Thanks Meredith! What an awesome workout. It features some movements that I really need to work on. I was really struggling on that rollover, but I will practice! This will make for a great addition to my early morning 30 min pre-work Pilates Anytime playlist. Thanks so much!
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Thank you Meredith! I really enjoy your classes. This one was just the right practice for me today as I needed a short and sweet :) one. Your instructions are very clear and I love your creative exercises. Thanks again!
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Thank you Meredith! You rock! :)
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Awesome! Quick but so it! I just absolutely love your cue about gum on the bottom of the foot I use it all the time and my people love it. Thank you thank you thank you!
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I Love your Workouts !!! Many thanks !!!????????
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I am struggling to get my equipment work in and this helps to know others do also. Thank you!
Love your style always! Perfect class
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Fabulous quick and challenging workout! Body feels fantastic :) Thank you Meredith! Love your classes!
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