Class #3572

Athletic Connection

25 min - Class


Create good connections for athletes in this Reformer/Tower workout by Karen Sanzo. She works on creating awareness of where your body is in space so you can be in proper alignment when you move. She focuses the class around the shoulders, glutes, and back.
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower (No Box)


What about those athletes? What about those people that come to see plays or they ask questions about Plata is about how can it improve what they already do? So, um, this session now i...

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LOVED it! Thanks for making the connections for me.
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No Collapsion! Can't wait to try these connections!
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Great! Nice variations on finding elongation and glut/ scapular work
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I loved the content and information but this almost seemed more like a tutorial than a traditional class.
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That was excellent.
thank you for the tutorial nature. Also absolutely love the flexed and rotated sgl arm, curtsey ish move with the sgl high spring! thank you thank you!
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You are an AMAZING teacher! I love your work! Thank you!!
Beautiful!! like you alot, Karen!
Karen thank you, valuable work. How do I feel less spinal extensors when working on lifting the shoulders when pushing ups the straps? Can’t wait for more!
Very interesting, Karen, and some great exercises. Some I couldn´t do because I don´t have a tower.. The last one with the yellow springs from below I couldn´t do maybe because I am too tall? I am 5,6 (172cm)? But overall great thoughts to work on. thank you!
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