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Amy Havens

Amy Havens

Amy Havens is a nationally and internationally known teacher and presenter who has been inspiring others in their Pilates practice for over twenty-five years. A compassionate, creative teacher and mentor, her dedication to knowledge, science, and intuition informs a teaching style that emphasizes functional anatomy and science and incorporates cutting-edge research into traditional movement protocols.
Read More Amy is a problem-solver who is completely client-centered in her teaching. She loves working with and inspiring creativity in other teachers in studio workshop settings, as well as teaching private and group classes. Her ability to combine traditional and contemporary philosophies and lineages creates the perfect combination of movement strategies. She is an expert in putting complex concepts into meaningful contexts and delivering them with insight and compassion. Through superb cueing, metaphors, and imagery, she inspires students to break things down and apply them in intelligent, comprehensive ways.

In her Pilates practice, Amy remains a forever student committed to learning from some of the industry's most notable teachers. She has completed certifications and graduate-level study in a multitude of programs, including the following: The Pilates Conservatory® with Pat Guyton, The Heritage Training with Cara Reeser, Movement Science Made Simple with Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure, The PhysicalMind Institute® with Madeline Black and Jean Sullivan, Buff Bones® with Rebekah Rotstein, BASI® Pilates Master/Mentor Graduate with Rael Isacowitz, Gil Hedley Integral Anatomy Human Dissection, Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist via the Stretch to Win Institute with Ann and Chris Frederick Member of the Fascial Stretch Therapy Association, and Level 1 and 2 Therapeutic Yoga Teacher with Arturo Peal and Cheri Clampett.

Amy is a founding teacher for Pilates Anytime, the industry's most distinguished source for online classes and continuing education. In addition to creating over 350 classes of her own for the site, Amy has been integral to the development of Pilates Anytime as a content contributor and director, hosting the industry's top teachers and presenters for 10 years.

Throughout her career, Amy has found fulfillment in working with clients and colleagues who are curious about supporting longevity and moving with more ease, intelligence, and vitality. She is also passionate about guiding other teachers in working with aging clients and supporting them in developing class programming ideas, concepts, and exercises to achieve positive outcomes.

Today, Amy's interests include music, cooking, food, design, nature, poetry, and her wonderful dog Luna. She still believes observation is one of the best teachers anyone can have. In her private practice and online tutelage, she continues to empower people to strive for the best, realize their potential, move with confidence, build strength sensibly, and honor their bodies in all stages of life. In particular, she encourages her students to value longevity, patience, and persistence—and to remember that movement is fun.
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