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Rhythm and Dynamics

Monica Wilson's Starter Series

Start your Pilates journey with this introductory Mat series that will help you progress your practice from the beginner level to intermediate.


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I am glad to see such a comprehensive beginner series! I started teaching myself Pilates a year ago using Pilates Anytime. This video series,however is an important foundation for all beginners.

It would be great to have a few more instructions included. A basic written guide with pictures showing each movement would be so helpful to understanding the fundamentals before moving on.

Thanks for these videos that are helping me understand Pilates even more!

I've really enjoyed working through the series and have learnt so much I hadn't picked up on before is there any plans to continue this program through from intermediate to advanced? That would be fantastic I love Monica's way of teaching and this has been invaluable for me as a student as well as a teacher. Thank you so much.
Sarah ~ Monica has actually been filming a new progression that will take you from intermediate to advanced. We have just started adding them to the site. We will have this playlist in the Progressions Program. We hope you enjoy it!
Michael G
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Is it just me or does anyone else think that this series is simply too much for a totally green beginner?  I think, perhaps, that for those who are Pilates teachers and experts this may seem like it is a class for brand new beginners but, as one of those beginners, I can tell you that it was just too much, too soon.  Beginners need a much slower/gradual ramp up and this "beginners" series simply wasn't least for me. 

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