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53 min
Mat Workout
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24 min
The Roll Down, Roll Up, and Roll Back
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16 min
Chest Lift and Neck Pull
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18 min
Leg Circles and Single Leg Stretch
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20 min
Double Leg Stretch, Rollover, and Corkscrew
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22 min
Back Extension
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8 min
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Workshop 1290: Work Smarter Not Harder

2 hr 40 min
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How hard should Pilates be? In this workshop, Shelly Power teaches you ways to use as much is necessary in your body to obtain efficient movement patterns. By using much simpler information with your clients, they will have a better understanding of how they should be moving. She starts the workshop with a Mat class, then goes into a lecture where she breaks down each of the exercises. It's not just important for your clients to learn the choreography, they also need to learn the best quality of movement they can do.


- Learn tips and tricks to help clients

- Learn how to put these tips into practice on your own body

- Gather information so you can find an ease with each movement

This workshop was filmed at the 2013 Polestar Life Conference in San Diego, California.
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Jan 17, 2014
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Comments on this Video

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Thanks so much for bringing more of the Polestar educators to PilatesAnytime! Very much appreciated! Miami is so far away from NH! :)
3 years ago

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I have a CSCS from NSCA. Do these CEU transfer to NSCA?
3 years ago

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Gia Calhoun (Moderator)
Lisa ~ At the moment we only have CECs for the PMA available. Sometimes different organizations will allow you to petition to get workshops approved for CECs. I recommend contacting NSCA to see if they will do that for this workshop.
3 years ago

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Just wonderful information! I particularly liked the scarecrow piece and how you explained moving from the humerus in the socket rather than the shoulder girdle. I would love another shoulder mechanics workshop here on PA! Thanks for a terrific workshop!
3 years ago

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Wonderful workshop! There is so much to learn and explore, - I will have to watch the videos several times! Nevertheless, I envy everybody there in the room for the script! Couldn´t you offer a download for that paper - for some additional cost? I often feel that we are missing some information by just looking at parts of the workshop.
thank you anyway!!
3 years ago

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WOW, my rib cage DOES move segmentally into thoracic extension! I have NEVER felt thoracic extension like that, that progression really helped. I felt like I was destined to be the girl that would never segtimentally extend, breakthrough! :)Thank you for all your wonderful insights.
3 years ago

Are we limited to the number of times we view the workshop ? does paying for it mean we can download it rather than view it via the internet?
2 years ago

Gia Calhoun (Moderator)
Diane ~ When you purchase a workshop, you can take as long as you like to watch it, and you can watch it as many times as you want. There is no limit. We don't have a feature that allows you to download our videos, so you will still need an internet connection to view the workshop. I hope you enjoy it!
2 years ago

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